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Democrats Prepare to Enjoy the Holidays

Featured image Those Democrats sure know how to have a good time. While the rest of us are looking forward to family reunions and delicious turkey dinners, the Democratic Party is coaching its faithful on how to win political arguments. This is from the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, a “Guide to Thanksgiving With Your Republican Relatives.” Click to enlarge: It isn’t worth the trouble to fact-check this whole mass of talking points, »

Spice Wars

Featured image I don’t pay a lot of attention to spices, but my wife, being a terrific cook, does. So she pointed out that following the election, a Wisconsin-based spice company called Penzeys has announced that it only wants customers from one side of the aisle: “The open embrace of racism by the Republican Party in this election is now unleashing a wave of ugliness unseen in this country for decades,” Bill »

Memo to Trump: Stop Disavowing!

Featured image Today Donald Trump held an on-the-record meeting with the New York Times. Despite the meeting being of record, no transcript has been released. Instead, we know about what transpired through tweets by various Times reporters–which, shockingly, are spun in an anti-Trump direction. The Associated Press headlines: “Trump again disavows alt-right, white supremacists.” No doubt much else was discussed, but this is what millions of newspaper readers will see: an association »

Desperate Democrats Turn to Death Threats

Featured image Democrats are having a hard time coming to terms with the fact that they lost the presidential election. Now they are threatening to kill Republican electors unless they switch allegiance and vote for Hillary Clinton when the electoral college meets on December 19. The Detroit News reports: Trump’s opponents have deluged [Michael] Banerian and other GOP electors with pleas and nasty emails to reverse course and cast their ballots for »

Can Trump Recruit Tulsi Gabbard?

Featured image How could Donald Trump’s appointments get even better? He could recruit Tulsi Gabbard as a member of his administration. Gabbard, a Democratic Congresswoman from Hawaii, is an orthodox liberal on domestic policy. She can get away with that, coming from Hawaii. In fact, she supported Bernie Sanders, and nominated him at the Democratic Convention. But, unlike almost all of her fellow Democrats, Gabbard takes national security seriously. She is a »

Trump Addresses America on Transition

Featured image Donald Trump is on a roll. His appointments so far have been superb, and his rumored appointments–e.g. Rick Perry, who spent time with Trump today–also look excellent. Tonight Trump released a three-minute video in which he begins to outline plans for the early days of his administration. His list includes serving notice of intent to withdraw from the Trans Pacific Partnership; canceling restrictions on shale oil and clean coal production; »

The War on Cops Comes to San Antonio

Featured image San Antonio police officer Benjamin Marconi was writing a traffic ticket outside police headquarters earlier today when a motorist pulled up behind him, got out of his car, approached Marconi and shot him twice in the head. The murderer got back into his car and drove away. The perpetrator has not yet been caught, so we don’t know whether he was inspired by the Black Lives Matter anti-police movement. What »

Why the Dems Are Hysterical About Jeff Sessions, and Why They Don’t Mean It

Featured image The Democrats say that they will oppose confirmation of Senator Jeff Sessions as Attorney General, and will smear him with discredited race allegations from 30 years ago. This is rather pathetic: if they can’t come up with anything within the last 30 years, they don’t have much of a case, to say the least. So why are they hysterical about Sessions? Byron York supplies much of the answer: Sessions is »

Election Over, Associated Press Still Campaigns for the Left

Featured image At the end of 2008, I worried that the Obama administration would do great damage to America–correctly, as it turned out. But no one considered my misgivings to be newsworthy. The case is different with respect to the incipient Trump administration. Criticisms by his opponents–the ones who just lost the election–dominate the news. The Associated Press, once a respected news organization, headlines: “Trump’s staff picks alarm minorities: ‘Injustice to America.'” »

Are All Liberals Rude and Arrogant?

Featured image Perhaps not, but it often seems that way. Vice President-Elect Mike Pence is in New York, working with Donald Trump on staffing their new administration. He took last night off to see the popular Broadway musical “Hamilton.” When he and his family took their seats, some in the crowd booed–although, to be fair, it sounds to me as though more applauded: The real outrage came at the end. As Pence »

Mike Pompeo: A Great Appointment

Featured image So far, Donald Trump’s appointments are going a long way to reassure observers like me, who worried that the GOP had nominated a candidate who was not a conservative. Let’s just say that anyone who puts Jeff Sessions in charge of the Department of Justice is no liberal. A less high-profile but equally stellar appointment is Trump’s selection of Congressman Mike Pompeo, from Kansas, to head the CIA. Pompeo is »

Promises, Promises

Featured image When a Republican wins the presidency, it is always fun to ridicule the celebrities who vowed to leave the country should such a horror take place. To my recollection, not one has ever followed through on such a threat (or promise, depending on how you look at it). This year is no exception. Michael Ramirez captures my sentiments exactly. Click to enlarge: Celebrities may have played a larger than usual »

Love Trumps Hate!

Featured image Liberals see Donald Trump supporters as dark, hateful, potentially dangerous. Yet somehow, the violence–real and symbolic–is all on the other side. This story comes from San Antonio: “2 students, teacher reprimanded for Trump assassination skit.” Two 10th-grade students at a San Antonio high school and their teacher have been reprimanded for the performance of a skit portraying the assassination of President-elect Donald Trump. The San Antonio Express-News reports the skit, »

Democrats’ Fundraising Freakout

Featured image Every dark cloud has a silver lining. Donald Trump’s victory represents a rare fundraising opportunity for the Democrats, and they are taking advantage of the hysteria that currently prevails on the left. Thus, today’s email from the Democratic National Committee has the subject heading, “Trump’s latest plan is modeled on the internment of Japanese-Americans.” Of course it is! Here is the body of the email. Click to enlarge: Pretty much »

The Transgender Tragedy

Featured image I don’t normally link to articles that I can’t intelligibly excerpt from and summarize, but this is an exception. My American Experiment colleague Kathy Kersten has an article in this month’s First Things that you simply have to read. The subject is the transgender “movement” that seems to have taken America by storm. Kathy begins with the story of Nova Academy, a top-notch charter school in Minnesota that was blown »

Trump Goes Out to Dinner, Press Has Hissy Fit

Featured image Last night, Donald Trump went out to dinner with his family at the 21 Club, where he got an ovation from the other diners. Shockingly, he failed to tell reporters he was leaving Trump Tower. So the Associated Press headlined: “Trump ditches media – the public’s eyes and ears – again.” The AP’s presumption is awe-inspiring. Their story is written by Julie Pace. Let me break it to you gently, »

The Dogs Are Barking, But the Caravan?

Featured image Post-election, the newspapers and talking heads have picked up right where they left off last Tuesday. They are in full anti-Trump mode. They try to convince us that a handful of alleged incidents of Muslim girls having their hijabs torn off constitutes a wave of terror that Trump is obliged to denounce. Never mind that some of those incidents, at least, are hoaxes. My guess is that most of them »