It’s Official: Democrats Are Unpatriotic

Some of us have suspected for a while that the level of patriotism in the Democratic Party has dropped alarmingly low, but the Democratic National Committee has now confirmed that patriotism is unwelcome in that party. Because celebrating the 4th of July is white supremacist. Or Mount Rushmore is white supremacist. Or, in any event, the combination of the two is white supremacist:

When people started talking about the idea that Democrats might try to blow up or otherwise destroy or deface Mount Rushmore, some thought it was a reductio ad absurdum of the current anti-statue frenzy. But at this point, I think the danger is real. I plan to ask South Dakota’s Governor, Kristi Noem, what her administration is doing to protect Mount Rushmore from liberals when I interview her on July 8. You might want to be there, via Zoom; if so, you can sign up here.

Meanwhile, there must be a few patriotic Democrats left. To those, I say: you don’t have to belong to a party whose members are twisted by hate. You can belong to a party that still believes in freedom and in America. Join us. We’re Republicans.