The American Mind with Bill Bennett

The Claremont Institute’s American Mind series with host Charles Kesler kicks off in earnest this week with an interview of Bill Bennett. The American Mind seeks to deliver the insights, ideas, and perspectives of our brightest conservative thinkers, writers and political philosophers, in a monthly series of intimate conversations hosted by Charles Kesler, editor of The Claremont Review of Books.

The Bennett interview was recorded during the GOP presidential primaries, so it may sound dated. The subject under discussion remains of interest however: Could Ronald Reagan have emerged from the 2012 primary process? (I certainly have my doubts.) By arrangement with the Claremont Institute we will post the entire interview next Wednesday, on January 23. In the meantime, here is part 1.

Part 1 is also posted here, accessible following the easy registration process. Once there you will find recommended reading for further study. The recommended reading for part 1 is Steve Hayward’s CRB essay “How Reagan became Reagan,” subsequently expanded into Steve’s book Greatness: Reagan, Churchill, and the Making of Extraordinary Leaders.