Who Is Dying From COVID-19?

I have been looking for data on the demographics of those who have died from the Wuhan virus, but for some reason they have been hard to find. This article in the Times of Israel answers some of my questions:

Most of Israel’s coronavirus fatalities have been elderly men with underlying medical conditions, in line with global averages.

The average age of Israel’s dead was 79.8 years old as of Thursday afternoon.

This is what I have really been looking for:

Dr. Hans Kluge, head of the organization’s office in Europe, said recent statistics showed 30,098 people had died in Europe, mostly in Italy, France and Spain. More than half of Europe’s dead were over the age of 80.

I am as sympathetic to the elderly as the next guy; in fact, I am perilously close to that status myself. But it is simply crazy not to recognize that the Wuhan virus, like flu viruses generally, is mostly dangerous to people who are vulnerable because of age and infirmity, and to tailor our response to the disease accordingly.