Thoughts from the ammo line

Ammo Grrrll gets in the spirit of a renowned international day with CELEBRATE NORMIES’ INVISIBILITY DAYS (Days ending in “Y”). She writes:

Lordy, how many more “rights” can be found in our Constitution that were never mentioned, intended, or dreamed of by our genius Founding Fathers?

Most famously, of course, in the shadows and penumbras and emanations and voodoo portion of that famous document, written in invisible ink, came the right to kill unborn babies. As long as it’s “private,” you understand. Privacy being a right as long as you didn’t privately put something controversial on Facebook or MySpace twenty years ago. THAT is, of course, fair game for a robust investigation by the Department of Karens Going Batty, or KGB.

That grotesque “right” was declared about half a century ago and the Butchers’ Bill for it is 50 million dead babies, give or take. How many missing doctors, teachers, farmers, scientists, mothers, fathers, spiritual leaders or even very important auto mechanics, carpenters or plumbers we cannot compute.

More recently, we have heard loons speak authoritatively about the Right To Be Seen. At least one spokes-cretin for trans rights even implied a Right to Mass Murder if you aren’t sufficiently seen. Seems fair. Especially if it includes 9-year-old children as victims.

And now, by proclamation, Basement Biden has declared the “Right to be yourself.” Really? If only. But that’s not what they really mean at all. Only SOME “selves” have rights, and dollars to doughnuts, it isn’t YOURS. YOU try prancing topless on the White House lawn and see how it goes.

Leaving aside the right to be a religiously observant Jew or Catholic without facing mob violence, what Vacation Joe, or more likely, the doodyhead staffer who wrote the Proclamation means, is the right to FORCE you Evil Normies to agree that if a person says he is a dog, you have to say, “Good dog” and give him a treat.

If an obvious male person with a beard, lipstick, and some African woman’s designer clothes stolen from the luggage carousel in an airport SAYS he is “non-binary,” then by all means you have to ask what fluidy thing he is TODAY. Mind your pronouns! Grammar can go take a hike when it’s far more important to call one mental defective “they” than understanding the difference between singular and plural, which in any event is probably White Supremacy.

Taking just one example, we have a tiny, sylph-like actress who played a heterosexual teenage girl who got pregnant and decided not to kill the baby. It was a fairly good movie. But, then, one day with a considerable amount of fanfare, she came out as a lesbian. And even married another woman. Yawn. Did anybody care? Did anybody bully her? If she was “oppressed” in any way, I haven’t heard about it.

Then another day, having run out her attention string on the lesbian deal, she suddenly decided she was not a lesbian after all, but a dude. You would have to have a heart of stone not to laugh when you see her duded-up picture. There’s not a single “masculine” thing about her. With clothes on, she just looks like a very small, flat-chested girl. Which is what she is. But, to prove her maleness, she is usually photographed WITHOUT a shirt, no breasts, just double mastectomy scars and with her hairy little armpits in clear sight. You know, like most of your husbands, fathers, brothers and boyfriends are usually photographed. How well I remember our wedding pictures where Joe/Max took off his shirt and displayed his hairy chest and underarms just in case anybody thought I was marrying a girl.

Anyway, Ellen Page changed her name to Elliott Page and now, since her old dead name and gender are automatically erased, that is who Wikipedia SAYS starred in Juno as the pregnant teen — a little dude named Elliott! As an old Vikings fan, I personally was rooting for her to choose Alan Page as her nom du jour. She looks just as much like Alan Page as she does any male.

Even to mention these things will brand me as a “hater,” “hate” being the inaccurate yet all-purpose trigger word to censor our speech and curtail our First Amendment rights. But I do not hate this person. Neither will I see a movie in which she plays a man.

We could pick a nit and say that Ellen Page had no right to play a heterosexual woman if she was really a lesbian, because we are constantly told that there is no such thing as “acting” – you have to really BE the character you are portraying. And no fooling around, either. If Maria from West Side Story is Puerto Rican, then by gum, she has to BE a Puerto Rican, not just any old pretty, Spanish-speaking part-Colombian lady!

But here’s another nit. IF males are toxic and E. Page is now a male, is E. Page now a toxic oppressor? If not, why not?

And where is this “epidemic” of violence, in particular against “women and girls of color” that “continues to take too many lives,” as the Proclamation asserts craftily but without evidence. Please, details. How MANY women and girls of color – any color – have been victims of anti-trans violence? I have read of low double-digit numbers, mostly by pimps, boyfriends or dissatisfied customers who thought they were paying for women and got men instead. Those were people too, certainly, with loved ones, and I am sorry that they engaged in such high-risk behavior that they got killed. But if you get caught with actual low numbers, of course, you can always say, “Well, even ONE is too many.” Get it?

But please spare us the “epidemic” rhetoric. If – let’s be generous and call it 90 when I think it is more like 30 – black male to female trans persons got killed over several years, and never once by MAGA bullies, in what sense is that an “epidemic”? You would seem to have about the same odds of being hit by a bus or come to that, a meteor. But then, I failed Statistics twice, so perhaps somebody else can figure the odds in a country of 330 million souls.

Now let us raise a glass to the left-behinds, the don’t-counts who are pulling the cart filled with the Entitled. The categories that never get a Pride Month or a History Month or even a lousy Presidential Proclamation: The Orthodox Jewish mother with eleven children; the Mormon father I saw the first time I ever went to Maui – with four boys in matching aloha shirts and 3 little girls in matching muu-muus. Here was a man who worked hard enough every day to take NINE people from Utah to Maui for three weeks.

The cops facing death every shift, or possibly prison if an attempt to arrest a career felon of the entitled color goes south, the retiree helping pay for private school for his grandchildren, the parent brave enough to speak out against gross sexually-explicit books in her kid’s elementary school. You are The Invisible who carefully wove that cultural fabric that is being torn asunder by narcissists who have never made anything in this world except trouble. Hang in there, Normies. I believe a Reckoning is coming. “If we will it, it is no dream.”

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