Fox News trots out Rubio to promote amnesty once again

I have written before about the lack of expression of opposition to the Schumer-Rubio amnesty legislation on leading Fox News programs such as Sean Hannity’s. While amnesty opponents receive little or no air time, Marco Rubio appears fairly regularly with Hannity to field mostly softball questions.

Now comes word that Rubio will appear tonight on a “special edition” of Hannity to field questions from an audience of experts on immigration. Will Rubio really be subjected to tough questioning from opponents of Schumer-Rubio? Or is will the format be rigged to enable Rubio to swat down a few watered-down objections and always get the last word?

We’ll see. But given the fact that, to my knowledge, Rubio has never actually debated anyone on Fox, I fear that this is just another set-up.