The Daily Show in German?

Apparently there is a German version of The Daily Show.  And in this six-minute clip (with subtitles), they beat down on Germany’s green energy madness:

Over at, James Delingpole offers more background:

What I like about it – apart from its sweary joke about kilowatts – is its palpable and honest outrage about Germany’s disastrous state-enforced transition to renewable energy, the so-called Energiewende.

Hitherto one’s instinct towards Germany’s post-Fukushima rejection of nuclear power and the ongoing green energy policy which is crippling its industry has been: well the silly, credulous idiots deserve it. Serves them right for being so green.

But what’s clear from this video is that Germany’s problems are the same as our problems, which is to say that their economic growth and their standards of living are being held hostage by an out-of-touch political class in thrall to a green, activist-driven ideology long past its sell-by date.


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