Thoughts from the ammo line

Ammo Grrrll fires off PART 3: LIES WE ARE FORCED TO BELIEVE – AND TO REPEAT. She writes:

There is no way that we can possibly cover ALL the Orwellian lies and woke absurdities that we are forced to swallow daily AND repeat if we want to sit with the Cool Kids in the Lunchroom. Or have a job or a bank account. Most lies have been addressed by others, including Power Line. But here is my take, with an emphasis on mockery and sarcasm. Sarcasm is considered the “lowest” form of humor. No worries. I am built low to the ground. And I flat-out hate the people who inflict this tripe upon us. Since I can’t shoot them or even ADVOCATE shooting them (which I absolutely do not), the only thing left to do is mock them. Pour yourself a Morning Mocktail and let’s get started:

All Cultures are Equal (and Equally Wonderful)

This is essentially why the entire Third World is now streaming unvetted and much-abetted into our terrible, racist, sexist, transphobic, no-good rotten imperialist country full of Deplorables. Those brave migrant souls are risking everything to leave their perfectly excellent, prosperous, and free cultures in order to come to the White Supremacist States of America! What would make a sane person from a terrific country like Somalia or El Salvador DO such a thing? Why would they pretend to need “asylum” when their own countries are just as good as ours in every respect? It’s a real poser.

Could it be just to get free medical care, free sex change operations, free transportation to the Sanctuary City of their Choice, free Obama phones, free housing, unpunished free-for-all beatings of cops, free looting and shoplifting, and free food that they often complain is not up to their tough standards? Okay, that, sure. But so much more.

The migrants are coming in human tsunamis that look like a crowd leaving the Super Bowl — day after day, week after week. The Party Line is that these are weeders and breeders for a culture of lazy, spoiled people who are too useless even to go to the trouble of making babies. But their obvious immediate task is to vote Democrat. Many times. Who’s going to check the 7 million Jose Salazars or Mohammad Mohammads and make sure they all have different addresses, photo IDs, and are not married to their sisters? These Migrant-Americans with the neck tattoos and teardrop tattoos indicating fresh kills are our GUESTS, people. Do you ask guests at your home for Picture I.D??? I thought not!

Some people tell us that an invasion of several divisions of military-aged men weekly will work out great for the country. Idiots, Democrats, and news-heads mostly, which includes a lot of overlap. The Open Borders supporters are intent on replacing us stiff-necked, Constitution-loving, homegrown patriots with utterly dependent ingrates. But that doesn’t mean for a second that the fantastic countries they are leaving are not just as good as ours.

It Is Easier to Buy a Gun Than a Book In The Ghett-to

This one – invented by Obama at a funeral for cops murdered by a black guy — was a more dangerous and destructive Whopper than the newly released Candied Bacon Whopper from Burger King. The problem is NOT that any black person cannot get a book for free at the library or buy it in a Walmart or order it off Amazon. That was an absurd and risible lie. The problem is that from at least as long ago as when my black foster son was in high school in the early ’90s, reading books, getting decent grades, learning ANYTHING was regarded as “a white thang.” Unless or until that attitude changes, black students will never achieve even grade-level mastery of Math and Reading. We better just stop testing…oh wait…we have.

There Are As Many Genders As We Say There Are

Who can keep up? The Alphabet People are splitting into smaller and smaller tribal units and threatening death and dishonor to all previously-recognized Alphabet People. You say you are a man who is attracted to other men? Ha! That is soooo yesterday, it’s almost as bad as an outright, unapologetic toxic male heterosexual! Gay people barely even count as a gender any more than shameless heteros.

But you are a man who likes to dress up like a puppy? – that’s a new gender! You want to change genders every day? THAT’S a gender! You aren’t even interested in sex at all – even with yourself? Splendid! THAT’s a gender!

Remember the Bible Story where Peter “denied” Jesus three times? That is how we learn that “denying” something is a very very bad thing. Except when it isn’t.

Let’s say hypothetically you deny that a creepy, handsy, pathological liar who never left his basement could possibly have garnered 81 million votes without massive fraud and cheating.

