The New Yorker Becomes The Onion

Featured image Oh, good grief. The New Yorker is trying to give the New York Times a run for its money as the most pathetic attempt to put The Onion out of business: Why a Climate Deal Is the Best Hope for Peace By Jason Box and Naomi Klein . . . The connection between warming temperatures and the cycle of Syrian violence is, by now, uncontroversial. As Secretary of State John Kerry said »

Annals of inanity

Featured image As President Obama enters the stretch run on his second term, he is dedicating himself to sealing his reputation as the worst president in American history. He long ago blew by President Carter. He’s blowing by President Buchanan. He’s taken the lead and he’s putting distance between himself and the rest of the field. Yesterday he deepened his hold on the laughingstock element of his performance in office. How to »

Forget ISIS: Climate Change Caused Hitler!

Featured image Good news for John Kerry and Bernie Sanders. It turns out that global warming caused Hitler and Nazism! Since I’ve already done my “Hitler Learns About. . .” video for this month, I’ll just have to throw to Steven Goddard’s Real Science, which dug up this gem from the Mason City Gazette in 1941: Goddard has more at the link above, including how the CIA in the 1970s said global »

Climate Update: Ocean Death Exaggerated?

Featured image We take time out from our coverage of the meltdown on college campuses to check in with the meltdown of the climatistas’ thermageddon scenarios. This week’s New Scientist magazine covers a new study published recently in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences that calls into doubt the familiar thesis that ocean acidification from human CO2 emissions will kill coral reefs: Acidic water may be a sign of healthy »

Piketty Has a Good Idea

Featured image Joke: What do you call someone obsessed with income inequality? “Nit-Piketty.” (Insert rim shot here.) But seriously folks, as we all know French neo-socialist economist Thomas Piketty electrified the left with his Capital in the 21st Century, which indeed seemed hard to distinguish in substance from Capital in the 19th Century, perhaps better known in the original German (Das Kapital). Right now, however, Piketty has an idea I rather like—with »

Power Line’s Guide to the Paris Climate Talks (1)

Featured image As previously promised (or threatened), we’ll be all over the UN climate talks starting in Paris in a few weeks. Already it is possible to predict that the near-certain climate agreement will be a substantive farce, but will be hailed as a planet-saving breakthrough. It will follow the familiar script we’ve seen in every previous UN climate summit stretching all the way back to Kyoto: hard bargaining, deadlock, all-night talks, »

China Lies, Tom Friedman Hardest Hit

Featured image Further to our item yesterday about how China has consistently underreported its coal use and carbon dioxide emissions, a sharp-eyed reader reminds me of this 2009 Tom Friedman column, expressing his prototypical “China-Is-Awesome” envy of authoritarianism: One-party autocracy certainly has its drawbacks. But when it is led by a reasonably enlightened group of people, as China is today, it can also have great advantages. That one party can just impose »

Ridley Rules

Featured image Matt Ridley has a new book out, The Evolution of Everything: How New Ideas Emerge, that should definitely go on your reading pile. (The Wall Street Journal carried an excellent review of the book yesterday, which you can access here.) Today, however, our friends at the Global Warming Policy Foundation in Britain are releasing a new essay by Matt entitled “The Climate Wars and the Damage to Science” (PDF link). »

#Climatefail, China Edition

Featured image Remember a while back when Obama came back from China with a bilateral climate agreement in which China would cap its greenhouse gas emissions by . . . 2030? Never mind that China’s GHG emissions would double during that period—such is the desperation of the climatistas for glittering pieces of paper that they gushed about how the planet was now saved, because China is finally on board! The New York »

You Can’t Make Love When It’s Warm Out

Featured image Climate alarmists are constantly trying to hector the rest of us into…something. Agreeing to be poor, I guess, just so they will leave us alone. Now the National Bureau of Economic Research has come up with the ultimate threat: global warming will cause a disastrous population decline in the developed world, because people don’t make love when it’s too warm. Specifically, the NBER study claims that for every day above »

Latest Chapter in Climate McCarthyism

Featured image The climatistas are entering their desperado phase, with calls to suppress all deviations from green orthodoxy. We saw recently the ludicrous call for a RICO investigation of climate skeptics, and the more recent charge that Exxon “suppressed” early findings about global warming (nicely debunked today by SeekingAlpha). Now comes Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse calling for the speech of climate skeptics to be suppressed because it is “fraudulent,” that is, it disagrees »

The Climate Iceman Cometh

Featured image We hear a lot about melting glaciers and ice loss in Greenland and the Arctic (which may also be “pausing” at the moment), but less about Antarctica, perhaps because the news is less convenient to The Narrative. This from NASA three days ago: NASA Study: Mass Gains of Antarctic Ice Sheet Greater than Losses A new NASA study says that an increase in Antarctic snow accumulation that began 10,000 years »

Climate: The Road to Paris

Featured image The world will gather in Paris at the end of this month to attempt to craft a successor climate change treaty to the failed Kyoto Protocol that expires in 2020. We’ll have a lot to say about this as it gets under way, but for now, get a load of Article 11 of the draft treaty that has been under discussion in Bonn, Germany last month. As is usual procedure, »

Today in Liberal Tolerance

Featured image I’m not the first to argue that for the left, the greatest attraction of climate change is the opportunity for authoritarianism it provides. Today’s exhibit is this tweet from a twit over in Britain: Advice for Mr. Rendall: Bring it on, bro. Over here in Second Amendment America, you won’t get very far with that program. »

Oenophiles Can Stop Climate Whining

Featured image Two years ago in the estimable City Journal I wrote a short article about the stupidity of the climatistas worrying about how the world’s premier wine regions would be ruined by You Know What. Among other observations, I argued: Might a significantly warmer climate nonetheless make it too hot for grapes in some areas? Even if the climate models turn out to be generally correct (a bad bet at the »

Finally—An Explanation for Al Gore

Featured image The climatistas—or at least Joe Romm of the Center for American Progress—are all abuzz about a brand new study conducted by the Harvard School of Public Health that finds elevated levels of CO2 make us stupider. Finally—an explanation for Al Gore! Anyone who exhales as much hot air as he does is certain to damage his own brain cells. The study is actually focused on establishing the superiority of “sustainable” »

Climate: Throwing Uncertainty for a Loop?

Featured image Climate realists are routinely charged with bad faith or worse for pointing to uncertainties in climate science, and especially the computer climate models on which predictions of future warming are based. Right now I’m picking myself up off the floor over a piece on a few days ago by David Roberts about climate modeling uncertainty “loops.” Floored—because Roberts is a deep green climatista who coined the term “climate hawks” »