If You’re Free On a Saturday Night…

Featured image …tonight, actually…you can tune in at 7 p.m. Central time to see Center of the American Experiment’s Virtual Gala 2020. It will feature a live keynote by Sarah Huckabee Sanders (whose new book is really good, by the way) with audience Q and A. We will also present Governor Kristi Noem of South Dakota with a Courage In Government award. And we will cut away live to a few of »

Nine Days To Go…

Featured image …until Center of the American Experiment’s Virtual Gala 2020. The event kicks off at 7:00 Central time on Saturday, September 19. I will host it; Sarah Sanders will be the featured speaker, including live Q and A, and we will have a special guest appearance by Governor Kristi Noem, to whom the Center is presenting a Courage In Government award. The National Anthem will be sung by 13 year old »


Featured image This music video was uploaded to YouTube on Saturday and already is approaching one million views. The principal performer is “Ricky Rebel.” This is how the video is described on YouTube: On AUG 22, 2020, a violent #BlackLivesMatter mob swarmed the Trump Unity Bridge in Beverly Hills. The Trump Unity Bridge responded to #BLM with a DANCE OFF to their unifying theme song MAGA / YMCA! I don’t think those »

Return of the Log Cabin Republicans

Featured image The Log Cabin Republicans call themselves “the nation’s original and largest organization representing LGBT conservatives and straight allies.” I haven’t noticed much from them lately, but this Twitter video by Christian Walker is good, and is getting a lot of attention. Christian is Herschel Walker’s son: [email protected] has watched BLM burn, loot and murder. Now he has a strong message for the violent leftists destroying our cities and killing patriots »

2020 Virtual Gala: Sign Up Now!

Featured image Each year, Center of the American Experiment holds an Annual Dinner that typically draws around 1,000 people. Such luminaries as Margaret Thatcher, Mikhail Gorbachev and the first President Bush have headlined the event; more recently, Tucker Carlson, Tom Cotton and Candace Owens. This year, we planned the dinner/fundraiser for April, rescheduled it for June on account of COVID, and then again to September 19. I refused to cancel the event, »

Get your hand out of my shower revisited

Featured image Before the advent of the modern environmental movement, National Review founder Bill Buckley used to proclaim with a glint in his eye that a liberal is someone who wants to reach into your shower and adjust the temperature of the water. Man, oh, man, was he right. The liberals’ environmental agenda brought Buckley’s satirical thrust uncomfortably close to reality. See, for example, the Wall Street Journal article “A water fight »

CRB: Border wars

Featured image This is the third of three planned previews of the new (Summer) issue of the Claremont Review of Books. Having reviewed the issue in galley, I selected essays and reviews I thought some Power Line readers would find of interest. With the indulgence of the editors of the CRB, we are extending the preview with a bonus edition tomorrow. Please stay tuned. Today I have two books reviews that I »

COVID and the Death of Common Sense

Featured image Why are so many panicked over the Wuhan flu, a relatively minor disease? Of course, COVID can be deadly, like virtually all diseases, but if you are 25 or under it is less lethal than an average seasonal flu, and it is overwhelmingly the very elderly and infirm who are at risk. So why the hysteria? In part, at least, because most people have a wildly distorted idea of the »

Conservatism Means Sanity

Featured image I agree essentially 100% with Paul’s discussion earlier today of what 21st Century conservatism should stand for. I also would put Paul’s analysis next to this new Trump campaign ad: — Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) August 3, 2020 What is striking to me is that the ad consists of what once were considered platitudes. But in today’s world, it is an ad that no Democratic candidate could endorse, a »

What conservatives should stand for

Featured image It’s not unusual to see articles questioning the Republicans Party’s suitability as a vehicle for conservatives. But this article by David Azerrad questions whether conservatism is a suitable vehicle for the right. I don’t agree with everything in David’s article and I wish he had defined “conservatism” in other than metaphoric and hyperbolic terms. However, I strongly recommend the article, and I mostly agree with passages like this one: The »

A Modest Proposal to Help Drain the Swamp

Featured image Quite a few years ago, one of my law partners was prominent in the Democratic Party. This was the good old days, when most Democrats were mainstream Americans. He wrote an op-ed in the Minneapolis Star Tribune, arguing that we should disperse federal agencies around the country rather than centralizing them in Washington. The Department of Agriculture might be in Des Moines, the FTC in Denver, the FDA in Charleston, »

Thomas Sowell on the madness

Featured image Thomas Sowell just turned 90, but he is still on the case. Indeed, his new book — Charter Schools and Their Enemies — was published on his 90th birthday. Among the many tributes to Sowell at 90 are this one by Steve Hanke and Richard Ebeling at NR (Ebeling has more here), this one by Mark Perry at AEI, and this one by his friend Walter Williams at Jewish World »

Is Disunion In Our Future?

Featured image Until the last few months, the idea of disunion as anything but a historical relic had barely occurred to me. But lately, I have begun to wonder. Is there any basis on which we can share governance of America with people who hate our country and our traditions, institutions, culture and freedoms? Why, exactly, should we want to do so? Is there any set of shared assumptions and values that »

Why so much trouble nominating reliably conservative Justices? Part Two

Featured image In this post from last month, I tried to explain why Republican presidents have far less success nominating reliably conservative Supreme Court Justices than their Democratic counterparts have in nominating liberal ones. The main reason, I said, is that the conservative legal movement in America has multiple strands, not all of which point adherents to a result that can be called, or agreed upon as, conservative. For example, if one »

Check Out One of the GOP’s Brightest Stars

Featured image Earlier today I spent 30 minutes interviewing South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem in a webinar sponsored by Center of the American Experiment. We had more than 2,300 registered for the event, with many more watching on Facebook Live. If you missed it earlier, here it is again. I thought Governor Noem was terrific. As you watch the video, ask yourself: how many better leaders do we have in the U.S. »

Will Kristi Noem Be On the National Ticket in 2024?

Featured image The short answer is: I hope so. One way or another, 2024 will be a vitally important election. If President Trump is re-elected, as I think he probably will be, the presidency will be open in 2024. If Trump loses, a senile Joe Biden will be ripe for the plucking in 2024, assuming he is still alive and functioning by then. It isn’t too early to think about the Republican »

From the Land of the Free

Featured image I’ve been offline for a day or two, visiting family in South Dakota for Independence Day. (Or “Independence” Day as CNN would have it.) We had a big group: three of my kids, a daughter-in-law, two grandchildren, a fiance and a boyfriend. This year, more than ever, it was good to spend the 4th in a land of freedom and unabashed patriotism. South Dakota was in the news, too, with »