The Geek in Pictures: From Climate to Modern Love

Another periodic installment of a look at the world through charts and graphs.

We keep hearing that “the world is on fire,” but a recent study shows a slightly declining trend in carbon emissions from wildfires over the last 20 years:

While we’re on the subject. . .

Modern love—the chart version:

Good to see that bars and restaurants are stepping up their game.

More in the Good News Department:

Of course, there’s a good chance that I’ll end up on this graph at some point down the road, but I’m willing to make the sacrifice for the republic!

Bubble watch: Can you melt down Bitcoins and make Teslas out of them?

Revisiting “Barone’s Razor”: Back in the 1970s, Michael Barone said “There’s nothing wrong with the Democratic Party that 10 percent unemployment won’t cure, and there’s nothing wrong with the Republican Party that 10 percent inflation won’t cure.” Inflation certainly played a big role in the political trends of the late 1970s, and this chart of inflation expectations as implied in the change in interest rates following the Georgia Senate runoff result suggests we might be about to repeat a very damaging economic cycle:

Saudi Arabia announced last week that it will cut its oil production by another 1 million barrels a day very soon, which is propping up the price of oil. Good news for America’s oil producers who have brought about this happy state of affairs. In turns out that SA has been cutting back oil exports to the U.S. for several years now, so this may be a non-announcement in some ways. (Memo to Biden: Are you sure you really want to ban fracking?)