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Gays, Lesbians Thinking About Self-Defense

Featured image In the wake of the Orlando terrorist attack, firearms–especially AR-15s, which the Democrats want to ban–are flying off the shelves. And quite a few of them are being sold to gays and lesbians: Gun shops typically see a spike in customers after mass shootings. But this time, many are seeing shoppers they’ve never really seen before: More gays and lesbians. … [W]hat’s different this time around is the clientele. Mike »

The AR-15: Americans’ Best Defense

Featured image This excellent video comes from NRA News. It stars former Navy Seal Dom Raso. He explains why the AR-15 is an important tool of self-defense and exposes some (it would take a much longer video to expose all) of the ignorance of liberal critics. Among other things, he points out that Hillary Clinton has insisted on being protected by armed men, including men wielding AR-15s, for the last 30 years. »

Hillary’s Least Self-Aware Moment Ever?

Featured image I know, that is a stiff competition. But yesterday’s interview on MSNBC is definitely a contender. Hillary was asked, how worrisome is it that the Russians have hacked into the Democratic National Committee’s computer system for the last year? Hillary professes to be very concerned about it. It is troubling, like all cyberattacks. The Russians who did it probably were acting on behalf of the Russian government. This is another »

Are Democrats Winning the Political Battle Over Islamic Terror?

Featured image In the wake of the terrorist attack in Orlando, battle lines were clearly drawn. Donald Trump claimed credit for sounding warnings about Islamic terrorism and called, once again, for a suspension of immigration from predominantly Muslim countries. Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton expressed outrage at Trump’s reaction and doubled down on the claim that Islamic terrorism has nothing to do with Islam. That, together with the assertion that being selective »

HuffPo Swings at Trump, Whiffs

Featured image Earlier today, the Huffington Post went after Donald Trump for wanting to suspend immigration by Muslims. Reporters Jennifer Bendery and Laura Barron-Lopez think that Trump’s vow is somehow inconsistent with Republicans’ criticisms of President Obama for acting unconstitutionally, at times, via executive order: House Republicans were outraged when President Barack Obama acted without their approval — in fact, despite their explicit opposition — on immigration. Now they have to contend »

Terrorist’s Wife Knew Of, Abetted Plans [with comment by Paul]

Featured image Noor Zahi Salman, the wife of Orlando terrorist Omar Mateen, is cooperating with the FBI and reportedly has admitted that she knew of her husband’s plan to commit mass murder. She says she tried to talk him out of it, but didn’t report him to law enforcement. It sounds as though Salman was more than a passive observer. Reportedly, she helped her husband to scout locations for a possible attack, »

Terrorist Attacks Expose Liberal Craziness

Featured image Terrorism brings out the worst in liberals. The blindingly obvious fact that jihadist Muslims are attacking us is seldom if ever acknowledged. Instead, the Left’s approach is all about distraction. This time, a gay bar was the site of the Islamic massacre. So everywhere we see signs of solidarity with the “LGBTQ community.” To cite one of hundreds of examples, my own governor, Mark Dayton of Minnesota, has directed that »

Independents Can’t Stand Hillary

Featured image Obviously, one shouldn’t put too much stock in a single poll, especially this early in the election cycle. But Fox News’s latest is an eye-opener. With Gary Johnson in the race, Hillary Clinton has dropped to third place among independents, albeit by a sliver: GOP candidate Donald Trump led among independents with 32 percent of the vote, followed by Johnson, a former governor of New Mexico, who got 23 percent. »

Omar Mateen Worked For Company That Provides Security to Federal Buildings

Featured image Ponder this: G4S, a major, nationally known security firm, has confirmed that Omar Mateen had been employed by them since 2007. G4S’s web site says: For more than 50 years, G4S has partnered with government agencies – from the Department of State to the Department of Homeland Security among several others – in many capacities that include: * Systems integration services that deliver world-class electronic and physical security solutions for »

Mass Murder In Orlando [With Multiple Updates]

Featured image In a horrific crime that is being investigated as a terrorist attack, a 29-year-old man named Omar Mateen murdered 50 people and wounded more than 50 more at a gay night club in Orlando. Mateen is an American-born Muslim. So far, no radical Islamic associations have come to light [see update], but Mateen’s father says he became very angry several months ago when he saw two gay men kissing. The »

NPR + NYT: A Recipe for Cluelessness

Featured image What happens when a National Public Radio host interviews a New York Times reporter on the subject of Venezuela’s economic collapse? You get a perfect storm of cluelessness. The host is Terry Gross, the guest is New York Times reporter Nicholas Casey, and the program is Fresh Air. Gross asks Casey about the utter disaster that Venezuela has become. Casey understands the depth to which Venezuela has fallen–he lives in »

Will Anti-Trump Republicans Elect Hillary?

Featured image Yesterday on CNN, Mitt Romney ruled out supporting Donald Trump on grounds of character. Romney called Trump a racist, referring repeatedly to “trickle-down racism,” by which I take it he means racism inspired in future generations by a racist president. When asked at the end of the interview by Wolf Blitzer whether he thinks Trump is a racist, Romney wouldn’t quite say that, but instead responded that Trump’s “comments, time »

U.S. Taxpayers Are Funding Iran’s Military

Featured image Eli Lake uncovers the latest Iran scandal: One of the unexpected results of President Barack Obama’s new opening to Iran is that U.S. taxpayers are now funding both sides of the Middle East’s arms race. The U.S. is deliberately subsidizing defense spending for allies like Egypt and Israel. Now the U.S. is inadvertently paying for some of Iran’s military expenditures as well. It all starts with $1.7 billion the U.S. »

New Cloud Studies Are Another Blow to Climate Extremism

Featured image Climate science is in its infancy, and just about every proposition is controversial. The idea that climate science is in any non-trivial sense settled is ridiculous. One area where this is obvious is clouds. Clouds play a huge role in the Earth’s climate, but the dynamics surrounding the various types of clouds are simply not understood. When climate scientists developed the models on which all global warming alarmism is based, »

Trump Broke the Record for GOP Primary Votes. So what?

Featured image Jim Hoft is excited about the fact that Donald Trump garnered more than 13 million votes in the Republican primaries, over a million more than George W. Bush’s 2000 record. Fair enough: Trump’s performance in the primaries surprised everyone, no doubt including Donald himself, and deserves to be celebrated. But how much does Trump’s record mean for the general election? Not a great deal, I think. Nor do Hillary Clinton’s »

Barack Obama, Gun Salesman?

Featured image Gun sales have boomed during the Obama administration, and the conventional wisdom is that Barack is responsible. Witnessing repeated attacks on the Second Amendment, Americans have lined up by the million to buy firearms before it is too late. That narrative underlies this Free Beacon report: The month of May saw yet another gun-related background check record making it the 13th month to see an all time high. The FBI »

Trump Backs Down

Featured image Since he clinched the nomination, Donald Trump’s campaign has been a train wreck. His criticism of Judge Gonzalo Curiel, who presides over the Trump University case, has been a four-alarm disaster. After his initial comments provoked controversy, Trump returned to the subject several times and dug the hole deeper. Finally, earlier today, Trump tried to put the matter behind him with this statement. Trump’s statement consists mostly of a defense »