Woke Capitalism

Green Ideology as Class Warfare

Featured image I generally think of green dogma as something that the gentry class imposes on the rest of us–you peons have to live more poorly, never mind my yacht and private jet. But there is another side to it, as well, as we see in the Guardian: environmentalism as a manifestation of class envy. The article describes green angst in the advertising industry: There is increasing agreement that although individual behaviour »

Disney ‘Fesses Up

Featured image The Disney Company has fallen on hard times, with one movie after another bombing or, at a minimum, failing to live up to expectations. Disney’s troubles are widely blamed on its far-left corporate culture, which prioritizes pushing woke themes over entertaining the masses. But is that how Disney sees it? Yes, actually. A site called That Park Place has reviewed Disney’s most recent 10K filing with the Securities and Exchange »

EventBrite Goes Dull

Featured image The Left’s most insidious power grabs involve taking over private companies that run services that are open to the public. Especially where such services have large market shares, left-wing dominance can have real consequences in suppressing conservative (or just normal) ideas. A case in point is EventBrite. EventBrite’s managers have decided that defending women’s sports is out of bounds. Thus, they have thrown a speech by Riley Gaines at the »

Woke Underwear Flopped

Featured image The adage “get woke, go broke” doesn’t always hold true. Sadly, some companies, like Nike, have parlayed leftism into profits. But this one seems overdetermined: Victoria’s Secret drops feminist makeover after sales slump. Who exactly thought that feminist wokeness would cause women to buy a company’s undergarments? Lingerie brand Victoria’s Secret is dropping its feminist makeover and bringing back “sexiness” as it tries to reverse falling sales. Did the people »

Recidivist Disney

Featured image Disney Corporation is in freefall, with one film flop after another. Its share price has suffered accordingly: Disney pretty much defines corporate wokism, and most people think the company’s far-left orientation largely accounts for its decline. CEO Bob Iger, brought out of retirement in a desperate move, seemed to agree: The culture wars are bad for business, said Disney/ESPN top dog Bob Iger recently, and he vowed to “quiet the »

Target: Not So Blue

Featured image Target Corporation has been even more woke than most large companies, but there are limits. Target has been vocal about the damage that organized retail theft is doing to its bottom line. Now the other shoe has dropped. The Wall Street Journal reports: Target is closing nine stores across four states because of theft and organized retail crime. The Minneapolis-based retailer said Tuesday stores in the New York City, Seattle, »

Is Crime Unacceptable?

Featured image I wrote here about the devastating impact of organized crime on America’s retailers. Which means, of course, the impact of organized crime on American consumers–all of us. Now another retailer has spoken up. Nordstrom CEO Erik Nordstrom slammed the brazen bandits who recently ransacked a Los Angeles-area outpost — swiping $100,000 worth of merchandise — as the upscale retailer announced it has suffered “historical losses” from shoplifters. These are organized »

Target Takes Pride

Featured image Target announced earnings in a call with reporters and acknowledged being hurt by the company’s “Pride” promotions: The retailer said it expected sales to decline again in the current quarter and lowered its profit goal for the full year. Executives said they would still mark Pride Month next year but with a more focused assortment of merchandise. *** “As we navigate an ever-changing operating and social environment, we are applying »

Diversity Is Our Strength?

Featured image This article in Institutional Investor says that hedge funds are more likely to target companies that have diverse boards of directors: Activist hedge funds are paying attention to board diversity — and are using that information to decide on their next targets. New research shows that activist investors are more likely to succeed when boards are less united and slower to act — two characteristics that are common among diverse »

A Chastened Anheuser-Busch Moves on

Featured image Anheuser-Busch InBev released second quarter data today. The Wall Street Journal reports: The culture wars have cost Bud Light big time. Now, the beer brand’s owner says its market share is stabilizing and that it will win back drinkers by staying away from controversial topics. *** Anheuser-Busch InBev, the world’s largest brewer, said Thursday its U.S. sales, profit and market share had all fallen sharply in the second quarter as »

The Decline of DEI

Featured image Today’s Wall Street Journal has a heartwarming article on DEI: “The Rise and Fall of the Chief Diversity Officer.” Two years ago chief diversity officers were some of the hottest hires into executive ranks. Now, they increasingly feel left out in the cold. Companies including Netflix, Disney and Warner Bros. Discovery have recently said that high-profile diversity, equity and inclusion executives will be leaving their jobs. Thousands of diversity-focused workers »

You First, Ben & Jerry

Featured image The outrage of the day is Ben & Jerry’s ice cream company advocating that we give our “stolen land” back to the Indians: This 4th of July, it's high time we recognize that the US exists on stolen Indigenous land and commit to returning it. Learn more and take action now: https://t.co/45smaBmORH pic.twitter.com/a6qp7LXUAE — Ben & Jerry's (@benandjerrys) July 4, 2023 That is profoundly stupid on several levels, and it »

Disney’s Downhill Slide

Featured image At Breitbart, David Ng notes that the Walt Disney Company has “lost a stunning $890 million on its last eight studio releases, including The Little Mermaid and Elemental, according to a box office analyst.” No doubt that is why Disney’s stock has lost over half of its value since its March 2021 peak. Wokeness has not been working well for Disney. Has the company learned its lesson? Of course not: »

Attorneys General Take Pride

Featured image This Star Tribune headline caught my attention: “Keith Ellison, other state attorneys general concerned with Target pulling Pride products.” Why on earth would Target’s response to customer complaints be a matter of concern to attorneys general? What possible crime could they be looking into? Minnesota Attorney General Keith Ellison and a group of 14 other attorneys general penned a letter to Target CEO Brian Cornell this week expressing concern about »

Dodging the Social Issues

Featured image Today’s Wall Street Journal surveys the wreckage of recent weeks and headlines: “Companies’ New Cause: Dodging the Culture Wars.” It is all quite interesting, but I want to highlight a couple of points: CEOs spent the past few years adjusting to a world in which investors, customers and employees expected corporate leaders to align themselves with social causes. Did they really? I think that only a small minority of investors, »

Target Says: Tear Down Mount Rushmore!

Featured image Target keeps digging the hole deeper. Fox News has a report on the Target Foundation, which funds the extreme Left. One of the beneficiaries of Target’s largesse is the NDN Collective, a South Dakota nonprofit that hauls in $50 million or more in annual revenue. It must be nice to be on the Left! That is where the money is. NDN is absurdly radical: NDN identifies as “intersectional,” which is »

Target In a Crossfire Hurricane

Featured image Target’s sales have dropped sharply following its bizarre “Pride” promotion of men’s women’s swimsuits, children’s grooming books, and the like. How Target went down the woke path will be studied by future generations of MBA students as a lesson in what to avoid. It remains to be seen whether Target’s sales decline will be long-lasting, but for now the situation is only getting worse. Yesterday, this performance of “Boycott Target” »