Woke Capitalism

Dodging the Social Issues

Featured image Today’s Wall Street Journal surveys the wreckage of recent weeks and headlines: “Companies’ New Cause: Dodging the Culture Wars.” It is all quite interesting, but I want to highlight a couple of points: CEOs spent the past few years adjusting to a world in which investors, customers and employees expected corporate leaders to align themselves with social causes. Did they really? I think that only a small minority of investors, »

Target Says: Tear Down Mount Rushmore!

Featured image Target keeps digging the hole deeper. Fox News has a report on the Target Foundation, which funds the extreme Left. One of the beneficiaries of Target’s largesse is the NDN Collective, a South Dakota nonprofit that hauls in $50 million or more in annual revenue. It must be nice to be on the Left! That is where the money is. NDN is absurdly radical: NDN identifies as “intersectional,” which is »

Target In a Crossfire Hurricane

Featured image Target’s sales have dropped sharply following its bizarre “Pride” promotion of men’s women’s swimsuits, children’s grooming books, and the like. How Target went down the woke path will be studied by future generations of MBA students as a lesson in what to avoid. It remains to be seen whether Target’s sales decline will be long-lasting, but for now the situation is only getting worse. Yesterday, this performance of “Boycott Target” »

Boycott Target

Featured image The Left is attacking us with its most bizarre culture war yet, the “trans” fad that threatens the mental and physical health of our children and young people. So we have no choice but to fight back. To start with, let’s fight back against Target. Target’s sins go far beyond its “Pride” collection. Most attention has focused on the clothing line that included expanded-crotch “women’s” swimsuits and partnership with a »

Woke Capitalism Gone Wild

Featured image Of all the strange phenomena of our strange era, the most inexplicable to me is woke capitalism. We see it all around us: Major League Baseball moving the All-star Game out of Atlanta (does anyone remember why?), Delta Airlines aligning itself with the Democratic Party, the Bud Light fiasco. Along with Budweiser, a number of other companies have driven off the “pride” cliff. This is only a partial list, but »

Bud Light Executive Behind Dylan Mulvaney Campaign Takes Leave of Absence

Featured image Ad Age reports there’s been a shakeup among leadership in the marketing department at Bud Light. Anheuser-Busch, the brand’s parent company, has confirmed that Alissa Heinerscheid, the woman behind the disastrous decision to partner with transgender influencer Dylan Mulvaney in their latest marketing campaign, has taken a leave of absence and “will be replaced by Todd Allen, who was most recently global marketing VP for Budweiser.” In a statement first »

Heavy thoughts about Bud Light

Featured image Steve posted the heavy thoughts of Bud Light VP of Marketing Alissa Heinerscheid here yesterday. I love the condescending sing-song she brings to her “explanation” of the current Bud Light marketing campaign. “We need to evolve and elevate this incredibly iconic brand….What does evolve and elevate mean?” Heavy thought: “It means inclusivity. It means shifting the tone. It means having a campaign that’s truly inclusive and feels lighter and brighter »

Bud Lightheaded

Featured image This is said to be the marketing manager for Bud Light who thinks the answer to declining sales is “diversity.” Somehow this genius strategy hasn’t stopped declining enrollments in colleges and universities. Alissa Heinerscheid, Bud Light’s VP of Marketing, doubles down on her extreme woke strategy to promote the “declining” American beer brand to “young people”, while smearing her former customers as “fratty and out of touch”. How’s that working »

Corporate America Is Woke. Now What?

Featured image The wokeness of American big business is one of the most curious phenomena of our times. What is driving it? And how can it be stopped? The mantra “Get woke, go broke” is popular on the right, but unfortunately it doesn’t seem to be particularly true. The latest controversy is over a “trans” woman, i.e. a man or boy, named Dylan Mulvaney. Who is Mulvaney, and why is he suddenly »

It’s a Long Way From Davy Crockett

Featured image This afternoon, I appeared on the “U.S. Report” show on Sky News Australia with host James Morrow. It is a terrific show: the guests ahead of me were Mick Mulvaney and Tammy Bruce. Morrow began our conversation by showing this Disney video: This Disney clip is pure critical race theory, including the insane conspiracy theory that Lincoln did not free the slaves.pic.twitter.com/kLqPUU34Mn — Christopher F. Rufo ⚔️ (@realchrisrufo) February 5, »

The Mystery of Woke Capitalism

Featured image Why has pretty much all of big business gone left-wing? There are several theories, none of which seem to me to fully explain the phenomenon. But whatever the causes, the effect is an inescapable part of our daily landscape. Here are a few instances for today. Disney has a new/old CEO in Bob Iger, and many speculated that he would pull back on that company’s extreme leftism. But not for »

Organized Theft Is Big Business

Featured image Target Corporation reported its third quarter results today. The report wasn’t good, in large part because Target stores are being robbed left and right: Target stores are getting looted, and it’s taking a huge bite out of profits. The discount retailer told reporters on a call to discuss its third quarter earnings results that inventory shrinkage — or the disappearance of merchandise — has reduced its gross profit margin by »

Hate Can Cost You Money

Featured image The slogan “Get woke, go broke” is appealing, but unfortunately it often is not true. Wokeness has turned out all too well–so far, at least–for too many businesses. But injecting left-wing politics into contexts where they don’t belong can have consequences. As Jimmy Kimmel proudly tells us: ABC’s late-night comedian Jimmy Kimmel has made Trump bashing a central part of his TV persona. Now he has publicly admitted that his »

Fighting Back Against ESG

Featured image One of the most pernicious trends of our day is the employment of “environmental, social and governance” (ESG) criteria in investing. Former Vice President Mike Pence writes at Real Clear Markets: On Wall Street, major investment firms are rating companies based on their adherence to left-wing environmental, social and governance (ESG) values. Like the social credit scores issued by the Chinese Communist Party, a low ESG score can be devastating, »

Sanity 1, Corporate Virtue Signaling 0

Featured image Why corporations see a need to adopt left-wing talking points as corporate policy is a great mystery of our time. I don’t know, maybe sometimes it works out. Other times it doesn’t: just ask the producers of Buzz Lightyear. Today’s heartwarming story comes from the U.K. via Australia, as my friend Rita Panahi comments on a major bank’s effort to jam gender ideology down the throats of its customers: “Get »

Woke Food? Seriously?

Featured image Several decades ago I subscribed to Bon Appetit magazine. In those days, it was all about good food, consisting of articles about, and recipes from, excellent restaurants. But, as in so many areas of contemporary life, those days are gone. Bon Appetit survives–barely, I think–but its primary mission these days seems to be wokeness. Check out the magazine’s InstaGram feed to see what I mean. Here are some examples: A »

Woke Hollywood, Broke Hollywood (UPDATED)

Featured image Buzz Lightyear (voiced by the great Tim Allen, one of the few right-leaning stars in Hollywood) became an iconic character in the Toy Story series of films, but the new standalone Buzz Lightyear movie, with Buzz voiced by Chris Evans instead of Allen, has bombed at the box office, perhaps because it decided to go fully woke by prominently featuring a lesbian relationship. As Kyle Smith puts it, “today Hollywood’s »