Kristi Noem at CPAC

Featured image Earlier today, South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem spoke at CPAC. Regular readers know that I am a fan of hers. She grew up on a farm near my home town and has become an intellectual leader of the conservative movement. In a year when pretty much everyone knuckled under to authoritarianism in the face of an alleged emergency, she stood tall for freedom. Under her leadership South Dakota is, I »

Thomas Sowell: Common Sense in a Senseless World

Featured image Steve Hayward posted the new documentary on the life of Thomas Sowell here last month, but it blew right by me. In case you missed it then, I have embedded it below. It has racked up nearly 3.5 million views and more than 8,000 comments since Steve posted it last month. I realized I had missed it when the Hoover Institution’s Greg Stamps wrote this past Friday: “Thomas Sowell: Common »

Bo Snerdley recalls Rush

Featured image I’m quite sure that this is one question that would stump Star Tribune editorial editor and vice president Scott Gillespie as well as editorial cartoonist Steve Sack: “Who is ‘Bo Snerdley’?” You have to have listened to Rush Limbaugh’s show some time in the past 30 years to have any idea who “Bo Snerdley” is. Gillespie and Sack don’t have a clue. Last night Sean Hannity had “Bo Snerdley” (James »

Red States Trounce Blue States

Featured image One of the notable features of 21st century life is that America’s blue states are failing and losing population, while red states are thriving and growing. This is blindingly obvious to anyone who travels around the country, or to those who have seen half of their friends move to Nashville. But today Stephen Moore’s Committee to Unleash Prosperity sent an email that shows the trend graphically: [I]f progressive tax, spend, »

Rush, In Memoriam

Featured image I was pre-recording last night’s Dan Proft Show yesterday morning when we got word of Rush Limbaugh’s death. We were almost finished, but I used the last short segment to pay a spontaneous tribute to Rush’s career and influence. I didn’t say anything that many others haven’t said as well or better, but I thought I would post it for any readers who may be interested in hearing it: »

A word from Rush

Featured image I wrote Rush on the evening of February 3, 2020, the day he had announced his diagnosis of stage IV lung cancer: Rush: I write for Power Line and you kindly responded to my request for information about one of your [2004] segments on Rathergate back when the film Truth came out in 2015. I just dug out your email message responding to my request in order to get your »

Wisdom from Weaver: Is Leftism a Personality Disorder?

Featured image One of the great things about being a conservative is that there is usually an old text that explains the present moment better than it did the time in which is was first written. One of my favorite short axioms is Michael Oakeshott: “The conjunction of dreaming and ruling generates tyranny.” Lately I’ve been reading through some old essays of Richard Weaver, author of the classic Ideas Have Consequences. (I »

Democratic Governors Have Devastated Their States

Featured image Over the past year, there has been a pretty clear divide between liberal governors, who almost without exception imposed irrationally harsh covid lockdown measures, and conservative governors, who generally took a more nuanced and pro-freedom approach. The data are now in, courtesy of the Bureau of Labor Statistics, and they tell a story that cannot be misinterpreted. My colleague Martha Njolomole created these charts. First, job losses in December 2020. »

Should We Cancel the Left?

Featured image At Ace of Spades, Buck Throckmorton has what I think is a brilliant idea: If Monster Tech can aggressively de-platform businesses and individuals for expressing forbidden opinions, then maybe it’s time for skilled tradesmen to respond in kind against the woke left. Leftists despise working class “deplorables” and seek to punish them for all their disapproved habits – you know – God, guns, motorized vehicles, and voting MAGA. Well, the »

Tucker Carlson’s life lessons

Featured image Watching Tucker Carlson’s December 19 speech to the assembled multitude at the Turning Point USA 2020 Student Action Summit in Palm Beach (video below), I thought of Michael Anton’s Claremont Review of Books essay/review “Tucker’s right.” Anton describes Carlson as “the de facto leader of the conservative movement—assuming any such thing can still be said to exist. He didn’t seek the position. I doubt he wants it. He’d probably disclaim »

What Trump gained by delaying coronavirus relief [UPDATED]

Featured image Yesterday, I suggested that President Trump gained nothing by delaying the implementation of the relief in the stimulus bill passed by Congress. However, I did allow that, as a result of his criticism of the bill, it’s possible that Congress will up the stimulus checks from $600 to $2,000. In that case, of course, Trump will have gained something. On reflection (and this should have been obvious to me without »

Rush reflects

Featured image Rush Limbaugh opened his final show of 2020 “by reflecting on what’s important.” Occasioned by the dire prognosis and related treatment he has lived with since early this year, Rush remembered and avowed: There’s something about Christmas, my childhood memories of it, the families getting together and the children making it what it was. My feelings of thankfulness always surface. My feelings of great gratitude always surface at the Christmas »

WaPo’s Drive-By Smear of Turning Point

Featured image The Washington Post takes an interest in conservative organizations like Turning Point USA only when it sees an opportunity to smear them. As Paul noted this morning, the Post took some drive-by shots at Turning Point’s Winter Gala at Mar-a-Lago, which I attended, and its Student Action Summit, which concluded today. The Post didn’t have reporters at these events, of course, and someone who relied on the Post’s story would »

From Mar-a-Lago, a different take

Featured image Yesterday, John sent us greetings from Mar-a-Lago. He was there to attend Turning Point USA’s Winter Gala and Student Action Summit. His report on the gathering is here. Today, the Washington Post reported on the same event. Same gathering, very different take. The Post’s report is under the title, “Young conservatives mingled maskless at Mar-a-Lago and partied with a money cannon.” This summer, BLM activists and others “mingled” maskless, in »

Remembering the conservatives we lost in 2020

Featured image Tevi Troy writes about prominent conservatives who died in the past twelve months. Even taking the pandemic into account, I was surprised by how many conservatives we lost. Here is the list. It’s eclectic. To see what each person on it contributed to conservatism and to America, check out Tevi’s column: Gertrude Himmelfarb (died December 30, 2019) Owen Harries Sir Roger Scruton Rabbi Lord Jonathan Sacks Roger Jepsen Dr. Tom »

Greetings From Mar-a-Lago

Featured image I have been in Florida for the last few days, attending Turning Point USA’s Winter Gala and Student Action Summit. The gala was at Mar-a-Lago, our first visit to Trumpland. It was a beautiful evening: The crowd was large and enthusiastic. We chatted with a lot of interesting people, including a young woman who has been in charge of President Trump’s events–all his rallies, among other things–for the last five »

One “permanent revolution” deserves another

Featured image There’s a cottage industry of liberal analysts who write about the alleged descent of conservatism and/or the Republican Party. Typically, these commentators yearn for the days when “responsible” conservatives like Dwight Eisenhower, or Mitt Romney, or (in some cases) even Ronald Reagan were the face of the Republican Party. We are expected to overlook the fact that these figures were viciously attacked by liberals in their time. I’m not aware »