The Week In Pictures

The Week in Pictures: Mod Squad Edition

Featured image Forget Mean Girls. The Mod Squad is a better appellation for the Fearsome Foursome who dominate the House Democratic Caucus. The premise of the original Mod Squad was described as “taking three rebellious, disaffected young social outcasts and convincing them to work as unarmed undercover detectives as an alternative to being incarcerated.” Now we just elect such people to Congress—incarceration of a different kind—and sit back with a yuuuge bucket »

The Week in Pictures: Head Exploding Edition

Featured image Some weeks an obvious theme suggests itself. Then there are weeks like this when everything seems to be spinning out of control. A leftist Democrats accuses a powerful white politician of being a racist. Ho-hum—except the person being accused is Nancy Pelosi! Cue schadenfreude music, and pass the popcorn. Meanwhile, Bill Clinton is back in the news again, and for the same reason he usually gets back into the news. »

The Week in Pictures: Covfefe Sequel Edition

Featured image The news media and Trump-haters everywhere are on DefCon1 over Trump’s latest supposed verbal confusion, in which he reveals the long-held secret that the Continental Army of 1775 secured the nation’s airports from the British. They haven’t had this much outrage since the infamous “covfefe” tweet. It prompted Jim Acosta to embarrass himself once again (I know—a daily occurrence). Now I think this just shows the far-sightedness of the Founding »

The Week in Pictures: Debate Fatigue Edition

Featured image Good grief! We’ve got several more months of debates like this? I’m suffering a popcorn hangover, and I’m on my third liver of the week already. The clear winner is Donald Trump. Cheer up—if the Dems flame out as it appears they will, AOC will be the top Democrat come 2021. Won’t that be fun. Headlines of the week: And finally. . . a blast from the past: »

The Week in Pictures: Inconceivable Edition!

Featured image I have a major confession to make. Could be hazardous with our readership. I ate my first Impossible Burger yesterday. Now, I’ve been holding out for a Princess Bride-inspired Inconceivable Burger (conceptual photo below), but no daring entrepreneur has yet attempted a prototype. So I tried the Impossible Burger. And. . . it was pretty good. Suspiciously good. I’ll bet it’s really made from Soylent Green. But do not worry »

The Week in Pictures: Prince of Whales Edition

Featured image Did President Trump really write “the Prince of Whales” in a tweet this week? Why yes—yes he did. (See below.) It may be his greatest tweet ever. The actual current Prince of Wales is a ridiculous buffoon, and I think Queen Liz is living so long because she knows it will be better if Charles has as short a reign as possible. But Trump might also have been referring to »

The Week in Pictures: Brutish Empire Edition

Featured image Hey, I’ve got a great idea. For all those Brits who are still grumpy about 1776 and all that, how about we offer to rejoin Great Britain. Trump can become prime minister! I’ll bet he can get a Brexit deal done faster than you can say “Jerry Nadler on Line One!” The Queen has the right idea: And you gotta love polite British protesters: Headlines of the week (Florida Men »

The Week in Pictures: It’s Mueller Overtime Edition

Featured image This week Robert Mueller emerged from his hobbit hole, saw his shadow, and ensured there would be at least six more weeks (if not six more months) of agony for Nancy Pelosi, and more microphone mugging by Jerry Nadler, aka Jabba the Hutt on Weight Watchers. I’m checking my evolutionary biology textbooks, because I’m starting to suspect that groundhogs are genetically related to swamp rats—Washington DC’s most conspicuous rodent. Headlines »

The Week in Pictures: Lame of Drones Edition

Featured image I never did much get into Throne Games, or Lame of Drones, or whatever it’s called—not enough sex and violence for my tastes. But I hear every critic, which means everyone in the democratized era of social criticism via anti-social media, is down on the last season and the ending. But the real reason for the criticism is obvious: the series ended, and viewers wanted it to go on forever. »

The Week in Pictures: Train Wreck Edition

Featured image I’m thinking of printing up some bumper stickers that read, “Honk if you’re a Democrat who is not running for president!” Mayor de Blasio is now in, no doubt with memories of how well both John Lindsay and Rudy Giuliani fared with their base in Gracie Mansion. Don’t they know you need to live midtown on 5th Avenue to win the White House? Is there a switchyard big enough to »

The Week in Pictures: Nadlering Nabob of Nihilism Edition

Featured image How lucky is Trump to have Jerry Nadler as his chief inquisitor on Capitol Hill? I recall Nadler from his Jabba-the-Hutt days defending Bill Clinton from impeachment exactly 20 years ago. He must have thought we wouldn’t notice it is the same guy if he underwent barometric surgery—that’s where you let high pressure squeeze you into the human likeness of a raisin, but side effects include a full-blown case of »

The Week in Pictures: Close Down the Barr Edition

Featured image That croaking sound you hear are the dying hopes of the Trump Derangement sufferers as their malady enters its terminal phase, their dreams shattered by the stolid performance of Attorney General William Barr. Up next, the Inspector General’s report from the Justice Department. Unfortunately there’s no vaccination for liberalism. Keep on Trumpin! Good times! Headlines of the week (Florida Man still working overtime): And finally. . . »

The Week in Pictures: Bidenfreude Edition

Featured image Somewhere I am sure there’s a medieval German dictionary with the archaic term Bidenfreude, which means “taking delight in the spectacle of drooling old guys with hair plugs pretending to be ‘woke.'” But what the heck, if the Strolling Bones can still strut on stage in their late 70s, why not the Groovin Groper? In 1992 someone asked Bill Clinton whether he wore boxers or briefs. I want someone to »

The Week in Pictures: Mueller Encore Edition

Featured image The left’s obsession with Trump Russia Collusion and Obstruction has become the dead parrot sketch of American politics. It’s pushing up daisies, singing to the choir invisible. It’s an ex-scandal. No, CNN, it’s not just stunned, or pining for the fjords of decent ratings. The fat lady is singing. In fact she’s back in her dressing room starting her low-carb diet. It’s more over than your grandma’s overcooked roast beef. CNN »

The Week in Pictures: Tactile Nukes Edition

Featured image This is the week scientists say we can see a black hole for the first time, but that’s only because they didn’t look at the Democratic Party’s 2020 presidential field. That is sucking up more mass and light than 100 black holes. But this was also the week Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand discovered what she called “tactile nuclear weapons.” This is almost as good a neologism as the late Nevada Sen. »

The Week in Pictures: Free Dem Entertainment Edition

Featured image I’m really hoping Joe Biden runs. We need the free entertainment. Though he will lock down the Dirty Old Man segment of the electorate. Maybe we’ll get a special prosecutor to look into the whole matter. Speaking of things that continue to pay dividends, whatever happened to that old liberal slogan, Move On? The left just can’t move on from the Mueller disappointment, and are still mired in the first »

The Week in Pictures: Smollett Favors Edition

Featured image The ink was barely dry on the Mueller Report when the news broke that Jussie Smollett effect a breakout worthy of Houdini. Maybe it wasn’t a breakout as much as it was a case of the Foxx guarding the hoax-house. But we’re not done with the Mueller Report beat down on the Democrats and the media (but I repeat myself). Nosiree Bob! And the Green Nude Eel is still on »