The Week In Pictures

The Week in Pictures: Photo Op Edition

Featured image You almost have to feel sorry for Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer—especially Schumer—for thinking that they were just going to have the typical all-smiles photo op in the Oval Office with Trump this week, only to have Trump decide to turn the Oval Office into an Oval WWF ring. I’ve never seen experienced pols like Pelosi and Schumer ask to turn off the cameras. This has to be a first »

The Week in Pictures: 90s Nostalgia Edition

Featured image The spectacle of liberals and the media falling all over themselves in their fond remembrance of George H.W. Bush refreshes the point that for the left, the only good Republican is a dead Republican, since they all despised Bush when he was in office. Still, I suppose it is all worth it just for this first pic: Headlines of the week: And finally. . . »

The Week in Pictures: Waiting Game Edition

Featured image I think the election is finally over—or are Democrats still finding “lost” votes underneath couch cushions in Florida and California??—and while most of us are looking ahead now to the holiday season, liberals and the media are looking forward to the celebration of their secular Lord and Savior and Messiah, Saint Robert Mueller. While the chimney stocking named “Collusion” looks to end up with a lump of coal, Dancer and »

The Week in Pictures: Tryptophan Coma Edition

Featured image This edition of the Week in Pictures almost didn’t happen! I was able to overcome my turkey-induced tryptophan coma (which may be a myth, by the way), but then yesterday out making my rounds to pick up fall releases of wine from several local vineyards I suffered a flat tire. Which required several Fat Tires to work through. In any case, I’m still in the festive mood of the opening »

Thanksgiving in Pictures: Decline and Fall of the Romaine Empire Edition

Featured image All of the good Thanksgiving memes and cartoons will be old news by Saturday, so this calls for a special edition for the big day. And besides, I’m feeling vindicated in my relentless promotion of bacon and red meat (also whisky and red wine), since we now know about Killer Romaine! And don’t you just love the presumptuous media chatter about how not to let a pro-Trump person ruin your »

The Week in Pictures: Due Process Edition

Featured image What do the extended election “recounts,” the Michael Avenatti arrest, and Betsy DeVos’s revisions to Title IX have in common? Due process of law, that’s what. For liberals, “due process” is a euphemism for “we win.” They’re for it when it favors them, and against it when it disfavors them. Hence the “believe all women” standard for Brett Kavanaugh and campus sexual assault accusers, and “count all the [phony] votes” »

The Week in Pictures: Election Wrap-Up Edition

Featured image Good news! Only 719 days until the next election! Let the campaigning and media “analysis” begin. (Of course, Campaign 2018 isn’t over until the Democrats finish stealing two Senate seats during the after-party.) Stock up on your Botox now: Nancy’s back! Meanwhile, who is the biggest loser of this cycle—”Beto” (and the donors who forked over $75 million) or Jim Acosta? And how should we complete the joke that begins, »

The Week in Pictures: Election Eve Edition

Featured image If you think this Halloween was scary, just imagine the House of Representatives with Nancy Pelosi back as Speaker, Mad Max Waters running the House Banking Committee, Alexandra Occasional-Cortex on the Sunday network news shows every weekend, and beta-male Beto gearing up his 2020 campaign for the alpha spot in American politics. Good times! Headlines of the week: News you can use: Dumbest tweet of the week: And finally. . »

The Week in Pictures: Fizzle Edition

Featured image I don’t know what to make of the mail bombs delivered this week. As of deadline for Week in Pictures (early Friday afternoon), there’s a suspect in custody, likely a wacko. A deranged Trump fan? The bombs-that-weren’t-bombs (apparently—reports still conflict about this) were so obviously amateurish that it is hard to rule out the possibility that it is the product of a prankster who just wanted to see how crazy »

The Week in Pictures: 1,024th% Edition

Featured image Elizabeth Warren is the gift that keeps on giving. She’s making a good bid to replace Hillary Clinton in that important role. Who can doubt that if/when Warren runs for president, her tribal identity is going to come up as a daily matter, no matter how hard she tries to make it “old news.” I haven’t had this much fun since . . . Tuesday. Maybe the most perfect art »

The Week in Pictures: Triumph of the Kanye West Edition

Featured image I was all set to declare this week’s gallery to be the “Nikki Haley’s Comet Edition,” but that was before Kanye West’s Traveling Medicine Show appeared at the White House on Thursday. That was some weird stuff, to be sure—the kind of thing Vice President Joe Biden might call a “big f—— deal” before an open microphone in the Oval Office, but that’s different because reasons. It is hard to »

The Week in Pictures: Presidential Alert Edition

Featured image Amidst the continuing war over the Kulturkampf of the Kavanaugh Konfirmation, I hope everyone took in how the Trump-Deranged crowd lost their you-know-what over the rollout of the system that allows the president to send emergency text messages to everyone. (Though for whatever reason, I didn’t get one.) Who needs Twitter! I think Trump should make a running joke of this new capability at all of his rallies, as it »

The Week in Pictures: Justice Kavanaugh Edition

Featured image Who knew that Flake could take flakery to a whole new level. This theme headline may seem premature, but I don’t think so. In fact, the FBI “investigation” now is unlikely to turn up anything. Meanwhile, another delay, during which Democrats will manufacture more phony allegations, and attempt to intimidate Senators because they think it worked yesterday on Flake, is likely to backfire. There is polling evidence that Republican voter »

The Week in Pictures: Deja Vu All Over Again Edition

Featured image Anything happen this week? Oh heck, who am I kidding. It’s deja vu all over again, in Yogi Berra’s great phrase: I keep having flashbacks to the Clarence Thomas hearings in 1991. I’ve said for years that the Bork maneuver would only work once, and that the attack on Thomas, having failed, wouldn’t be tried again. I underestimated the furies of the #MeToo moment, though, as lots of people have »

The Week in Pictures: Hurricane Trump Edition

Featured image Hurricane Florence was downgraded to a Category 1 storm by the time it made landfall, which means it’s but a puny thing compared to Hurricane Trump, the Category 5 storm that hit Washington DC on January 20, 2017, and whose wind speed hasn’t abated yet. Talk about a stalled-out storm system! The winds of change can be like that some times. (Pssst, liberals: I’ve got more heavy weather news for »

The Week in Pictures: Anonymous Edition

Featured image Power Line is facing a test of its blognificence unlike any faced by a modern American website. It is not just that the googleplex of leftist internet censorship looms large. Or that the readership is bitterly divided between dog pic lovers and cat pic lovers. I am an anonymous senior level staffer for Power Line who works diligently behind the scenes to curtail John’s beauty pageant “news” stories, Paul’s soccer »

Midweek in Pictures: Nike Edition

Featured image Good grief, if I wait till Saturday to post all of the memes exploding across the interwebs of Nike’s incomprehensible decision to feature Colin Kaepernick as their mascot of courage I’ll get buried, so this calls for a special mid-week edition of the Week in Pictures. It’s not just Nike’s bad judgment in deciding to embrace Kaepernick; it’s the appalling superficiality of the message of supposed “sacrifice” their ad agency »