The Democrats’ Koch Obsession Hits A New Low

I have been marveling at the level of hysteria, loathing and fear manifested in the Democratic Party’s fundraising emails, of which I get several every day. (I can only imagine how many actual Democrats receive.) To say that their tone is both low-class and panic-stricken would be an understatement. This one, received today from Adam Broder, Research Director of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, is a classic:

John —

The Republicans are in all-out attack mode against President Obama this week. No surprise.

But here’s what you should know: They’re pulling out all the stops to fire up their right-wing donors because Friday is the most important fundraising deadline yet.

Big Oil billionaire David Koch was even given access to the convention floor yesterday!

I have said before that liberals blurt out references to the Koch brothers at random intervals, as though they suffer from Tourette’s Syndrome. But this is even dumber than usual, or else more mendacious than usual; take your pick.

Research Director Broder needs to do a little more research: David Koch is a delegate to the convention from the State of New York. So of course he was “given access to the convention floor yesterday,” along with all of the other delegates.

Could the Democratic Party be any more pathetic? It continues to define itself as the party of the stupid and the utterly clueless.


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