The hour is getting late

Mario Loyola focuses attention on what he calls “the southern front in the War on Terror.” Running through Latin America’s institutions of state, the front is cracking under the combined assault of political revolution, Islamist terrorism and the world’s most heavily armed drug cartels. Loyola takes a dire view of the regional trend:

On Colombia’s frontiers, the radical “Bolivarian” governments of Venezuela, Ecuador, and Bolivia have embraced Iran, and are in league both with revolutionary terrorist movements such as the FARC and with drug traffickers. In the Caribbean zone, states are drowning in a tidal wave of drug- and weapons-smuggling — and increased extremism among its Muslim immigrant communities. In Mexico, massive drug cartels compete for control of the drug trade, deploying dizzying numbers of heavily armed paramilitaries.

Loyola focuses in particular on what may be “the most dangerous development of the last decade,” which is the alliance between Venezuela and Iran. It is an alliance that has received amazingly little attention in the United States, though Loyoloa gives it its due in “All along the watchtower.”


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