Uhlmann’s Conquest

Featured image A week or ten days back we linked to Michael Uhlmann’s speech to the Claremont Institute on “The Struggle Ahead“—the “struggle” being the ongoing political battle to preserve our constitutional order from the predations of the contemporary left that hates the Constitution and its principles. But we were remiss in not including an excerpt from Claremont Institute president Ryan Williams’ introduction of Michael, which offered a summary of some of Michael’s »

The virtue of nationalism

Featured image President Trump came under the usual hyperbolic assaults a few weeks ago for defending the virtue of nationalism. As it happens, Yoram Hazony is the author, most recently, of a new book by that name (i.e., The Virtue of Nationalism). He is a conservative and, I think, one of Israel’s leading public intellectuals. If not the latter, he is certainly one of Israel’s leading lights. Taking up the theme of »

Donald Trump recommends

Featured image Reviewing President Trump’s Twitter feed to check his latest pronouncements on the so-called caravan, I find that he recommends the November 18 installment of Mark Levin’s FOX News show with Victor Davis Hanson. I have embedded video of the show below. Trump noted that Professor Hanson “was a very good and interesting guest” on the show and also recommended his most recent book, The Second World Wars, as well as »

This Week @ Yale

Featured image With all of the holiday commotion I have neglected to put up notice here of my final visit to Yale for this semester, this Tuesday at 4:30, in the same location as before (WLH 207, 100 Wall Street). Sponsored by the William F. Buckley Program, I’ll be giving a lecture on the topic of equality. I’m going to begin with the droll opening line from Peter deVries’s novel The Prick »

The Power Line Show, Ep. 97: Conservative Fight Club!

Featured image Just in time for the weekend, by popular demand (or at least the social media pleadings of show fanboy Seth Root), another special episode of the Power Line Show featuring—me. Now I know what you’re thinking from the title, and you’d be wrong: the first rule of Conservative Fight Club is that you never shut up about Conservative Fight Club! In this recent lecture of my series on conservatism for »

Memo to the Left: You’ll Never Be Sir Roger Scruton Cool

Featured image Up in our Picks section we have Douglas Murray writing about the latest politically correct attacks on Roger Scruton (“That’s SIR Roger, to you, buddy!”—ed.). I had been wanting to write about this myself, since I operate on the general theme that Sir Roger is enjoying a slow but steady vindication in his old age. (He just turned 75, he reminded me when I caught up with him in Washington »

Announcement: Me @ University of San Diego

Featured image For Power Line readers in the San Diego area, have I got the deal for you! And it’s free. Next Tuesday I’ll be delivering the annual Joan E. Bowles-James Madison Distinguished Lecture at the University of San Diego, at 6 pm. And as suggested above, it is free and open to the public. You can get all of the location details and such at this link (which you should pass »

This Week @ Yale

Featured image After the election is over tomorrow, I’ll be returning to Yale for the next installment of my lecture series there for the William F. Buckley Program, this time on the provocative title, “Justice Without Hyphens: The Dead End of Post-Modernism.” Yup, I’m planning to throw down, Jordan Peterson-style. Here’s a sample from the lecture to whet your appetite: It is not easy to get your hands around just what we »


Featured image I have returned from Turning Point USA’s Young Black Leadership Summit, the first part of which I wrote about here, including our visit to the White House. A highlight of the second half of the event was the announcement of “Blexit,” a new project spearheaded by Candace Owens. What is Blexit? BLEXIT is a frequency for those who have released themselves from the political orthodoxy. It is a rebellion led »

At the White House As Trump Addresses the Bomber

Featured image I am in Washington to attend Turning Point USA’s first-ever Young Black Leadership Summit. Today’s highlight was a visit to the White House, where President Trump addressed the group in the East Room. We arrived at the East Entrance to the White House around 9:30, started going through security at 10:00, and were in the White House proper by 10:30 or so. The event was scheduled to begin at 11:00; »

Coming Out Day

Featured image This is National Coming Out Day. I’ve seen a fair amount about it on Instagram. Whatever. But a friend sent me this graphic, which celebrates a more dangerous form of coming out: Coming Out Day also reminds me of this classic YouTube video, which launched Candace Owens’s career as a conservative activist: There has been a lot of coming out lately, some of it prompted by the disgraceful display to »

Fight Back Against Campus Leftism!

Featured image No one who reads this site needs to be told that far leftists dominate America’s college campuses and are warping the minds of a generation of young people. The question is, what can we do about it? On Monday evening, Alan Dershowitz delivered a stirring defense of free speech to an audience of 770 at an event sponsored by my organization, Center of the American Experiment. I wrote about it »

Our Present Discontents, Then and Now

Featured image I’m deep into the weeds of Edmund Burke these days, in part for a recent lecture at Yale (video to come) and a series of seminars I’ll be doing soon on Burke (podcasts to come, I think), but even reading this great judicious man from more than 200 years ago can’t draw me away from our current catastrophic political scene. One of Burke’s famous essays was “Thoughts on Our Present »

Tomorrow @ Yale

Featured image I’m in the midst of a grueling road trip that finds me today in the last place I want to be right now—Washington DC. Fortunately, I get to leave town first thing Thursday morning before the Official Madness Meter gets cranked up to 11. I tweeted a couple days ago that what the Kavanaugh matter needed was more cowbell. We got quite a lot more of it today. Thursday afternoon »

Liberal Presumptions, Take Two (Updated)

Featured image A couple days back I posted a long item about the presumptions of the contemporary liberal mind that act like garish wallpaper—unnoticed by the residents of the house of liberalism, but jarring to anyone else who steps inside. Along the way I referenced Geoffrey Kabaservice’s recent article in Politico on the abysmal ignorance most liberals have of conservative history, and then went on to the main event—Stanford historian Jennifer Burns’s »

Conservatism @ Yale

Featured image Some readers may be aware of the William F. Buckley Jr. Program at Yale, which aims to bring to Bill Buckley’s alma mater a steady diet of conservative content to make up for what is missing in the curriculum. And this year I am giving a ten-part series of lectures and seminars on the general subject of conservatism for the Buckley Program on the Yale campus. I delivered the first »

Rush celebrates 30 years and takes a call [with comment by Paul]

Featured image I have learned much from listening to Rush Limbaugh to the extent that I have been able to catch his great radio show over the years. He is a man of great perception and insight that he communicates in the style of a born teacher. I have loved his show from the first time I caught it during the Clarence Thomas confirmation ordeal in 1991. Today Rush celebrates the thirtieth »