The Geek in Pictures: Cold Facts Edition

So this week seems like a great time to talk about global warming. Except that we can see now why the climatistas decided to change the name to climate change a while ago: no one would buy the idea right this week, with 80 percent of the country below freezing and all those magical windmills seizing up. Of course, there’s no helping some people:

Do you have heat and electricity? Thanks a fracker, a coal miner, and a nuclear engineer. Wind and solar, not so much:

These charts are a little small, but if you blow them up and look over them closely, they tell a story:

Enviros want to kill gas stoves and ranges.  Good luck with that.

So, how soon until the liberals figure out that  “clean energy” contributes to that imaginary “pay gap” they can’t shut up about?

More happy news: state and local government employment:

Yeah, the stock market is indeed going to pot. Or just now figuring out a not-so-novel way to reach a “new high.”

A reminder of what the GameStop round trip looked like:

There are days I’d really like to be a Guinea Baboon (though some people say. . .)

And finally. . .