Well, NOW, you are not only a “conspiracy theorist,” but an election “denier.” “Insurrectionist” is next, amigo. Denying in general is a bad thing, as we have established biblically. Unless you are denying that President Trump whomped Hillary Clinton fair and square in 2016. That is the GOOD kind of denying. Another example of BAD Denying is when you are sitting in a blinding blizzard, being assured by billionaire American leftists and Euro-trash that there will never again be snow. You’re pretty sure you know what “snow” looks like, and you are sitting in it, but that means you are a Climate Change Denier which is very very bad.

Unless…unless.. EVERYTHING is Climate Change! Too cold, too wet, too dry, too hot, it’s all climate change and once we eat bugs and drive electric cars and live in 15-minute cities, it will change no more forever. The whole Earth will have San Diego’s climate and everyone but the bugs will be happy.

There Are No Differences Between Men and Women That Would Make It Possible for Men Pretending To Be Women To Dominate Women’s Sports

No, really. Just because adolescent boys crushed the Women’s PROFESSIONAL Soccer Team does not mean that they should not be playing against the team or even ON the team. There is no reason – apart from human decency and a possible murder charge – that Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson should not box against, say, Cher. In fact, when I see them standing side by side, I can’t even reliably tell which one is a hypertrophied man and which is a slender, elderly lunatic with several original parts. That’s how evolved and enlightened I am.

Believe all women! Every last one!

Women NEVER lie. I weigh exactly what it says on my Driver’s License. And though I have never BEEN in any department store in New York, I’m pretty sure that 60 years ago, a guy came into the dressing room where the eagle-eyed dressing room lady checking to see whether I had more than the permissible 3 items, was turned the other way. And some guy assaulted me. I did not scream; I did not go to the police. I did not scratch his eyes out. Because reasons. Now it can be told — that man was Pierre Trudeau who was shopping for pantyhose while his wife was “visiting” Mr. Castro in Cuba. I need lots of money. $83Million sounds about right.

All Politicians and The Medical Establishment Behaved Wonderfully During COVID

It was proven beyond a shadow of a doubt that those pesky COVID particles cannot attack you, even spewed from a Coughing COVIDnik, as long as you keep six feet between him and yourself at all times. Not 5’11”, mind you. I SAID six feet, and I meant six feet! It is the Magic Distance beyond which droplets, loogies, pustules or even invisible particles cannot travel. Because of The Science. The Science is a dwarf with over $300M named Fauci. He said so. Trust The Science. Fauci heard that Barry Manilow said “I am Music. And I write the songs.” So, why couldn’t HE be The Science, he wondered aloud one day?

Anyway, those same particles LOVE not just distance, but altitude. Once you come INTO a restaurant, carefully observing the Six Feet Rule and the Double Mask Rule, you can safely lower yourself and remove at least one mask to begin eating or drinking. The bad thingies will just hover above you until it’s time to leave. At which time, you will put on your Magic Mask of Deflection or possibly a filthy bandana from your vehicle’s floor and know that it will be safe to stand up and inhale vigorously through your bandana.

We now know that you were for sure much safer at a football field-sized Super Walmart standing in a long line of toilet paper seekers wearing double masks and following the Arthur Murray School of Dance Footprints to your destination than you were joining two or three other people in the now dead Mom & Pop Store that used to be on the corner. If there’s one thing the COVID germs hated more than fat elderly diabetic asthmatics, it was small business.

Lastly, Joe Biden Is Not Demented! Let me whisper or yell that creepily again! He is fit as a fiddle, and rides a bike, so he is just fine, H8ers! Everybody says so, even the President of Mexico, President al-Sisi, or President The Yes-Yes in ingles

Unless, of course, it looks bloody likely that Trump will beat him like a rented mule in the 2024 election. THEN we might have to allow certain disturbing facts to emerge that 86% of the American people have already noticed. (The other 14 percent are Democrat functionaries or news readers, but I repeat myself.)

I think Netanyahu should give the DNC 45 minutes to send him a Humanitarian Report on why it’s okay to commit massive elder abuse by parading a senile old child-sniffer around who cannot find his way off a stage or even read off a Teleprompter. God forbid he improvises! And 45 days to send a Humanitarian Report on how many “civilians” have been murdered by habitual criminals loosed on the public by feckless Soros “prosecutors” and evil Blue City mayors. It will be quite a Butchers’ Bill.

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