Loose Ends (125)

Tweet of the day from my pal Rebeccah Heinrichs of the Hudson Institute:

I’ll skip over how Biden is eating his own lunch these days.

Spot the blooper here:

Allies? China?? Probably Andrea Mitchell again.


Pass the popcorn, someone. I’m all out.

Irony alert:

8-Year-Old Calls Out NPR For Lack Of Dinosaur Stories

An 8-year-old from Minneapolis recently pointed out a big problem with NPR’s oldest news show, All Things Considered. Leo Shidla wrote to his local NPR station:

My name is Leo and I am 8 years old. I listen to All Things Considered in the car with mom. I listen a lot.

I never hear much about nature or dinosaurs or things like that. Maybe you should call your show Newsy things Considered, since I don’t get to hear about all the things. Or please talk more about dinosaurs and cool things.

Sincerely, Leo

Leo: You have this exactly backward. This is NPR we’re talking about. All of their stories are “dinosaur stories.”

From the International Energy Agency: “Over the last four years, the United States had the biggest decline in carbon emissions of any of the major signatories to the Paris Climate Accord.”

Finally, a nice two-minute compilation of Democratic hypocrisy on “stolen elections” and sanctioning violence: