Joe Biden

Something gaining on him

Featured image President Biden gave a speech at the National Veterans Day Observance this past Thursday. The White House has posted the text here. Acknowledging the presence of Secretary of State Antony Blinken’s elderly father Donald, former United States ambassador to Hungary (1994-1997), Biden set out to joke about his and Blinken’s advanced age with a humorous reference to Satchel Paige. The elder Blinken turned 96 on Veterans Day. Biden’s stab at »

How Biden abets Putin’s power play against Europe

Featured image With winter approaching, Europe is facing an energy crisis. To a significant degree, Vladimir Putin is orchestrating it. Josh Rogin observes that Putin has been refusing to respond swiftly to requests by Europeans for more gas. He is also probably behind the migrant crisis along the Belarus-Poland border. As a result of that crisis, as John noted yesterday, the Belarus president has threatened to close down a key gas pipeline »

Biden shocked that inflation isn’t “transitory”; Manchin not so much.

Featured image The Washington Post reports that “the White House was thrown on the defensive Wednesday by an inflation report that showed the largest annual increase in prices in three decades.” The inflation report, says the Post, “trigger[ed] fresh criticisms of President Biden’s legislative plans on Capitol Hill and rais[ed] questions about what the administration can do to stem the politically perilous tide of rising prices.” Here’s one way Team Biden can »

Bummer Beyond Belief

Featured image Bummer Beyond Belief is my take on the centerpiece of the Biden’s plan to reduce the United States to ruin. His plan to erase our borders has already been implemented to stunning effect. The Bummer Beyond Belief bill complements it perfectly. Bummer Beyond Belief also works as a description of the complete Biden package, so to speak. The biggest story this week is inflation. Larry Kudlow concisely put it this »

Saudis tilt towards China, amidst doubts about Biden

Featured image Karen Elliott House, writing in the The Wall Street Journal, reports that Saudi Arabia is moving away from the United States and towards Red China. “You name it, we are doing it with China,” says one senior Saudi adviser, who labels China “a strategic partner.” To some extent, this embrace of China, powerhouse that it has become, is to be expected. The Chinese want Saudi oil. In fact, China is »

Biden yanks our supply chain

Featured image On Saturday President Biden held a press conference to celebrate the passage of his alleged infrastructure bill. I have posted the video below. The White House has posted the transcript here. Biden’s comments creatively combine stupidity with insanity. He asserted that the bill will fix extreme climate events and other ills. I think it will aggravate the present discontents. We shall see. You can feel the excitement: We’re going to »

Poll: Biden approval rating down to 38 percent

Featured image A poll conducted by USA Today and Suffolk University between Wednesday and Friday of last week found that Joe Biden’s approval rating has dropped to 38 percent. 59 percent disapprove of Biden’s performance. 64 percent of respondents said they don’t want Biden to run for reelection. This included 28 percent of Democrats. Respondents were also asked whether they want Donald Trump to run in 2024. 58 percent said they don’t, »

It’s gonna happen

Featured image About those settlements under negotiation with counsel for illegal aliens allegedly traumatized by their treatment during the Trump administration, President Biden said at his press conference earlier this week that the report was “garbage” and that it “[wasn’t] gonna happen.” That was on Wednesday. His press spokesman walked that back during the White House press conference on Thursday. At his press conference today — White House transcript here — Biden »

The ACLU responds

Featured image President Biden’s minders in the White House daycare operation sent him out to read a statement yesterday about Covid-19 vaccinations for children ages 5-11. He even took a few questions following his remarks. The White House has posted the text here (video below). Biden’s remarks were jarring and dissonant with the news of the day. The Biden administration proceeds as though nothing happened on Tuesday (false) and they have therefore »

As Virginia goes. . .

Featured image During a rally for Terry McAuliffe, Kamala Harris declared that “what happens in Virginia will, in large part, determine what happens in 2022, 2024, and on.” Like much of what Harris says, this statement is false. There will be no causal relationship between this year’s Virginia election and the elections in 2022 and 2024. It’s true, though, that the Virginia results are a bad sign for the Democrats’ prospects in »

Speaking of methane

Featured image President Biden emitted a massive amount of verbal methane in his press conference on the second day of the COP26 climate summit in Glasgow, Scotland. Listening to him, I thought a mind is a terrible thing to lose. Biden has made himself a member in good standing of what Melanie Phillips calls “The tragi-comic climate doomsday cult.” Here is a paragraph I have taken more or less at random from »

Manchin digs in

Featured image The Virginia gubernatorial race is the big news of the week. The outcome of the race, whatever it is, will remain Topic A for a while, as it should. However, the struggle of congressional Democrats to pass their two spending bills — infrastructure and reconciliation — is the big news of this Autumn, and continues to provide headlines. Yesterday’s development, reported by the Wall Street Journal, was Sen. Joe Manchin’s »

Literally Sleepy Joe

Featured image Oh, my. (P)resident Joe Biden was caught falling asleep at the climate summit in Glasgow this morning, but I can’t really blame him. As you watch this two-minute clip, listen to the drivel being offered by the speaker. Falling asleep seems like the best remedy, as well as the most suitable alternative to suicide. An aide helpfully awakens him—somewhat. I wonder if he said, “Wake up, Brandon.” P.S.  I think »

Two polls of interest

Featured image A new NBC News poll shows that Joe Biden’s approval among American adults has fallen to 42 percent. 54 percent disapprove. This represents a remarkable shrinkage. In August the same pollsters found America split 49-48 on Biden’s performance, with the marginally larger percentage approving of it. In April, they found that Americans approved of Biden’s performance, 53-39. Now, only 40 percent of adults approve of Biden’s handling of the economy. »

The migration crisis: “Americanists” vs. “Transformationalists”

Featured image Last weekend, American Greatness featured an article by John Fonte on the migration crisis as its “Weekend long read.” This weekend, I commend Fonte’s lengthy article to Power Line readers. Fonte’s piece is called “Migration Crisis Overview: Americanists vs. Transformationists.” His thesis is that Joe Biden’s immigration policy represents an existential conflict for America. Before getting to that argument, Fonte provides an excellent discussion of the harrowing state of our »

Supply chain woes worsen following Biden’s intervention

Featured image Two weeks ago, Joe Biden announced with fanfare that he was taking steps towards having our main port facilities operate around the clock to alleviate the supply chain snags that are causing so much disruption. Since then, according to the Washington Post, the backlog of ships anchored off the coast of Southern California has increased. For example, as of Monday, 73 container ships were anchored in San Pedro Bay. That »

Not reconciled: An update

Featured image Yesterday morning the White House posted a summary of its so-called Framework of a Spendapalooza bill to be jammed through Congress by Democrats via the reconciliation process. The White House posted the summary just before President Biden went up to Capitol Hill to meet with the House Democratic caucus. Biden followed up with one of those 20-minute White House speeches in which he stares vacantly into the teleprompter while he »