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Michael Ramirez Has a New Home

Featured image Michael Ramirez isn’t just the best conservative editorial cartoonist in the world, he is the best cartoonist in the world, period. Formerly with the Los Angeles Times, Michael has been drawing for Investor’s Business Daily. But with IBD going to a weekly format, Michael has moved to the Heritage Foundation’s Daily Signal. It’s a coup for Heritage, and should be a great home for Ramirez. If you haven’t already bookmarked »

Trump Bestrides the News Like a Colossus

Featured image Donald Trump’s obituary is being written on a daily basis, but he continues to dominate the news. I can’t really explain it: sure, he is a unique candidate who breaks most of the rules, but still. Check out the top stories in politics and opinion on CNN, as of this afternoon. It isn’t quite all Trump all the time, but it’s close: Of course, most of the stories are negative. »

Reports of Trump’s Demise Are Premature

Featured image The New York Times, with schadenfreude so thick you could cut it with a knife, says Donald Trump is a dead duck whose corpse is being abandoned by down-ticket Republicans: After a disastrous week of feuds and plummeting poll numbers, Republican leaders have concluded that Donald J. Trump is a threat to the party’s fortunes and have begun discussing how soon their endangered candidates should explicitly distance themselves from the »

Palestinian “Moderates” Boast of Killing Thousands of Jews

Featured image In the liberal narrative, West Bank Palestinians are governed by the moderate Fatah, led by the moderate President Mahmoud Abbas, Israel’s Partner For Peace of the moment. Gaza, on the other hand, is ruled by Hamas extremists. In practice, however, it isn’t easy to tell the “moderates” without a scorecard. Currently, elections are going on in the West Bank and Gaza, the first in ten years. How is Fatah appealing »

Another Day, Another Allahu Akbar

Featured image In Charleroi, Belgium, a man wielding a machete and yelling “Allahu Akbar” attacked two policewomen, wounding both, one seriously. He was shot and killed by a third officer. This sort of attack can’t be deterred and is almost impossible to prevent. In this case, the terrorist reportedly walked up to the two policewomen, pulled his machete out of a gym bag and sliced one of the officers across the face. »

On Iran, Israelis Say: Obama Is Wrong

Featured image Barack Obama desperately claims the Iran deal is working. Well, he is partly right: it is working for the mullahs, anyway. He tried to enlist Israel among his supporters, as the Associated Press reports: Obama said in remarks on Thursday that the Iran deal is working and that “it’s the assessment of the Israeli military and intelligence community … that acknowledges this has been a game-changer.” Heh. A game-changer perhaps, »

Black Lives Matter Comes to Great Britain

Featured image The Black Lives Matter movement has jumped the Atlantic, and British activists are duplicating the tactics that have made BLM unpopular in the U.S.: Black Lives Matter protesters intent on causing chaos in London blocked in a Waitrose lorry as they chanted ‘hands up, don’t shoot’ at police officers – who were not carrying guns. The group of so-far peaceful demonstrators marched through east London and stopped traffic in Whitechapel »

Hillary: I “Short Circuited” In Interview With Chris Wallace

Featured image Hillary Clinton may have acknowledged today that what she told Chris Wallace about her emails last week on Fox News Sunday was wrong. (Scott wrote about the interview here.) It’s hard to tell, though: she says she “short circuited” in the Wallace interview, but as far as I can tell she is sticking to her story. Maybe you can make more sense out of it than I did: Immediately after »

A Month of Islamic Terror

Featured image The Religion of Peace has compiled a list of Islamic terrorist attacks during the month of July. As the site notes, the list is probably incomplete, but it is still remarkable. It itemizes 141 attacks in 22 countries, in which 1165 people were killed and 1803 injured. I might not call all of them acts of terrorism; for example, there are a few honor killings on the list. But they »

Democrats to Charge Gun Control Hill Again

Featured image One aspect of the Democrats’ convention that we haven’t commented on is that gun control was front and center. The Associated Press headlines: “Clinton, Dems put gun control at center of convention stage.” With mothers of police violence victims on the stage and anti-gun protesters in the streets, Hillary Clinton and Democrats are giving gun control and efforts to curb police violence a starring role at their summer convention. *** »

Iraqis Were Bribed to Allege Torture

Featured image Part of the propaganda campaign against the Iraq war was the claim that coalition troops were torturing captured Iraqis. Those claims made a pretty big splash in the United States, and probably even a bigger one in Europe. Now it turns out that large numbers of Iraqis may have been paid by British lawyers to make false claims of torture: One of the country’s leading human-rights lawyers faces a criminal »

Parents Blame Black Lives Matter For Attempted Murder

Featured image A story that has become all too familiar: in Columbia, Pennsylvania, police officers responded to a report of shots fired and were themselves fired upon. Officers in the borough of Columbia were responding to a report of gunshots near a cemetery just before 3:30 a.m. Friday when their own vehicles came under fire. The shooters were soon apprehended, and at least one of them admitted his involvement: “I was shooting »

The Democrats’ Anti-Science Platform

Featured image The Science and Environmental Policy Project puts out a weekly electronic newsletter called The Week That Was that brings together links to everything notable on the topic of climate. If you want to keep up on the global warming debate and related scientific issues, you really should subscribe to it. This week SEPP takes note of the Democratic Party’s platform on energy: Generally, TWTW does not comment on political issues. »

Immigration: The Issue that Got Away?

Featured image America’s political, business, media and academic elites have forced on the rest of us a radical mass immigration regime that we neither wanted nor voted for. When our immigration laws were rewritten in 1965, at the height of the Democratic Party’s power, we were assured that the law would not remake America’s demographics. (That promise was precisely analogous to the assurance, at about the same time, that the Civil Rights »

Mixed Messages

Featured image I received the following two emails five minutes apart, earlier this afternoon. Click to enlarge: Things change fast in a presidential race! Of course, the bottom line is always the same: whether ahead or behind in the polls, politicians want you to contribute to their campaigns. »

How to Make Democrats Pay For Weak Foreign Policy

Featured image The foreign policies pursued by Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton have been disastrous, and yet both malefactors seem largely to have skated. That doesn’t mean, however, that Americans are happy with the dangerous policies they have pursued–and which have been resisted by essentially zero Democrats in Congress. This ad by Stewart Mills, a friend of mine who is running in Minnesota’s 8th Congressional District against pedestrian incumbent Rick Nolan, beautifully »

Amateur Hour In the Presidential Race

Featured image The Republicans had a strong and widely-watched convention, and Donald Trump got a substantial bounce as a result. Now he has blown whatever momentum he had with an incomprehensibly stupid response to Khizr Khan, the Muslim father who spoke at the Democrats’ convention. The Democrats can hardly believe their good fortune, as Trump’s duel with Khan dominates the headlines. The New York Times reports gleefully: Donald Trump reeled Sunday amid »