The Geek in Pictures: Risky Business Edition

What are the biggest risks out there right now? Listen to what the “experts” are saying, and then ignore it, because “expert” predictions are wrong most of the time.

This first chart about major risks over the last decade, as estimated by people in the financial community, is very hard to make out (though you may be able to embiggen it), but the point of the chart is not the specific details but how often the financial “experts” all run in the same direction in judging the major risk of the moment.

Meanwhile, since it is Biden gun control day (but what if guns are critical infrastructure?), let’s look at a few things.

Related—some reasons why so many Americans loathe the news media:

This tells as lot about the younger generations:

The mixed news on pandemic alcohol matters:

Some curious life-expectancy data:

Some of the racial gap in life expectancy appears to be more of an education gap (though this can be misleading, since more education is usually a marker for several other important variables beyond race):

One of the great environmental debates of our time is over “decoupling,” i.e., whether it is possible to have a growing economy and falling greenhouse gas emissions. The hard core greens, known as “degrowthers” (a fancy term for anti-growth, back-to-the-cave green fundamentalists) hate decoupling. Quite aside from the question of climate science, here’s some data on decoupling:

Meanwhile, CO2 emissions and human well being seem pretty tightly correlated:


And finally. . .