Wall of Shame

That’s where we put the names of House members who voted for Nancy Pelosi’s silly, unconstitutional 90% tax on the AIG bonuses. The measure passed, 328-93, with Democrats frantically seeking cover against voter wrath. It’s sad to see any Republicans going along with the Democrats’ Know-Nothingism, but, by a bare 87-85 margin Republicans opposed the Dems’ stunt. I’m glad to see that conservative stalwarts, including John Kline, John Shadegg and Michele Bachmann, generally voted “no.”

Pelosi’s tax will never become law; it will die quietly at some point. Its only purpose is as a cheap PR stunt to deflect public anger–mostly misplaced, in my view, to the extent that it focuses on the AIG bonuses rather than the multiple, trillion dollar disasters the Democrats have perpetrated or are planning.


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