Rush celebrates 30 years and takes a call [with comment by Paul]

Featured image I have learned much from listening to Rush Limbaugh to the extent that I have been able to catch his great radio show over the years. He is a man of great perception and insight that he communicates in the style of a born teacher. I have loved his show from the first time I caught it during the Clarence Thomas confirmation ordeal in 1991. Today Rush celebrates the thirtieth »

George Will’s misguided case for voting against the GOP this year

Featured image What is American conservatism? Is it an attitude, an aesthetic and/or sensibility, an approach to living? Or is it a set of policy preferences — limited government interference in our lives, lower taxes, judges who don’t invent rights, a strong military, etc.? For me it is both. But one’s opinion as to which of these strands predominates will likely determine one’s view of President Trump. Conservatives who view conservatism as »

Salute to Charles K

Featured image Scott has noted the sad news from Charles Krauthammer, which comes hard on the shocking earlier news of the morning of the apparent suicide of Anthony Bourdain. I had heard that Charles’s recovery from surgery several months ago was going poorly, and that the prognosis was not good. But as he explained in his note today, he’s had an amazing full life, and I know he has confided to close »

Charles Krauthammer: My fight is over

Featured image Charles Krauthammer has announced his imminent death. FOX News reports the story here. It is with great sadness that we note his statement today: I have been uncharacteristically silent these past ten months. I had thought that silence would soon be coming to an end, but I’m afraid I must tell you now that fate has decided on a different course for me. In August of last year, I underwent »

“Stürm das Cockpit, oder du stirbst!”

Featured image I have stumbled across the funniest thing I’ve read in a long while, and the fact that I don’t read much German makes it all the better. The German newspaper Zeit had an article last week explaining how Donald Trump should be understood as an epigone of Leo Strauss. All I can say is they’re a little late to the party, because that’s what the paranoid left said about George »

Jonah’s Suicide Hotline, and All That Stuff

Featured image (Dear reader—Fair warning: this is a long post, so best to settle in on the couch and make sure your dogs have completed their morning walks . . .) Okay class, everyone settle in for today’s seminar and get out your textbook, Jonah Goldberg’s Suicide of the West.  Turn to page 316, and circle this sentence: “Indeed, as much as I hold Trump in contempt, I am still compelled to »

NBC News swings, hits self

Featured image What is it with NBC News? If you thought they’d hit rock bottom, you may have to revisit the question with a look at national reporter Heidi Przybyla’s piece on the Gatestone Institute last month: “John Bolton presided over anti-Muslim think tank.” This is an old-fashioned hit piece. The headline reveals the true object of the hit. John Bolton drives the left absolutely nuts. He has their number and he »

Candace Owens unexpurgated

Featured image Candace Owens came to town on Tuesday to speak before a packed audience in the ballroom of the Marriott City Center in downtown Minneapolis. The event was sponsored by the Center of the American Experiment, the conservative Minnesota think tank of which John is the president. The center writes: “We loved the way she thinks way before Kanye West, and we certainly love her more after Candace Owens inspired a »

A Day With Candace Owens

Featured image In the last two weeks, Candace Owens has exploded onto the political scene. Beginning with Kanye West’s famous tweet, her life has been a whirlwind of television and radio appearances and speeches. The Left is attacking her viciously, while some on the right view her as a potential savior. Candace spent yesterday in Minnesota. As Scott described here, she spoke at a lunch forum for Center of the American Experiment, »

Candace Owens comes to town [updated]

Featured image The Center of the American Experiment hosted Candace Owens at the Marriott City Center over lunch this afternoon in the hotel’s packed ballroom with 550 guests in attendance. Congratulations are in order to John and his gang at the center. It was a spectacular and spectacularly successful event. Candace is a powerful speaker. She is an inspirational figure. She is young and beautiful. She displayed poise and easy eloquence in »

Study Confirms “Green” Hypocrisy

Featured image In a finding that surprises, probably, no one, a new survey shows that the more a person claims to be concerned about global warming, the less likely he is to behave in environmentally friendly ways: Participants in a year-long study who doubted the scientific consensus on the issue “opposed policy solutions,” but at the same time, they “were most likely to report engaging in individual-level, pro-environmental behaviors,” writes a research »

Chance the Rapper Weighs In

Featured image Candace Owens may have lit the fire that burns down the liberal order. Hyperbolic? No doubt. But one of America’s most respected conservatives emailed a couple of days ago: I think we have all had a big boost in our struggles by Kanye West’s outreach to Candace Owens (I see that John has already invited Candace to Minnesota – a big coup!). Because of West’s influence in the culture and »

Lessons from the Kevin Williamson affair

Featured image Scott has written about the firing of Kevin Williamson by Atlantic. Jeffrey Goldberg, Atlantic’s editor fired Williamson for having expressed the opinion that women (though not all of them) who get abortions should be hanged. In my view, this position, if not beyond the pale, is near the pale’s boundary. However, as Scott pointed out, Williamson had taken it before Atlantic hired him, and Goldberg knew this. Moreover, virtually all »

The Goldberg variations on Kevin Williamson

Featured image Atlantic editor Jeffrey Goldberg hired the brilliant conservative writer Kevin Williamson away from National Review two weeks ago. At work this week Williamson published his first Atlantic column, “The passing of the libertarian moment.” It also proved to be his last Atlantic column. Was it something he said? Well, sort of, but not in the column. He was fired for previously expressed views advocating the propriety of treating abortion as »

A Demurral from Jay

Featured image Jay Nordlinger writes in to demur from my characterization Monday of him and Mona Charen as ” Never Trumpers,” and I’m happy he has agreed to let me post up his full comment here. For my own part, I described myself through the campaign as “Anti-Trump,” which may not be much of a distinction from “Never Trump,” though today I could call myself, following Richard Epstein, as “Trump a la »

Mona Charen gains a strange new respect

Featured image I have always admired Mona Charen. I continue to admire her even though I don’t agree with her Never Trump position. I admire Mona for speaking out at CPAC against the invitation it issued to Marion Marechal-Le Pen. I admire her for warning a CPAC audience not to look the other way at sexual harassment when conservatives commit it. Now that Mona is a Never Trumper who has spoken out »

CPAC should not have invited Marion Marechal-Le Pen

Featured image John’s CPAC wrap-up post included a discussion of Mona Charen’s contribution to a panel on feminism. I didn’t see the panel (or attend CPAC). However, according to Yuval Levin’s account, Charen criticized CPAC for inviting Marion Marechal Le Pen to speak at the convention. She stated: [T]here was quite an interesting person who was on this stage the other day. Her name is Marion Le Pen. Why was she here? »