No vaccination against this

Joe Biden just took the lectern in the East Room of the White House to stare vacantly into the teleprompter and announce that there are people dying who didn’t need to die (video below). It didn’t need to be this way, he said. Unbelievably, he wasn’t referring to his own performance as commander-in-chief regarding our national humiliation underway in Afghanistan. He was talking about Covid-19, vaccinations, and booster shots. Not a word about the historic debacle in Afghanistan.

But he took on world opinion. Some world leaders say we shouldn’t be getting a third shot! He dares to disagree.

The people running the daycare operation at the White House must be out of their minds. What a complete and utter disgrace.

UPDATE: The White House has now posted the transcript of Biden’s of Biden’s statement. This is what he said, according to the transcript: “Quite frankly, it’s a tragedy. There are people who are dying and who will die who didn’t have to.” And he was not talking about Afghanistan.