The Week In Pictures

The Week in Pictures: What Happened Edition

Featured image I was on airplanes and otherwise mostly indisposed this week. Anything much happen? Did I miss something? Did President Trump tweet about anything in particular? Did Mueller get anywhere with his off-Broadway audition to be Inspector Javert? Is CNN still in business? Well, at least we can look forward to a new NFL season about to start, a blissful respite from the grubby world of politics where we all come »

The Week in Pictures: Omnibus Funhouse Edition

Featured image This was one of those weeks that defies an obvious theme. The “independent” media beclowns itself—again—and the “white supremacists” turned out a massive crowd of . . . 30 people . . . in Washington, while what really captivated the nation was a stolen airplane. I don’t like to make light of an obviously troubled person who committed (a non-terrorist) suicide with an airplane, but there was something almost endearing »

The Week in Pictures: Space Force Edition

Featured image The formal announcement of our new Space Force was definitely the highlight of the week. And having Vice President Race Bannon Mike Pence make the announcement was the perfect touch. I’m guessing this is Trump’s version of Reagan’s Strategic Defense Initiative, which drove liberals and the Soviet Communists out of their mind. (Funny how liberals and Communists were both upset by SDI. I’m sure it was pure coincidence.) Liberals blundered by calling »

The Week in Pictures: The Last Straw Man Edition

Featured image The Democrats’ ban on plastic straws is the gift that keeps on giving GIFs—or at least memes. I can’t decide whether it was Nietzsche or T.S. Eliot who got it wrong. If Nietzsche were with us today, he’d surely issue a correction—”No, I said the last straw man!” And Eliot would have to re-write “The Hollow Men.” Even though the title is perfect for modern liberals, the lines need revision: »

The Week in Pictures: Last Straw Edition

Featured image Just when you think the left coast can’t possibly get any more insane, some jurisdiction (Seattle, San Francisco, Santa Barbara) comes along and says, “Oh yeah? Hold my [craft, gluten-free] beer!” I assume you’ve heard that plastic straws are being banned, with Santa Barbara attaching criminal penalties including large fines and jail time. Oh well, it should be easy to get around this ban in San Francisco at least. People »

The Week in Pictures: A Bit Red in Helsinki Edition

Featured image It finally came back to me. Monty Python had a sketch way back when that involved a made-up entity that is a perfect headline for this week—the “Institute of Going in Bit Red in Helsinki,” in which a Dr. Carl Gruber (related to Hans?) tests embarrassing words and phrases on people, such as “Wankel rotary engine.” (You can take in the sketch here.) If the sketch was updated, you’d have »

The Week in Pictures: Freakout Turned to 11 Edition

Featured image Want a good measure at how total is Trump’s humiliation of the Democrats? Consider this: he’s got them borking mad by nominating a guy named “Brett” to the Supreme Court, and the party that brought us Pajama Boy and the Life of Julia is making fun of his first name, calling him a “frat boy” and comparing his name to a waiter in an LA bistro. Also arching their eyebrows »

The Week in Pictures: Liberalism Suicide Watch Edition

Featured image Malcolm Muggeridge wrote 40 years ago of “the great liberal death wish,” and today’s Democratic Party seems to have finally assimilated this impulse to the full. Why stop with abolishing ICE? Why not just call for abolishing every constraint on the will of the left, like the rule of law itself? After all, lots of law schools directly teach the leftist theory that “law” is just a tool of white »

The Lighter Side of July 4

Featured image In lieu of a mid-week in pictures, July 4 edition, I offer first the July 4 reflections of Winston Churchill from 1918, and then some other fun: “The Declaration of Independence is not only an American document. It follows on Magna Carta and the Bill of Rights as the third great title-deed on which the liberties of the English-speaking people are founded. By it we lost an Empire, but by »

The Week in Pictures: Scotus Smackdown Edition

Featured image Have liberals ever had a worse week than this (since November 8, 2016 that is)? Get ready for the mother of all freakouts by the left as the Senate moves to hold hearings and confirm a successor to Justice Kennedy. I predict that there will be several attempted disruptions and protests at the hearings of the Senate Judiciary Committee. Second, I predict that Democrats will demand over and over again »

The Week in Pictures: Space Force Edition

Featured image You may think the immigration fracas is the story of the week, but you’d be wrong. Trump’s announcement of the Space Force is the most significant story of the week. I have the inside story. Remember when Trump said it would only take him a minute to size up “Little Rocket Man,” Kim Jong Un? Well, Trump was wearing a special set of contact lenses that are just like Roddy »

Monday in Pictures: G-7 Photoshop Edition

Featured image I really am starting to have that “deja vu all over again” feeling. It seems to me that President Trump is merely following good presidential precedent with his performance at the recent G-7 summit. Richard Nixon called Pierre Trudeau an “asshole.” President Reagan slammed Trudeau in one of the private sessions of the G-7 (in 1983, if memory serves correctly), because it was obvious that Trudeau was trying to channel »

The Week in Pictures: Fearful Summitry Edition

Featured image William Blake wrote of “fearful symmetry,” but right now in Washington everyone is fretting about “fearful summitry,” as the Trump-Kim Summit (Kim Jong Un, not Kim Khardashian, but you can understand the confusion) is hard upon us. Sometimes I can’t tell whether Trump is deliberately trolling everyone with comments such as he made Thursday that he didn’t need to prepare much for the summit because it was more about attitude. »

The Week in Pictures: Privacy Update Edition

Featured image The time is long overdue for Power Line to update its privacy settings. If you’re a liberal, you have the right to make a fool of yourself in the Comments section, or keep your opinions private. If you are skeptical about the superiority of Islay single malts, you may wish to keep that defective opinion private, too. And if you’re Roseanne Barr, well let’s just say a two-week waiting period »

The Week in Pictures: Trump Derangement Overdrive Edition

Featured image Apparently the only thing worse than Trump meeting with Little Rocket Man is Trump not meeting with Little Rocket Man. Reminds me of how Democrats howled about how FBI director James Comey was a disgrace because he tanked Hillary 10 days before the election, and then howled when Trump fired Comey for having done such a crappy job of things. This is Trump’s greatest real estate deal ever: he lives »

The Week in Pictures: Animals Edition

Featured image I don’t get it. Liberals worry all the time about “invasive species” that disrupt our natural ecosystems, but somehow get all warm and fuzzy about “The Animals” who disrupt our social ecosystems. If Trump had only said something about the “British invasion” instead of the MSNBC gang, he’d have been fine. It’s just such a Burdon keeping up with the latest porous border in liberal outrage. Calling Pink Floyd: we »

The Week in Pictures: Thank God It’s Saturday Edition

Featured image What a week. Monday started off in promising fashion, with the defenestration of the egregious New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman. Then Trump withdrew from the flawed Iran nuclear sell-out, and then announced the summit location (Singapore) with Kim Jong Un, and then welcomed back three American hostages held by the Norks. As our pal David Deeble comments, Singapore may have been picked because it has a shortage of competent »