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Romney attacked for not responding to throwaway comment accusing Obama of treason

Featured image The left’s latest talking point against Mitt Romney stems from an incident today during a town hall type meeting. A woman asked Romney what he would do to restore the proper constitutional balance between the three branches of government. During her question, in an aside directed at something someone near her uttered, the woman said she agreed that Obama should be tried for treason. Romney proceeded to answer the question »

Who’s “old school”?

Featured image Washington, D.C. has been off of the baseball map since 1969, the year Ted Williams took over as manager of the Washington Senators and led the club to its first winning season in 17 years. Washington literally fell off the map three years later, when the Senators left for Texas. Although baseball returned in 2005 with the Washington Nationals, that team has been nothing to write home, or even to »

Obama’s surge — not good enough for government work

Featured image Congressional Democrats and their Republican counterparts don’t agree about much these days, but there is bipartisan consensus when it comes to the results of President Obama’s Afghan policy. After visiting Afghanistan on a fact-finding mission last week, Democrat Sen. Dianne Feinstein and Republican Rep. Mike Rogers – leaders of the Senate and House intelligence committees, respectively – both concluded that the Taliban has grown stronger since Obama sent 33,000 troops »

But Sir, we are the usual suspects

Featured image There’s nothing new about stories on lawlessness on the West Bank, but this one from the Jerusalem Post caught my eye. Last week, gunmen opened fire on the home of the governor of Jenin. The governor was not hit by any of the shots, but he died of a massive heart attack shortly after the incident. In response, Mahmoud Abbas, president of the Palestinian Authority, ordered a massive security operation »

Sarkozy defeated; Socialist elected

Featured image As expected, Socialist Francois Hollande has defeated incumbent president Nicloas Sarkozy. With half the vote counted, Holland leads 51-49. French polling agencies project that Hollande will end up capturing between 52 and 53 percent of the final vote. With so many factors working against him — above all, the economy — Sarkozy ended up running fairly well. But France nonetheless will be saddled with a Socialist president and, by most »

Obama’s foreign policy — good enough for government work? Part Two

Featured image In the first part of this series, I examined the Obama administration’s policy towards Pakistan, arguing that the president got Pakistan wrong. His policy was predicated on making Pakistan a full-fledged ally in the war in Afghanistan. Pakistan played on this aspiration to secure aid, but was never really our ally. In this post, I will consider the opposite side of this coin – Obama administration policy towards India, Pakistan’s »

The outlook for the House

Featured image So, are the Democrats going to recapture the House this year? According to Politico, it depends on whom you believe. If you believe “the media,” then the Republican House majority “is on a razor’s edge or the tide is turning in favor of the Democrats.” But if you believe “the political class,” then the Democrats probably can’t win back the House in this election. I’m inclined to believe David Wasserman, »

The left is on the rise in France and England

Featured image France is poised to elect Socialist Francois Hollande as its president this weekend. The latest blow to incumbent Nicolas Sarkozy occurred when centrist Francois Bayrou, the fourth place finisher in the first round, announced that he would vote for Hollande. Bayrou said he would do so despite his opposition to Hollande’s pledge to back out of an EU agreement binding France to reduce its deficit. The centrist leader cited Sarkozy’s »

Santorum offers Romney advice he is unlikely to follow

Featured image Mitt Romney met with Rick Santorum today. Reportedly, Santorum urged Romney to focus his campaign message on economic and family issues. This, of course, is what Santorum did during his campaign. And his ability to tie together the two issues – economics and the family – gave the Santorum campaign seriousness and depth that Romney’s lacked. Better than any politician I can remember, Santorum was able to explain the relationship »

What’s up in Virginia?

Featured image A brand new Washington Post poll has President Obama leading Mitt Romney by 7 points, 51 percent to 44 percent. The margin of error is plus or minus 4 points. The Post’s results make little sense. Obama carried the state in 2008 by 6.3 points. That year, according to the Post, independent voters divided evenly. In the Post’s poll, they now favor Obama by 10 points (51-41). Is Obama really »

Mitt Romney, Rick Santorum, and the conservative imagination, Part Two

Featured image In Part One of this series I argued that, in no small measure, Mitt Romney owes his status as his Party’s nominee-to-be to good fortune. His good fortune included the unwillingness of half a dozen or more high-profile and potentially formidable Republicans to enter the race and the inability of Rick Perry, who answered to that description and did enter, to present himself as a credible candidate. In addition, I »

Poll shows Obama even (at best) in Florida and Ohio

Featured image The Obama campaign will take little encouragement from a new Quinnipiac University Polling Institute survey of three so-called swing states. The poll shows President Obama and Mitt Romney essentially tied in Ohio and Florida, with Obama 8 points ahead in Pennsylvania. The numbers are: Florida: Obama 43, Romney 44 Ohio: Obama 44, Romney 42 Pennsylvania: Obama 47, Romney 39 In late March, the same polling organization had Obama leading by »

Latest Senate race polls

Featured image Four new polls from three Senate races present mixed, but mostly good news for Republicans. First, a Rasmussen poll of the Nevada race shows Republican Sen. Dean Heller with an 11 point lead over Democratic Rep. Shelley Barkley. Previous polls had suggested a somewhat closer race. But the Nevada seat currently is held by Heller, who was appointed to replace Republican John Ensign, and few expect the Dems to pick »

Obama’s foreign policy — good enough for government work?

Featured image The conventional wisdom is that President Obama has the advantage in this year’s presidential campaign when it comes to foreign policy. I agree. His signature accomplishments — the killing of bin Laden, the end of our military involvement in Iraq, and the promise to wind down our involvement in Afghanistan — are likely to be deemed good enough for government work. But then, so was Bill Clinton’s foreign policy, until »

Dissident Chen leaves U.S. Embassy; China promises to be nice to him — Part Two

Featured image The story of Ghuangchek Chen, the blind activist who took refuge in the U.S. embassy, seems to have taken another turn. This morning, the story, as reported by the MSM, was that Chen had left the Embassy after he and the U.S. received assurances that, as I put, China would be nice to Chen. Specifically, Chen would relocate to another part of China, enter law school, and be treated like »

Holder’s politicized Justice Department strikes again

Featured image The U.S. Department of Justice has unveiled a broad probe into complaints that authorities haven’t been aggressive enough in investigating sexual assault reports in Missoula, Montana. The investigation includes a review of the handling of sexual assault and harassment reports at the University of Montana at Missoula, where at least 11 student-related sex assault cases have surfaced in recent months. Bill Otis, at Crime and Consequences, argues that the Holder »

Le Pen declines to back Sarkozy

Featured image As expected, Marine Le Pen has declined to endorse Nicolas Sarkozy for president in Sunday’s run-off election. Her decision is probably the final nail in Sarkozy’s electoral coffin. Le Pen finished a strong third in the preliminary election, and support from her right-leaning voters is crucial to Sarkozy’s hopes of defeating Socialist Party candidate Francois Hollande. Some have estimated that Sarkozy needs 80 percent of Le Pen’s vote. But polls »