Joe Biden

Biden’s Covid-19 winter plan

Featured image Yesterday President Biden went out to the National Institutes of Health in Bethesda to deliver “Remarks by President Biden on the COVID-⁠19 Winter Plan.” He spoke in the animatronic style to which we have grown accustomed, with the occasional short circuits and misfires included. He opened with a haywire attempt at humor: I’ve seen more — (laughs) — of Dr. Fauci than my wife. We kid each other, but — »

Biden Losing His Grip, Chapter 12,186

Featured image Today (P)resident Biden made the extraordinary claim that during the Six Day War, Israeli Prime Minister Golda Meir invited him over to be the liaison between Israel and Egypt about the Suez “and so forth.” Watch (just 30 seconds): The Six Day War was in 1967. In 1967, Biden was in his second year of law school at Syracuse University (where he finished 76th in his class of 85, recall, »

Speaking of anti-Semitism (or not)

Featured image Within tacit limits, President Biden attacked anti-Jewish bigotry in his remarks “During a Menorah Lighting in Celebration of Hanukkah.” Nary a word, however, about the genocidal Iranian regime, which the administration seeks avidly to appease and accommodate, or about the anti-Jewish and anti-historical “Jerusalem” resolution passed by the United Nations General Assembly yesterday. The Jerusalem Post covers the “Jerusalem” resolution here. The UN covers it here. UN Watch covers it »

Biden yanks our supply chain

Featured image President Biden read at excruciating length from his teleprompter early yesterday afternoon “on the Nation’s Supply Chains,” as the title on the White House transcript puts it. I have posted the video below. It was a big day for Biden. This was only one of three sets of remarks he struggled to read. Later yesterday afternoon he also delivered “to Commemorate World AIDS Day, Launch the National HIV/AIDS Strategy, and »

Biden’s pandemic history

Featured image In his November 29 Best of the Web column “Biden’s partisan pandemic history,” the Wall Street Journal’s James Freeman took up President Biden’s remarks the previous day on the Omicron variant (transcript here). Biden’s remarks implicitly trashed President Trump’s handling of the epidemic in a characteristically ungracious, ungrateful, and dishonest manner. I call it “The Biden variant.” Freeman writes in a more dispassionate spirit (links omitted): At Monday’s [White House »

The Trump and Biden covid scorecards, another look

Featured image Last week, I wrote a post called “Biden’s covid scorecard is worse than Trump’s.” I caveated it by saying that presidents should not be judged based, without more, on how many Americans die during a pandemic. However, I also noted that Joe Biden based much of his case for the presidency on precisely this criterion. Employing it, I found that the U.S. has lost ground to the four major European »

The Biden variant

Featured image President Biden gave two sets of remarks yesterday. First he appeared at the crack of noon to deliver “Remarks by President Biden Providing an Update on the Omicron Variant.” Then he appeared two hours later to deliver “Remarks by President Biden During Meeting with CEOs of Companies to Discuss the Holiday Shopping Season and His Administration’s Work to Move Goods to Shelves.” Good title! I take it that the minders »

Joe Biden, Communist Chinese Stooge?

Featured image Hunter Biden is a drug-addled degenerate who probably is not competitively employable. Despite those handicaps, he and his uncle Jim Biden cut a wide swath, making or trying to make major deals with giant Chinese companies that presumably are arms of the Chinese Communist Party. What did Jim and Hunter Biden bring to the table in negotiating these deals? Obviously, it was the political influence of Joe Biden, at the »

Biden’s empty words about dealing with the new variant

Featured image Today, Joe Biden told reporters that lockdowns are “off the table for now” as a response to the new coronavirus variant. I consider this statement incoherent. To me, “off the table” means “ain’t gonna happen.” Lockdowns cannot be “off the table” if Biden is leaving open their possibility later on. Biden’s statement reflects the fact that lockdowns are no longer popular, not any principled unwillingness to impose them. But even »

Biden’s covid scorecard is worse than Trump’s

Featured image Joe Biden has ordered a ban on travel from eight African countries due to the emergence of the latest coronavirus variant. The countries from which Biden is cutting off travel are South Africa, Botswana, Zimbabwe, Namibia, Lesotho, Eswatini, Mozambique and Malawi. When Donald Trump banned travel from China in the early days of the Wuhan coronavirus outbreak, Biden called the move xenophobic. I suppose that makes Biden’s travel ban racist »

Biden’s approval rating falls as inflation rises

Featured image A new survey by NPR/Marist places Joe Biden’s approval at 42 percent. That’s a new low for Biden in this particular poll. 37 percent of those surveyed strongly disapprove of Biden’s performance. Only 13 percent strongly approve. At 42 percent, Biden’s approval number is exactly the same as the percentage that approves of the way he’s handling the economy. Clearly, “it’s the economy stupid.” Or maybe it’s the stupid way »

Biden & his tools

Featured image President Biden seems to have had a Ron Burgundy moment or something like it yesterday in reading from the teleprompter to announce his huge, or hugely laughable, move to lower gas prices by ordering the release of oil from the Strategic Petroleum Reserve (transcript here): And, by the way, you may have heard the CEO of Walmart yesterday on the steps we’ve taken. He said, and I quote, “The combination »

Hiding Biden’s brain drain

Featured image New York Post columnist demonstrates how to write a topic sentence in “White House doctor is hiding Joe Biden’s brain drain.” Picking up the theme that Paul Mirengoff explored here, Devine begins her column: “President Biden went for a colonoscopy Friday and his doctor pronounced his brain is fine.” It’s a theme that we have pursued in an emperor-is-naked kind of way. Although the mainstream media continue to prop Biden »

Biden’s physical

Featured image Yesterday, Joe Biden underwent a “routine physical” at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center. Doctors pronounced Biden “fit to successfully execute the duties of the Presidency.” The Washington Post describes the minor ailments doctors found Biden to suffer from. Did the exam include a test of Biden’s cognitive skill? Apparently not. Such a test is not part of a routine physical. Moreover, if Biden had taken and passed a cognitive »

Out-of-touch Dems keep fumbling

Featured image Is it any wonder that Democrats are fumbling their response to the jury verdict fully acquitting Kyle Rittenhouse? The Dems are fumbling a host of issues, especially those related to criminal law and justice. Joe Biden initially reacted the right way to the Rittenhouse outcome. He said he stood by what the jury concluded. That’s what normal politicians, and certainly normal presidents, say in this situation. Joe Biden used to »

Bucks for Biden, Penn edition

Featured image In her book on political corruption, lefty Zehyr Teachout reminds us of the time when Louis XVI presented Benjamin Franklin with a snuff box encrusted with diamonds and inset with the King’s portrait. According to Teachout, the gift troubled Americans: it threatened to “corrupt” Franklin by clouding his judgment or altering his attitude toward the French in subtle psychological ways. Moving from the subtle, at worst, to the gross, at »

A hypothetical bridge too far

Featured image President Biden went up to New Hampshire yesterday to celebrate the enactment of his trillion-dollar “infrastructure” monstrosity. Yes, some dare call it “infrastructure,” Biden among them. In the video clip below, Biden explains the merits of the bill with a hypothetical example. Would a Biden in full possession of his faculties have made quite such a fool of himself. Probably. Self-awareness has never been one of his strong points. What »