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Todd Akin — a watershed moment for conservatives?

Featured image Phillip Klein argues that the reaction by Republicans to the Todd Akin mess seems to signal a new sophistication of the conservative movement: In recent years, we’ve become used to a typical pattern when conservative candidates have come under fire for making controversial or ill-informed statements. Democrats and their liberal allies pounce, as do some Republicans and even conservative pundits. But many on the right are reluctant to join them, »

CBO analysis of the “fiscal cliff” shows that the economic situation has worsened this year

Featured image The Congressional Budget Office warns that U.S. economy will fall into a recession unless Congress acts to avert a series of tax increases and budget cuts due to take effect in January. Absent such action, the “fiscal cliff” (or “Taxmageddon”) will push the unemployment rate up to 9.1 percent by the end of 2013 and produce economic conditions “that will probably be considered a recession,” says the CBO. This forecast »

The daylight between Romney and Obama on Iran

Featured image Lee Smith argues that Mitt Romney is no more likely than Barack Obama to stage a preemptive strike against Iran. Romney, Smith contends, will not want further to burden our economy by destabilizing the Middle East and sending oil prices skyrocketing, nor will he want to be tagged as a war-mongering Republican who bombed Iran. Thus, Romney will persuade himself that Iran can be deterred from using its nukes by »

Banks, too big for our own good?

Featured image If there’s one big issue that arises continuously and vexatiously in American history that issue, I submit, is not race but banks. To be sure, the Republican Party owes its formation to slavery, which the Party’s first president abolished. But the formation of two bitterly opposed parties — Democrat and Whig (predecessor to Republican) — had nothing really to do with race, and plenty to do with banks. In any »

How about some good news on the Senate front?

Featured image With the Missouri Senate race now trending Democratic, we Republicans can use some good news on the Senate polling front. Fortunately, some exists. First, Tommy Thompson, now the Republican nominee in Wisconsin, leads Democrat Tammy Baldwin by 54-43 in a Rasmussen poll. Thompson is a Wisconsin political powerhouse, and good bet to move that seat into the Republican fold. Second, Scott Brown leads Elizabeth Warren in Massachusetts by 49-44 in »

Is Todd Akin unfit to serve in the U.S. Senate?

Featured image The deadline came and the deadline passed, and Todd Akin, predictably enough, is still running for the U.S. Senate. Actually, it may still be possible for Akin to bow out, but now he would need a court order permitting him to do so. Perhaps if the polling data goes far enough south on Akin, he will change his mind and exit the race. The other option is a write-in candidate »

Romney urges Akin to bow out

Featured image With the Missouri dropout deadline fast approaching, Mitt Romney has added his voice to those calling on Todd Akin to withdraw from the Senate race. Romney alluded to his earlier criticism of Akin’s rape remark and added that today, Missouri citizens have said Akin should withdraw. “I think he should accept their counsel and withdraw from the race,” Romney stated. Romney probably was referring to former or current Missouri Senators »

Akin tells Huckabee he’s staying in race.

Featured image Rep. Todd Akin said on Mike Huckabee’s radio show that he will remain in the Missouri Senate race. That decision, if Akin adheres to it, will move the Missouri race from probable Republican pickup to probable Democratic retention, I would think. Nonetheless, the decision is understandable from Akin’s point of view, and therefore not surprising. Republicans are asking Akin to give up a shot at the U.S. Senate for the »

Tainted poll by Dem outfit offers Akin incentive not to quit

Featured image A PPP poll, taken after Todd Akin’s infamous comment about rape, puts him in a virtual tie with Democratic Sen. Claire McCaskill in the Missouri Senate race. According to that poll, Akin leads McCaskill by 44-43. That’s the same margin by which he led the Senator in PPP’s most recent previous poll, which found Akin ahead by 45-44. Akin can cite this poll as a reason to remain in the »

Todd Akin and the Huckabee connection

Featured image As noted in the post below, the Republican establishment desperately wants Rep. Todd Akin to withdraw from the Missouri Senate race before today’s 5:00 p.m. deadline. They are joined in this sentiment by what might be called the insurgent wing of the Party including, for example, The Tea Party Express. The problem is that Akin doesn’t owe his status as the nominee to either the Party establishment or the Tea »

Todd Akin, will he or won’t he?

Featured image The deadline for Rep. Todd Akin to withdraw from the Missouri Senate race is 5:00 p.m. today. For now, Akin seems intent on hanging in there. He has a new ad out called “Forgiveness,” in which he apologizes for his infamous remark. Akin states: “The mistake I made was in the words I said, not in the heart I hold. I ask for your forgiveness.” Meanwhile, the pressure mounts for »

It’s a grand old team. . .

Featured image Everton 1 Manchester 0. That’s all. JOHN adds: That isn’t quite all. There is also this: Billionaire Soros buys piece of Manchester United. I may have to start rooting for Everton, too! Only…can it really be true that they are known as the “Toffees”? »

McCaskill to Akin — please don’t leave me

Featured image Rep. Todd Akin, the Republican who is running for the Senate in Missouri, is under fire for his statement that victims of “legitimate rape” rarely get pregnant because “the female body has ways to try to shut that whole thing down,” in the event of rape. Senators Scott Brown and Ron Johnson have already urged their fellow Republican to withdraw from the race. Senator John Cornyn is asking Akin to »

America’s national security takes a back seat to Obama’s political survival

Featured image Even in the face of a plea from Nancy Pelosi, President Obama insisted on subordinating the defense needs of the United States to his reelection efforts. This is an under-reported lesson from Glenn Thrush’s new e-book, Obama’s Last Stand. According to Thrush: In mid-2012, the House minority leader Nancy Pelosi, requested a sit-down to ask Obama to reconsider the billions of defense cuts that would kick in automatically as part »

E.J. Dionne’s idea of a serious budget plan

Featured image Yesterday’s edition of Meet The Press featured the following exchange between Washington Post columnist E.J. Dionne and Ted Cruz, the Republican candidate for the U.S. Senate out of Texas: MR. DIONNE: I was just going to say President Obama put a plan on the table that would balance the budget in 12 years, which is quicker than the Ryan budget. I’m a liberal. I didn’t even agree with all–everything that »

The choice, Part Two

Featured image The stark choice between the competing visions presented in this year’s presidential election manifests itself most plainly in the Medicare debate. President Obama wants to rely on the federal government to impose price controls and other forms of micromanagement to contain costs while delivering good service. The Romney-Ryan ticket wants to rely on a more traditionally American mechanism – competition. The Romney-Ryan approach is already proving its efficacy in the »

Mia Love wows MSNBC

Featured image Mia Love is one of “The Power Line Pick Six” that you see featured on the right side of our home page. Love is a deeply conservative candidate with a great life story. Born in Brooklyn to parents who immigrated to the U.S. from Haiti, she became a Mormon, moved to Utah, and eventually was elected mayor of Saratoga Springs, a town of about 18,000. She now bids for election »