Out-Of-Ammo Joe

Joe Biden has been holed up in his basement, but the adage that you can run but you can’t hide applies to presidential campaigns. Sooner or later, Biden needs to be seen and heard. He is in a particularly difficult position because he has, perhaps, the longest record of anyone in public life, and is now running on a platform that is largely inconsistent with what he has said and done over the last 40 years. Perhaps a nimble politician–Bill Clinton, say–could pull this off, but Biden in his best days was never considered nimble.

This short video illustrates the point. Biden is adamantly opposed to firing Inspectors General, who like all government employees are selfless experts–except, of course, when Barack Obama does it.

This is, I suppose, one way Biden can deal with the decades he has spent in public office: he can deny remembering them.