Inside Minnesota’s COVID Morgue

The home-grown epidemiological model on which Minnesota’s Governor Tim Walz predicated the state of emergency that he proclaimed in mid-March, projected that even with a shutdown, 50,000 Minnesotans would die of COVID. We learned later that the Minnesota model was produced by a handful of students over a weekend, and it has been supplanted by several later versions, with progressively less severe predictions. But no matter. The “emergency” continues.

Based on absurdly inflated fatality projections, the State bought a building to be used as an overflow morgue for $7 million. The idea was that there wouldn’t be enough space in the state’s morgues, mortuaries, etc. to hold all the bodies that would accumulate. Needless to say, that didn’t happen, and the morgue has become an embarrassment to the Walz administration.

Because it was an almost-comical waste of money, the Walz administration has suppressed information about the morgue, to the point of barring access to reporters who wanted to have a look. But on Wednesday, a group of legislators gained access to the morgue and filmed a brief video. There are no bodies stored there, of course, but the place is piled high with pallets that apparently contain materials (PPE, e.g.) that have been paid for by the taxpayers but never used. All of this has been done by executive order, per the state of emergency, with no collaboration, oversight or even knowledge on the part of the legislature.

Here is the video, posted by Representative Jim Nash: