Down With South Dakota!

Featured image Someone named Timothy Noah has a piece in the New Republic–once a respectable magazine, but that was a long time ago–in which he denounces the state of South Dakota as a “moral sewer” and calls for its expulsion from the Union. I think the piece is intended to be sort-of-humorous, but it betrays some of the Left’s current obsessions. The substance of the article is not worth talking about. Noah »

With the Claremont Institute

Featured image My friend Bruce Sanborn was chairman of the Claremont Institute for something like 20 years, if not more. That is a wild guess — Bruce is traveling in Croatia or I would have the exact number for you. Bruce recruited Tom Klingenstein to the board and stepped down upon the accession of Tom to the chairmanship a few years back. Over that approximately 20-year period, Bruce and I attended the »

The New Criterion at 40

Featured image I am a charter subscriber to the New Criterion and vividly remember receiving its original announcement and solicitation to subscribe in 1982. The magazine was to provide a sane appreciation and critique of culture and the arts. It was to be edited by Hilton Kramer and published by Samuel Lipman. I thought such a magazine was badly needed and, given the leadership of Kramer and Lipman, bound to be good. »

The End of Meritocracy?

Featured image The main reason why the United States easily outstripped Europe and Asia in economic growth and cultural influence in the 19th and 20th centuries is that we were a meritocracy. Talent and hard work prevailed over privilege of birth and adherence to established ideologies. Sadly, we have lost that advantage. As we have documented many times on this site, the Left’s war on standards has resulted in a dumbing down »

Who’s Proud To Be An American?

Featured image I don’t know whether these poll data are reproducible, but they are interesting. Most people, first of all, are proud of being Americans. That is a good thing. Conservatives are most proud, but 87% of moderates are proud to be Americans, too. Hispanics are slightly more proud to be Americans than whites, but Asians, for some reason, are less proud in this survey. Maybe it is a fluke, or maybe »

To Boycott Or Not To Boycott

Featured image We wrote here and here about Ben & Jerry’s decision to stop selling ice cream in Judea and Samaria, a rank expression of that company’s anti-Semitism. Now pro-Israel forces are fighting back. Israel National News headlines: “Republicans push back on Ben & Jerry’s following Judea and Samaria boycott.” Rep. Nicole Malliotakis (R-NY) urged Americans to “take a stand” against Ben & Jerry’s following the decision. “I think it’s really important »

Anyone Can Grow Up To Be Governor, Except Larry Elder [Updated]

Featured image Radio talk show host Larry Elder is one of more than 40 candidates who have jumped through the hoops necessary to get on the ballot in California’s upcoming recall election. Only, unlike the others, Elder won’t be on the ballot if California’s Secretary of State gets her way. California recently adopted a statute, apparently aimed at Donald Trump, requiring presidential and gubernatorial candidates to supply five years worth of tax »

What the Hell Happened to Bill Kristol?

Featured image Greetings from Budapest, where I’ll be hanging out a lot at Cafe Roger Scruton at 10 Zoltan Street over the next several days, and giving a lecture for the Danube Institute next Monday evening on the topic, “What Is Going on in America?” If there are any Power Line readers in Budapest, you may still be able to grab a limited seat for the event here. Otherwise you may run »

Patriotism Is Not Dead [with comment by Paul]

Featured image The Left’s campaign to destroy America involves, among other things, making patriotism disreputable. This is one of the main purposes of Critical Race Theory. But somehow, nevertheless, patriotism survives. On July 3, someone started singing the National Anthem in a Texas Walmart. Other customers joined in. Pretty soon the whole store ground to a halt for the Anthem. If you can watch this without tearing up, you are made of »

From the Land of the Free

Featured image We often go to South Dakota for the Fourth of July, in part because fireworks of pretty much all kinds are legal here, and in part to enjoy the general air of patriotism and freedom. We didn’t have any kids with us this year, so we enjoyed others’ fireworks rather than setting off our own. We went for a long boat ride on Lake Kampeska, where I spent summers as »

The soul of Sowell

Featured image David Mikics salutes Thomas Sowell in the outstanding Tablet column “The ‘noble lies’ of the new race politics.” Mikics ranges over some of the leading themes of Sowell’s books on education, race, and culture over the past 50 years to present a brief overview of Sowell’s thought. Sowell turned 91 this week on June 30. Mikics takes the publication of Jason Riley’s new biography of Sowell (see “Talking about Thomas »

Stan Evans’s Six Rules for Political Combat

Featured image Yesterday afternoon I turned in to the publisher the final, completed manuscript for my next book, M. Stanton Evans: Conservative Wit, Apostle of Freedom (pre-order now!), which means I’ll be turning up more frequently here on Power Line. One of the things it will include as an appendix is “Stan’s Six Rules for Political Combat,” and I thought I might as well share them here now, since we’re locked in a »

Back On Twitter, For Better or Worse

Featured image Some readers may remember that I was mysteriously booted off Twitter some months ago. Twitter was never my preferred medium, but I had around 14,000 followers. One day Twitter sent me an email saying that my account had been accessed by someone in Australia who had changed my email address. If you didn’t do that, Twitter’s email to my user name said, click here. I clicked there. The first thing »

Black Lives Matter? Not to BLM [Updated]

Featured image Rashad Turner was one of the founders of the Black Lives Matter chapter in St. Paul, Minnesota. He left that organization when he realized that it did not, in fact, do anything to help black people. He has now become an advocate for school choice, which BLM opposes in lockstep with its establishment patrons. Turner made this powerful video for TakeCharge Minnesota, which was founded by my friend Kendall Qualls: »

Talking about Thomas Sowell

Featured image Jason Riley has just published Maverick: A Biography of Thomas Sowell. Riley is senior fellow of both the Manhattan Institute and the Hoover Institution as well as a weekly columnist for the Wall Street Journal. Yesterday the Journal ran an excerpt of the biography under the headline “The soul of black conservatism.” Hoover’s recent profile of Sowell provides a handy overview of his life and work. It also reminds me »

My Favorite Videos of 2021

Featured image OK, I am in them, so that is not an unbiased assessment. But you may enjoy them anyway. Both were created for American Experiment’s Annual Dinner Gala last Saturday night, featuring Laura Ingraham. The first one is short; it was actually my walk-up video. Be sure to crank the volume up loud: This one is a little more substantial. It recaps some of our achievements of the last few months »

States Moving Against Vaccine Passports

Featured image I am generally in favor of people getting covid vaccinations, and I was vaccinated myself a long time ago. But vaccines aren’t for everyone, and many have worried that either public or private entities may require proof of a covid vaccination in order to travel or participate in other normal activities. So far only one state, New York, has implemented a covid passport system called “Excelsior Pass.” While the phrase »