The Week In Pictures

Mid-Week in Pictures: Hero Dog Edition

Featured image As the Babylon Bee puts it, who knew that Trump could get Democrats to interrupt baseball, condemn dogs, and side with terrorists—all within the space of 24 hours? In any case, who knew that a frequent theme of the Week in Pictures—hero dogs—would become a front page headline? It calls for this special, short mid-week edition: From the incomparable Babylon Bee again: View post on And finally. . . »

The Week in Pictures: Pierre Delecto Edition

Featured image Pierre Delecto? Pierre Delecto!?!? As the kids would say, AYFKM? That’s the pseudonym Mittens chose for himself? Takes me back to the first GOP presidential debate in 1988, when a big field was gunning for Vice President George H.W. Bush. One of them was Delaware Gov. Pete du Pont. When he challenged Bush on something (I forget what), Bush turned on him with splendid timing, and shivved du Pont so »

The Week in Pictures: LeBron 2020 Edition

Featured image So LeBron James is now a foreign policy and educational expert. Please don’t ask him about North Korea (though he probably cedes North Korean diplomacy to Dennis Rodman), whose crazy dictator this week apparently had a tantrum because he’s slipped down the power rankings of tyrants the U.S. is giving the love to below Assad, Erdogan, and China’s Xi, and responded by riding a white horse in the mountains. He »

The Week in Pictures: Calizuela Edition

Featured image There’s a meme that I think I used once here a long while ago, showing a bunch of candles, with the legend: “What did socialists use before candles? Electricity.” This came back to me flying into San Francisco last night from the north, and looking out the window at parts of the state that used to be civilized (i.e., lit with electricity). Welcome to Bolifornia—or is it Calivia? The fun »

The Week in Pictures: Epicycle Edition

Featured image By the time you are reading this installment of our mandatory Saturday feature, I’ll have long sailed out of Barcelona on the Claremont Institute/Pacific Research Institute 40th anniversary cruise, so I had to post of this week’s gallery several days ago. Which means I’ve missed the news and fresh memes for the last several days. And in the Age of Trump, that means you can miss A LOT. But some »

The Week in Pictures: Whistleblower Edition

Featured image So when did “whistleblower” become the DC/mainstream media equivalent of leaf-blower—a loud, annoying device that mostly just rearranges the existing debris because we’re all too lazy to think? And what message discipline! Early in the week we were all supposed to bow down to our child savior, St. Greta of Thunberg, but by Thursday, it was “Greta who?” Nice going, left. Keep going, leftists: the Trump 2020 campaign thanks you. »

The Week in Pictures: Buffoonpalooza Edition

Featured image Just when you’re certain that Beto O’Rourke had easily sewn up the Buffoon of the Week Award (despite strong bids from Joe Biden with his rollout of his running mate Corn Pop, and the New York Times Kavanaugh story), behold on Friday the late winning entry from (drum roll please) Justin Trudeau! Now it took some doing, but we underestimated the depth and range of Trudeau’s abilities. He should be »

The Week in Pictures: Dem Debate Edition

Featured image Another week, another Democratic presidential debate that seems to last a week. I think I’ve figured it out. While it may seem like they are pandering to the progressive base with progressively more extravagant promises of free stuff, they are really planning to wear us down, Chinese water-torture style, until we say no mas!, and hand the keys to the White House to one of them to make it stop. »

The Week in Pictures: Sharpie Edition

Featured image Everyone says that Trump uses Twitter like a laser pointer, herding the media and his hysterical opponents like cats. This week Trump proved you don’t need electrons—all you need is a Sharpie, and a sharp sense of humor. (Next to the dullards of the media, it’s not hard to seem sharp.) Trump drew a semi-circle on a hurricane map, and you’ll never guess what happened next! Of course, I think »

The Week in Pictures: Labor Day Special Double Edition

Featured image It’s Labor Day weekend, which makes this a great occasion to give a shout out to the growing ranks of suppliers for photos, cartoons, memes, and headlines for TWIP, which makes my job much easier. This week we welcome some new suppliers, including (if you lurk in the comments), “Tito Puraw” (not his real name), who I decided ought to upgrade his excellent Comment section submissions to the main gallery, »

The Week in Pictures: Annexation Edition

Featured image So the annexation of Greenland has hit a snag. That’s okay. We can go back to having western Canada back on the top of the acquisition list. Meanwhile, I don’t understand what the left and the media (but I repeat. . .) have their knickers all in a bunch because Trump claimed to be “the chosen one.” Didn’t they call Obama “The One”? At least Trump didn’t choose himself, unlike »

The Week in Pictures: Fredo Edition

Featured image I guess it is not embarrassing enough for Chris Cuomo to work at CNN. He had to go to eleven in the own-goal asshattery department, going postal on some nuisance bystander, and claiming that the term “Fredo” is a racist slur. Another example of liberal hypocrisy and goalpost shifting: anyone else recall how one of the left’s putdowns of George W. Bush was that he was the “Fredo” of the »

Jeffrey Epstein’s Week in Pictures: Special Edition

Featured image The Jeffrey Epstein affair may well cause a world-ending thermonuclear meme explosion, but Saturday is still five days away and by then we’ll have four more new big stories to choose from for the Week in Pictures main theme, so Epstein gets a special edition. (And keep ’em coming, readers!) »

The Week in Pictures: Trite Supremacy Edition (With Jeffrey Epstein Updates)

Featured image I’m looking for a stockbroker who can point me to a company that manufactures dog whistle detectors, because they are selling like hotcakes to liberals right now. But apparently they are all made in China and are blocked by Trump’s tariffs, which is why so many dog whistles are going unheard by the American people. You just knew that Trump’s tariffs were really about assuring white supremacy, because why else »

The Week in Pictures: Dark Psychic Forces Edition

Featured image Don’t be so quick to discount the Democrats’ chances just because their first two debates were such complete clown shows. It could be they are borrowing a page from . . . Trump! They’re doing reality television one better! Don’t go calling them apprentices, just because none of them have been fired yet!  But this whole “dark psychic forces” business? Forget Russian hacking! Does this mean the Jedi have infiltrated »

The Week in Pictures: Mueller Time Edition

Featured image Robert Mueller’s testimony this week was the biggest flop since Heaven’s Gate, which is an apt comparison since Democrats are in full eschaton mode and their heavenly dream of deposing Trump is turning into the hellscape of a likely second term of full-scale Trumping (Trumpdown?). Maybe Mueller was trying to pull off a community theater version of Columbo? Or maybe he’s a deep cover agent for the Russians after all. »

The Week in Pictures: Mod Squad Edition

Featured image Forget Mean Girls. The Mod Squad is a better appellation for the Fearsome Foursome who dominate the House Democratic Caucus. The premise of the original Mod Squad was described as “taking three rebellious, disaffected young social outcasts and convincing them to work as unarmed undercover detectives as an alternative to being incarcerated.” Now we just elect such people to Congress—incarceration of a different kind—and sit back with a yuuuge bucket »