The Week In Pictures

The Week in Pictures: Polar Vortex Edition

Featured image As everyone knows, the upper midwest, including Power Line Central Command in Minnesota, has been suffering from some extreme climate change this week. Because everything is caused by climate change. Even Donald Trump’s hairdo. Out here at Power Line Pacific Command on the Left Coast, we’re having some rain, but otherwise I’m in my shirtsleeves as usual. But first, we have to lead with this (and happy Groundhog Day, by »

The Week in Pictures: Epidemic Fakery Edition

Featured image This was the week that featured more fakery than a plastic surgeon’s office in Beverly Hills: fake news about high school kids, fake Vietnam War veterans, fake budget votes on Capitol Hill, fake economic conferences in the Swiss alps, fake punts, fake field goals, fake everything. It’s like we’re besieged with motherfakers. And on top of that, we have a weekend without football. Headlines of the week: Tweet of the »

The Week in Pictures: House of Carbs Edition

Featured image What can you say about a week that began with stacks of fast-food cheeseburgers in the White House and ended with Trump putting Nancy Pelosi on the no-fly list? I’d say it means Season 3 of The Trump Show is going to be lit. It’s only January. By summer, as the Democratic 2020 presidential field fills out, it is likely that liberals will be on the verge of clinical insanity. »

Gillette’s Razor—and Occam’s

Featured image You’ve heard of Occam’s Razor—that the simplest explanation is usually the correct one. Well now behold Gillette’s Razor—the simplest explanation for it being that Gillette’s ad agency has been taken over by the Oberlin College gender studies department. (Hat tip: Christina Hoff Sommers.) I guess Gillette thinks that, among other things, men shouldn’t “objectify” women. Like this for example: It’s almost as though Gillette was sitting around asking, “How can »

The Week in Pictures: Government Shutdown Edition

Featured image As the government shutdown enters its fourth week, we’re still not done dunking on Chuck and Nancy, who really are the gift that keeps on giving. But if you think Democrats are upset now, just wait to see what happens if Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg decides to retire from the Supreme Court. I’ve already got my full Road Warrior regalia unpacked and at the dry cleaners getting ready for it. »

Mid-Week in Pictures: It’s the Chuck & Nancy Show!

Featured image One thing where you’d think Democrats would get consistently good advice and help from Hollywood and their media pals is about doing TV. Think of Don Hewitt touching up JFK’s makeup for the Nixon-Kennedy debates in 1960, or how the Bloodworth-Thomases helped stage Bill Clinton. I imagine the Hollywood/media glitterati were cringing last night at the Schumer-Pelosi response to Trump. Jeff Greenfield said they looked like they had been embalmed. »

The Week in Pictures: Party Time Edition

Featured image New Year’s celebrations may be over, but the party is just beginning! Elizabeth Warren herself started things off by quaffing a beer live on instagram to launch her 2020 presidential campaign. Remember the good old days when a politician who wanted to appear hip would just go on Rowan & Martin’s “Laugh In” and say, “Sock it to me!”? Good times. Oh yeah, Nanny Pelosi became Speaker of the House »

The Year in Pictures: Highlights Edition

Featured image It is hard to select the best of the Week in Pictures, but going back through them I realized how fast the year went (because Trump years are like dog years). It seems like decades ago that we were obsessing over Tide Pods, plastic straw bans, and a government shut down. (Oh, wait. . .) This was the year of Lizzie Warren’s DNA test, and the meteoric rise of Beto »

The Week in Pictures: Happy Shutdown New Year Edition

Featured image Have you heard? The government is shut down! Dogs and cats living together! Mayhem in the streets. Available street parking in Washington DC. Beltway Bandits getting ready to give up banditry in favor of cannibalism. And all because of Trump Derangement Syndrome, which the CDC has determined is not spread by casual contact. Happy new year everyone! Headlines of the week: And finally. . . »

The Week in Pictures: Merry Christmas Edition

Featured image This is an ecumenical interfaith site, but I don’t care. If you’re sensitive, head to your safe space now. Because I’m going to say it, “loud and proud” as they used to say in certain San Francisco neighborhoods: Merry Christmas! Happy Hanukkah too, because on college campuses that’s even worse than Marry Christmas. Let us celebrate the reign of the fat man in the red suit, his heart imperiled by gobs »

The Week in Pictures: Photo Op Edition

Featured image You almost have to feel sorry for Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer—especially Schumer—for thinking that they were just going to have the typical all-smiles photo op in the Oval Office with Trump this week, only to have Trump decide to turn the Oval Office into an Oval WWF ring. I’ve never seen experienced pols like Pelosi and Schumer ask to turn off the cameras. This has to be a first »

The Week in Pictures: 90s Nostalgia Edition

Featured image The spectacle of liberals and the media falling all over themselves in their fond remembrance of George H.W. Bush refreshes the point that for the left, the only good Republican is a dead Republican, since they all despised Bush when he was in office. Still, I suppose it is all worth it just for this first pic: Headlines of the week: And finally. . . »

The Week in Pictures: Waiting Game Edition

Featured image I think the election is finally over—or are Democrats still finding “lost” votes underneath couch cushions in Florida and California??—and while most of us are looking ahead now to the holiday season, liberals and the media are looking forward to the celebration of their secular Lord and Savior and Messiah, Saint Robert Mueller. While the chimney stocking named “Collusion” looks to end up with a lump of coal, Dancer and »

The Week in Pictures: Tryptophan Coma Edition

Featured image This edition of the Week in Pictures almost didn’t happen! I was able to overcome my turkey-induced tryptophan coma (which may be a myth, by the way), but then yesterday out making my rounds to pick up fall releases of wine from several local vineyards I suffered a flat tire. Which required several Fat Tires to work through. In any case, I’m still in the festive mood of the opening »

Thanksgiving in Pictures: Decline and Fall of the Romaine Empire Edition

Featured image All of the good Thanksgiving memes and cartoons will be old news by Saturday, so this calls for a special edition for the big day. And besides, I’m feeling vindicated in my relentless promotion of bacon and red meat (also whisky and red wine), since we now know about Killer Romaine! And don’t you just love the presumptuous media chatter about how not to let a pro-Trump person ruin your »

The Week in Pictures: Due Process Edition

Featured image What do the extended election “recounts,” the Michael Avenatti arrest, and Betsy DeVos’s revisions to Title IX have in common? Due process of law, that’s what. For liberals, “due process” is a euphemism for “we win.” They’re for it when it favors them, and against it when it disfavors them. Hence the “believe all women” standard for Brett Kavanaugh and campus sexual assault accusers, and “count all the [phony] votes” »

The Week in Pictures: Election Wrap-Up Edition

Featured image Good news! Only 719 days until the next election! Let the campaigning and media “analysis” begin. (Of course, Campaign 2018 isn’t over until the Democrats finish stealing two Senate seats during the after-party.) Stock up on your Botox now: Nancy’s back! Meanwhile, who is the biggest loser of this cycle—”Beto” (and the donors who forked over $75 million) or Jim Acosta? And how should we complete the joke that begins, »