The Geek in Pictures: Peak Super Bowl Edition

Is the Super Bowl slowly losing its audience, and if so, why? (I have a guess. . .)

Gee, that downward kink in the viewership line coincides with the beginning of The Great Kaepernick Wokekneeling. Here’s more detail:

This might have deeper roots:

The great Roger Pielke Jr. has more here.

Chaser (though the x-axis could use the years instead of raw numbers):

And about those halftime shows. . .

I’m sorry, but I still say Katy Perry’s sharks in 2015 made for the greatest Super Bowl halftime show of all time.

Some energy charts to mull over. This first one is what I call a “busy” chart, but its message is simple. The colored lines are the official U.S. government projections for what our energy sources are going to be from now up to 2050. The dotted lines are the fantasy worlds of the Green New Deal and Doddering Joe Biden which think all we need to do to get to 100 percent renewable energy is just put out the best high school yearbook ever.

Here’s what happens when the marketplace and technological innovation are allowed to take place largely unhampered by the government (thank God Biden will put a stop to this!):

Meanwhile, China’s demand for natural gas, and their need for imported gas, is growing. Gee—I wonder if there was a country they could buy it from that has lots of gas so long as fracking is allowed?


This chart is quite intriguing: it shows that black parents are the most optimistic that their kids could grow up to be president. But what about all that “systemic racism” and “white supremacy” standing in their way?

Yes the middle class has shrunk—because the upper middle class has grown substantially:

Those Europeans; their more progressive governments are so much better than our. Oh, wait. . .

An early warning sign of inflation, strong economic growth, or both?

 Some COVID related things, starting with what looks like it may be a peak for our COVID cases:

FWIW—from a Democratic campaign strategist and data maven:

UPDATE: Okay, I keep hearing from readers that this isn’t really a proper derivative of the Week in Pictures if it doesn’t end with the equivalent of the empowered feminist. So how about this for “And finally. . .”