Amherst’s disgrace

It could have been any elite institution of American higher education that disgraced itself by a faculty boycott of Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia when he spoke on campus. But it was Amherst College, alma mater of Meg Scalia ’02. Peter Robinson quotes Meg Scalia’s letter to the college newspaper:

My father, who is one of the most conservative figures in government, chose to send me to Amherst to be taught by some of the greatest minds in the country. I took classes with four of the protesting professors. Would a man who is opposed [to quote a statement by the boycotting professors] to the “liberal ideals of constructive disagreement and debate” send his daughter to a school well known for its liberal leanings? Absolutely not. My parents encouraged me to go to Amherst, where I would be challenged academically, and where my conservative views would also be challenged. It is a shame that when my father came to our campus he was unable to enjoy an intellectual debate with the very people he respected enough to teach his own daughter.


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