House of Representatives

Contempt for Garland

Featured image House Republicans voted to hold Attorney General Merrick Garland in contempt — they don’t like him either, but the vote was official business. They voted to hold him in contempt of Congress for failing to turn over the subpoenaed recording of President Biden’s interview with special counsel Robert Hur. Hur found President Biden to be incompetent to stand trial and thus found charges based on Biden’s mishandling of classified documents »

A Covid Coda

Featured image Anthony Fauci testified today before the House Oversight Committee. If any significant news emerged, I haven’t seen it. In the part I watched, the most disgraceful moments were furnished by the ranking Democrat, Jamie Raskin, who said the Republicans were attacking Fauci to distract attention from the failures of Joe Biden’s predecessor, whose mishandling of the virus caused 400,000 needless deaths. Thus redefining chutzpah. On the Republican side, Marjorie Taylor »

Leadership from the Speaker

Featured image In an act of leadership that contrasts with the malicious indifference of President Biden and his team, House Speaker Mike Johnson went up to Columbia University to call for the restoration of order on campus. He spoke from the steps of Low Library to denounce the treatment of Jewish students on campus. I have posted video below. Johnson was joined by a GOP delegation including Reps. Virginia Foxx, Anthony D’Esposito, »

Time for MTG

Featured image John and I found the protracted humiliation of Kevin McCarthy in connection with his election to be Speaker of the House a clown show. By contrast, Steve Hayward looked mostly on the bright side in “In re: Speaker McCarthy — dissents and concurrences.” Since then the GOP House majority has been dissipating. The clown show set the stage for the shrinking of the small GOP House majority to a number »

Impeachable Offenses

Featured image For some months now, Chairman James Comer and his House Oversight and Accountability Committee have patiently been assembling evidence of Joe Biden’s corruption. This has been done largely out of public view, not because the proceedings have been in any way secret but because the Democratic Party press has, for the most part, acknowledged the investigation only in order to jeer at it. In fact, though, the evidence of Biden’s »

The incredible shrinking majority, WSJ edition

Featured image Let us continue to deliberate over the political genius of Matt Gaetz and his allies as they leads House Republicans into the minority. The Wall Street Journal comments in the editorial “Honey, we shrunk the majority” further to my own thoughts: [T]he same Members who undercut the majority boast on the House floor and social media that they are the only honest conservatives in Washington. They’re posers masquerading as principled, »

The incredible shrinking majority

Featured image John and I found the protracted humiliation of Kevin McCarthy in connection with his election to be Speaker of the House a clown show. By contrast, Steve Hayward looked mostly on the bright side in “In re: Speaker McCarthy — dissents and concurrences.” It is at least worth noting that the GOP majority is dissipating. The clown show set the stage for the shrinking of the small GOP House majority »

Bobbing along

Featured image In his opening statement to the House Oversight Committee earlier this week, the glorious Mr. Tony Bobulinski torched Reps. Dan Goldman and Jamie Raskin: We keep hearing from certain corners that our “democracy is at risk” and that “democracy is on the ballot in 2024,” yet the same people preaching this mantra, who know better, continue to lie directly to the American people without hesitation or remorse. Representatives Dan Goldman »

Inside the Biden family business

Featured image Tony Bobulinski testified under oath before the House Oversight Committee yesterday. The Democrats of course sought to turn his appearance into a circus. Tox News captures a few of the highlights/lowlights here. Josh Christenson picks up a strand of Bobulinski’s testimony in the Biden family business newspaper of record here. This is classic. The lady reclaims her time. Heated exchange between Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) and Tony Bobulinski. .@RepAOC: "Did »

The Battle For Congress Shapes Up

Featured image Control of both the House and the Senate will be up for grabs in November. It would be great for Republicans to take control of the Senate, but it is absolutely vital that they retain, and if possible expand, their grip on the House. Today, Rasmussen Reports released their most recent generic Congressional preference numbers: With less than eight months to go before election day, Republicans have a six-point lead »

Democrat Denialists

Featured image In 2001, 2005 and 2017, some Democrat House members objected to the certification of electoral votes for the winning Republican presidential candidate. Those objections, while “denialist,” were only symbolic. But Democrat leaders in the House are now suggesting that if they control that body following November’s election–as they well might–they may refuse to allow a victorious Donald Trump to take office. The Atlantic did the original reporting, behind a paywall. »

The Smirnov turnoff

Featured image We are apparently meant to take last week’s indictment of long-time FBI confidential human source Alexander Smirnov as a repudiation of what we have learned about the Biden family business. Smirnov’s indictment was sought by Biden-friendly United States Attorney David Weiss. It is linked in the related Department of Justice press release. Kim Strassel observes in her weekly Wall Street Journal column: “If th[e allegations are] true, it ought to »

Raspberries for Raskin

Featured image Tony Bobulinski testified before the House Oversight and Judiciary Committees this past Tuesday. The transcript of his testimony and related exhibits have been posted online here. Given Bobulinski’s first-hand knowledge of the Biden family business, I take it that committee Democrats including Jamie Raskin could not deal squarely with Bobulinski’s testimony on the merits. Bobulinski’s counsel responds to Raskin’s comments at length in the 15-page letter below. Miranda Devine comments: »

Suozzi swipes it back

Featured image In 2022 shapeshifter George Santos upset Democrat Robert Zimmerman in New York’s Third Congressional District to help Republicans take the majority in the House. It’s the wealthiest district in New York and one that President Biden carried by 8 points in the 2020 election. In 2022 Santos won the seat by a 54-46 percent margin in a race against Democrat pol Robert Zimmerman. Santos faces a 23-count indictment for fraud »

Back to the Biden family business

Featured image President Biden has lied baldly about the corrupt Biden family business in which he was the one and only product, just as he has lied baldly about the related Hunter Biden laptop material he knows to be authentic — as reported in the New York Post. Everyone with half a brain understands that to be the case. As we all saw in 2020, Tony Bobulinkski is a powerful witness with »

Hunt’s stunt

Featured image Hunter Biden showed up in the audience at the House Oversight Committee hearing on his ostentatious defiance of the committee’s subpoena. He faces a committee resolution that would hold him in contempt of Congress. However, he rests secure in the knowledge that he enjoys the protection of the Biden Department of Justice. Otherwise he might be in trouble, like Steve Bannon and Peter Navarro in days of old. Sitting in »

Dan Goldman’s clown show

Featured image Matt Taibbi appeared as a witness to testify at the recent congressional hearing in which Rep. Dan Goldman made a fool of himself again. Taibbi chronicled the doings in his Racket News column “Dan Goldman, Democrats, Make a Clown Show of Censorship Hearing,” behind the Racket News paywall. However, Taibbi has posted a narrated version of the column in the video below. I thought some readers would find this of »