Energy Policy

Why “Green” Energy Is Impossible

Featured image High on the Left’s agenda is mandating 100% “green” generation of electricity–if not 100% of energy, period. I believe Joe Biden, among others, has now come out for 100% “green” energy, meaning wind and solar. But for now, let’s stick with energy generation. Would it be feasible to get 100% of our electricity from wind and solar? Basic problems with these energy sources include inefficiency and intermittency. Wind turbines produce »

Oil, Toil, and Trouble

Featured image The lockdown, now entering its third month, is starting to do permanent damage to the economy which may take years to overcome. The Wall Street Journal reports this morning about a growing number of manufacturing plants, many of them in the industrial midwest, that have decided to close for good. And there is growing doubt that we’ll have a “v-shaped” recovery even if we reopen the economy soon. One of »

Michael Moore Heresy Watch (2)

Featured image There’s not much new to report on the fuss on the left over the Michael Moore anti-renewable energy film “Planet of the Humans,” but as a public service I just have to share the agony of The Nation magazine, which today published this delicious headline and primal scream: Meet the New Flack for Oil and Gas: Michael Moore Like many of Moore’s fans, I thought, “Cool, how timely!” Trump is »

Michael Moore Heresy Watch (Cont’d)

Featured image The environmentalist freakout about Michael Moore’s new film “Planet of the Humans” continues. The Guardian reports today about demands that the “dangerous” film be “taken down” and suppressed: Planet of the Humans has provoked a furious reaction from scientists and campaigners, however, who have called for it be taken down. Films for Action, an online library of videos, temporarily took down the film after describing it as “full of misinformation”, »

Civil War on the Left: Michael Moore Against the Greens

Featured image As John has already noted, the environmental left (aka, “the left”) is losing its lunch about the new Michael Moore-produced documentary “Planet of the Humans.” I have seen the the whole thing, and you might want to take it in, too, if you have 90 minutes to spare. If not, I have prepared a 10-minute highlight reel below that has a few (but only a very few!) of the best »

Green Brownshirts Strike at Michael Moore

Featured image Left-wing filmmaker Michael Moore has produced a documentary called Planet of the Humans. The film (which I haven’t yet seen) is basically an attack on “green” energy, i.e., wind and solar. Moore comes at the issue from a far-left perspective: Michael Moore presents Planet of the Humans, a documentary that dares to say what no one else will this Earth Day — that we are losing the battle to stop »

The End of Oil? Don’t Bet On It

Featured image Something extraordinary is happening today: the spot price of oil appears to have fallen into negative territory—in other words, some producers and suppliers will pay you to take their oil. (Actually what this really represents are the speculators who have to unwind their imminent futures positions, even at a huge loss, because they don’t have enough backyard swimming pool space to take physical delivery of oil. It probably marks a »

A Master Class On the Green New Deal

Featured image What is wrong with the Green New Deal? As they say at InstaPundit, you’re gonna need a bigger blog. But you can learn the basics not only about the Green New Deal, but more broadly about why it would be foolish to rely on wind and solar energy to provide our electricity, by tuning in to American Experiment Policy Fellow Isaac Orr’s Master Class in Public Policy tomorrow, at noon »

The Power Line Show, Ep 179: A Question of Power, with Robert Bryce

Featured image This special mid-week edition offers an alternative to the all-virus/all-the-time coverage currently smothering all other topics right now, this time featuring Robert Bryce talking about his brand new book A Question of Power: Electricity and the Wealth of Nations. The book is a companion to his documentary film Juice: How Electricity Explains the World that will be available on streaming services in June. (For the moment, check out the YouTube trailer »

The Power Line Show, Ep 172: Breaking Down the Oil Price War and the Coronavirus with Mark Mills

Featured image I’m posting this week’s episode a couple days ahead of our usual weekend schedule to keep up with the fast-moving news cycle about the most important story of the week—no, not the coronavirus, but rather the oil price war that broke out last weekend between Saudi Arabia and Russia. The timing may not be purely coincidental, as I discuss with my guest this week, Manhattan Institute senior fellow Mark Mills. »

Strap In: It’s Going to Get Bumpy

Featured image The big news over the weekend was not the coronavirus, contrary to what you might think from watching the news. The most consequential story of the weekend is the oil price war that has broken out between Saudi Arabia and Russia. Saudi Arabia has decided to increase its production and slash its price to punish Russia for not going along with OPEC quotas designed to prop up the price of »

The Overrated Electric Vehicle

Featured image I am told that polling in the Super Tuesday states found climate change to be the number two concern of voters, after health care. Given the massive propaganda barrage to which we have all been subjected, that could be true. Although most of those who profess concern about climate change are not willing to spend any significant amount of their own money to “fight” it. Global warming hysteria is driving, »

Fracking and the Electoral College

Featured image Liberals openly hate the electoral college (and the Senate, but one thing at a time) because it is counter-majoritarian. To which the answer is: Yes, precisely. That’s one of its strongest points. It means a winning presidential candidate has to take in a broader range of local interests if he is to win a constitutional majority, which is superior to a mere numerical majority that may be lopsided in just »

Democrats Determined to Frack Themselves

Featured image When I heard Elizabeth Warren declare some weeks ago that she’d ban all hydraulic fracturing (“fracking”) for oil and natural gas, my immediate reaction was, “Well, there goes Pennsylvania and also any remote chance Democrats might have winning Ohio again.” This issue could even make Colorado interesting, at least for the likely Democratic nominee for Senate, John Hickenlooper, who is a rare pro-oil and gas Democrat. He’ll have to distance »

Is “Green” Energy a Ponzi Scheme?

Featured image It can be, as evidenced by this story: “Bay Area Couple To Be Jailed For Massive Ponzi Scheme Worth $1 Billion.” A Martinez couple who was operating a seemingly legitimate business selling solar generators pleaded guilty Friday to various charges stemming from a Ponzi scheme that netted them $1 billion in fraudulent income — affording them an extremely lavish lifestyle. Ponder that for a moment–$1 billion in fraudulent income. That »

What Do Iran, Chile and France Have In Common?

Featured image Not much, one would think. Except for this: all three governments thought it would be a good idea to significantly increase the price of energy, as the Democratic Party wants to do here in the U.S. The result, in three very different contexts, was the same. Mark Mathis of Clear Energy Alliance explains in this short video: The Democrats ignore this history–like so much other history that they ignore–at their »

Germany’s Green Energy Faceplant

Featured image No sooner do I post an item yesterday about Germany’s pathetic energiewende than the thesis is confirmed today in, of all places, the New York Times! German journalist and Times op-ed contributor Jochen Bittner today writes of “The Tragedy of Germany’s Energy Experiment,” where these familiar-sounding highlights appear: My country has embarked on a unique experiment indeed. The Merkel government has decided to phase out both nuclear power and coal »