Marco Rubio

Tim Scott and Marco Rubio sink stellar judicial nominee

Featured image Despite their razor-thin numerical advantage over Democrats, Senate Republicans were able to put together a long and impressive winning streak in confirming President Trump’s court of appeals nominees. That winning streak came to an ignominious end today. Not because Sen. Susan Collins or Sen. Lisa Murkowski balked at a conservative nominee. But because Sens. Tim Scott and Marco Rubio ambushed a superb conservative. Their victim, Ryan Bounds, is an Assistant »

Acosta fiddles, Rubio burns

Featured image Last month, Bloomberg’s Ben Penn wrote that Secretary of Labor Alex Acosta is “keeping a low profile in this first year in office, possibly because he has his eye on another job.” I commented that “low profile” means keeping Barack Obama’s left-wing program in place. “Another job” means a high-level federal judgeship. “Possibly” means certainly. I also noted that history was repeating itself. Acosta took the same “cautious” approach when »

Rex Tillerson comes under fire from Sen. Rubio [UPDATED] [more from Rubio]

Featured image I watched the first hour and a half of Rex Tillerson’s confirmation hearing before switching to Donald Trump’s news conference. Tillerson is an impressive witness and, I think it’s reasonable to assume, an extremely impressive man. His answers and manner of speaking stand in wonderful contrast to the man he will succeed (if confirmed) — John “Foghorn” Kerry. Tillerson is plainspoken, gives short answers when feasible, and likes to use »

Persuading Marco

Featured image The Washington Post reports that Sen. Marco Rubio is being lobbied by former vice president Dick Cheney and others who are trying to persuade him to support the nomination of Rex Tillerson for Secretary of State. Rubio has expressed displeasure with the Tillerson selection because of the Exxon-Mobil man’s ties with Vladimir Putin. If Rubio opposes Tillerson, his vote could sink the nomination in the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, which »

Democrat Agrees to Spanish-Language Debate, Drops Out When He Realizes Opponent Speaks Spanish

Featured image The Florida Senate race has been good for some laughs in a generally grim election season. It pits incumbent Marco Rubio against former Republican Patrick Murphy, whose main qualification is inherited wealth. The candidates agreed to debate on Univision, an important Spanish-language outlet in south Florida. Alex Conant, Rubio’s press guy, sums up what ensued in this tweet: To recap: Dem candidate agrees to Spanish-language debate. Then drops out when »

Escapism anyone? A look at 2020

Featured image Assuming that Donald Trump loses this year’s presidential race, who is likely to be the GOP nominee in 2020? The FiveThirtyEight crew takes a stab at this question (as well as the Democrats’ side of the equation). The discussion is too snarky and anti-Republican for my taste, but worthwhile nonetheless. Here (in no special order) are the six Republicans I consider most likely to be the nominee in four year: »

Marco Rubio and John McCain prevail

Featured image As expected, Marco Rubio and John McCain won their respective primaries tonight. Rubio collected 72 percent of the vote. His closest rival won only 18.5 percent. McCain faced stronger opposition in Kelli Ward, a Tea Party style candidate. However, he prevailed by a 54-36 margin. Rubio will face Rep. Patrick Murphy. He crushed the loathsome Alan Grayson 59-18. Murphy, age 33, is a pretty strong candidate, I think. He tries »

The dilemma Trump poses

Featured image Michael Gerson’s latest column attacking Donald Trump bemoans the fact that Marco Rubio has endorsed the tycoon and the prospect that Paul Ryan soon may do so. More on that later. The passage from Gerson that caught my eye is this one: Here is the problem in sum: Republicans have not been given the option of choosing the lesser of two evils. The GOP has selected someone who is unfit »

WaPo reporter blasts Rubio as flip-flopper. . .for keeping his promise

Featured image Ed O’Keefe of the Washington Post is unhappy that Marco Rubio is ready to support Donald Trump’s presidential bid. He calls Rubio a “shape-shifter” and implies that Rubio’s support of Trump stems from the tycoon’s improving poll numbers. Rubio has explained that wants to be “helpful,” not “harmful,” to Trump “because I don’t want Hillary Clinton to be president.” He added, “if you can live with a Clinton presidency for »

Rubio finally indicates a preference for Cruz

Featured image I have criticized Marco Rubio for not endorsing Ted Cruz, given Rubio’s strong antipathy towards Donald Trump and Cruz’s status as the only serious alternative to the tycoon. I’m happy to report that on Tuesday, Rubio indicated that he does support Cruz. In an appearance with Mark Levin, Rubio said “I hope that [the GOP] will nominate a conservative” and that “the only one that fits that criteria is Ted »

GOP establishment still standoffish over Cruz

Featured image Sean Sullivan and Paul Kane of the Washington Post report that Ted Cruz’s attempt to unify the Republican establishment behind his candidacy is encountering significant resistance. They note that backers of Marco Rubio are prominent among mainstream Republicans who aren’t supporting Cruz. And, of course, Rubio himself has not endorsed the Texas man. Some distinctions are in order. Let’s start with Cruz’s colleagues in the Senate. As I understand it, »

Where is Marco Rubio, and why?

Featured image Rich Lowry asks a question that has been on my mind: “Where the hell is Marco Rubio.” As I noted a week and a half ago, “for at least a week there have be reports that Rubio is ‘nearing’ and/or ‘edging towards’ a decision to endorse Cruz.” I added: I don’t know what he’s waiting for. There isn’t much substantive difference between the two Senators and no one has made »

Bush endorses Cruz; what’s Rubio waiting for?

Featured image With the Florida primary in the rear view mirror and Marco Rubio out of the race, Jeb Bush has endorsed Ted Cruz for president. The endorsement comes a month after Bush dropped out of the race. By waiting as long as he did, Bush accomplished two things — neither of them noble. First, he avoided endorsing Rubio, who “betrayed” him by running for president, while at the same time avoiding »

Trump crushes Rubio, but Kasich wins in Ohio [updated periodically]

Featured image It looks like there will be no surprises on the Republican side tonight. As expected, Donald Trump is the runaway winner in Florida. He leads Marco Rubio 46-27 with most of the voted counted. It’s an impressive victory, one that has caused Rubio to drop out of the race. In Ohio, however, John Kasich leads Trump 43-34, and the networks have just called the race for the Governor. On the »

As Puerto Rico goes. . .

Featured image Marco Rubio has won the Puerto Rico primary and won it resoundingly. Rubio captured just under 74 percent of the vote and will claim all 23 delegates. This is the Florida Senator’s first primary victory and only the second state in which he has prevailed. The other was Minnesota, which has caucuses rather than a primary. Does any significance attach to this victory? Well, it’s 23 delegates that don’t go »

Who is right about Rubio — Trump or Cruz?

Featured image After Marco Rubio’s poor showing yesterday, Donald Trump called on the Florida Senator to drop out of the race. Meanwhile, as Eliana Johnson reports, Ted Cruz seems to be ramping up his campaign in Florida, where polls show him to be a distant third. His efforts seem likely to help Trump win and thus to drive Rubio out of the race. Apparently, Trump and Cruz both believe they will benefit »

Is Jeb Bush too petty to endorse Marco Rubio?

Featured image Earlier this week, in a post that disputed the claim that Jeb Bush is to blame for rise of Donald Trump, I wrote that if Bush endorses Marco Rubio ahead of the Florida primary, he will have nothing to apologize for if Trump is the nominee. At the time, the speculation in Florida was that Bush likely would endorse Rubio. Today, however, the Washington Post tell us that a spokeswoman »