Left-wing prosecutors

Soros-backed Virginia prosecutor loses again

Featured image Steve ( Do you know who I am?) Descano is the Soros-backed Fairfax County, Virginia prosecutor who makes sweetheart plea deals with child molesters and rapists. Local judges are less than pleased with his soft-on-crime approach, and one of them refused to go along with a Descano deal under which the sex-offender who raped a girl four times would have received a sentence of only three years. But when it »

Our under-incarceration problem, Northern Virginia edition

Featured image Last week, Karim Clayton was arrested by the Fairfax County, Virginia police for assault and battery. The police held him on $2,000 bond. The next day, Clayton posted bail and was released. The day after that, he was arrested for trying to steal electronic equipment from a store in Arlington County, Virginia. A tipster has described Clayton as “a one-man petty crime wave.” That, he is, but not all of »

Kim Gardner disqualified from prosecuting Mark McCloskey

Featured image Readers will recall that Mark McCloskey and his wife Patricia pointed guns at BLM protesters outside their home in St. Louis last July, and that Kim Gardner, the incompetent left-wing St. Louis circuit attorney, decided to prosecute the McCloskeys. But thanks to a ruling by a St. Louis judge, Gardner will not be allowed to prosecute Mark McCloskey; nor will her office be permitted to do so. The reason? Gardner »

Corrupt St Louis prosecutor exposed again

Featured image We have noted that, in addition to her many other defects, St. Louis prosecutor Kim Gardner is ethically challenged. She used contributions to her last campaign for personal expenses. This may not have bothered George Soros, whose operation funded Gardner’s campaign, but it didn’t sit well with Missouri ethics regulators. They fined Gardner $63,009. In the end, she was able to get off for $6,314, but the violation stood, and »