Energy Policy

70s Redux

Featured image Europeans are looking forward to a cold, dark winter. Natural gas is scarce and expensive, and the “green” energy in which European countries have invested many billions of dollars can’t produce reliable electricity. So panic is starting to set in. The Telegraph reports from the U.K.: There is no question that Europe is gripped by an energy crisis as severe as any it has faced since the 1970s, and that »

Democrats’ “Clean Electricity Performance Program” Is a Fiscal Disaster

Featured image The Democrats’ $3.5 trillion spending spree is, in large part, about transforming America into a “green” nation. The centerpiece is the Clean Electricity Performance Program, which would require electricity providers to increase the amount of carbon-dioxide-free electricity sold on their systems by 4 percent every year, or pay penalties. The Democrats’ bill includes $150 billion that is earmarked to cover the cost of CEPP through 2031. (As part of the »

The End of Green Dreams? (Updated)

Featured image Every day brings fresh news of the how the edifice of “green energy” has hit the wall. It turns out that when nations recognize they need more energy, they are all turning to . . . energy that actually works at scale. And yet the Al Gores of the world persist: Al Gore’s $36 Billion Fund Sees New Urgency to Cut Off Oil Money Five years. That’s roughly how much »

The House Does Not Have Many Manchins

Featured image Scott has noted that Sen. Joe Manchin has “named his price point” on the spendapalooza bill: $1.5 trillion. Scott is right that this is still very bad, but it requires the progressives to shrink their wish list by more than half—by a full $2 trillion. I’d love to be a fly on the wall in the House Democratic caucus meetings and sub-meetings right now, because if there is no honor »

Are Electric Vehicles a Joke?

Featured image No, not necessarily. Electric vehicles may be fine cars; Teslas certainly are (while Chevy Volts evidently are not). But the idea that our hundreds of millions of gasoline-powered cars are going to be replaced by EVs within the next century is ridiculous. Where will the electricity come from? There is no sane answer to that question, especially since the only plausible solution–an enormous amount of nuclear power–is off the table. »

CO2: Hero Or Villain?

Featured image As a youth I was taught that carbon dioxide is a wonderful thing. It is necessary for just about all life on Earth, and is fundamental to the photosynthesis that fuels all green plants. Further, there is a symbiosis between animal life–i.e., us–and plant life. Plants absorb CO2 and emit oxygen, while we inhale oxygen and exhale CO2. Do middle school kids still learn such basics of biology and chemistry? »

Will “Green” Energy Destroy Europe?

Featured image One of today’s most important, and weirdly under-reported, news stories is the economic crisis that threatens Great Britain and, more broadly, Europe. Its most striking current manifestation is a food shortage in the U.K. Acute food shortages were feared last night after high gas prices forced most of Britain’s commercial production of carbon dioxide to shut down. Emergency talks were being held between government officials and food producers, retailers and »

Climate Summit in Jeopardy?

Featured image These ought to be the green salad days for the climatistas. They are within an ace of getting a cornucopia of “Green New Deal” spending enacted by Congress, but more importantly corporate America has thrown in the towel, and pledged its fealty to the Climate Catechism of “carbon net-neutrality” by mid-century if not sooner. This includes even major carbon-based energy companies like Exxon-Mobil, who have essentially announced their agreement to »

Ha Ha!

Featured image This is the kind of “well, duh!” headline that sends me to the bar early: Natural gas and electricity markets were already surging in Europe when a fresh catalyst emerged: The wind in the stormy North Sea stopped blowing. The sudden slowdown in wind-driven electricity production off the coast of the U.K. in recent weeks whipsawed through regional energy markets. Gas and coal-fired electricity plants were called in to make »

“Green”: A Slow-Motion Train Wreck

Featured image Around the world, “green” energy is failing with consequences that soon will be catastrophic. From the U.K.: “Ireland freezes power exports to UK as energy costs rocket tenfold.” Shockingly, if you depend on wind energy you are in trouble when the wind stops blowing. Ireland has been forced to freeze power exports to the UK to prevent a shortage which could have sparked blackouts as surging energy prices continue to »

Return of the Hockey Stick?

Featured image Michael Mann’s hockey stick graph, which purported to show that global temperatures hummed along at virtually a flat rate until a recent, unprecedented uptick, has long been discredited as an artifact of either ineptitude or fraud. In fact, global temperatures have varied significantly throughout the Earth’s history, including the last 12,000 years. But the U.N.’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change apparently is trying to bring back the hockey stick. One »

Goodbye to Coal? Not So Fast!

Featured image The obituary of coal as an energy source has been written many times, but rumors of coal’s death are premature, as two stories in the news show. In the U.K., Britain is forced to fire up coal plant amid record power prices and winter squeeze. Like the U.S., Britain has been relying increasingly on wind power. Funny thing about that–it doesn’t work when the wind stops blowing. Energy prices have »

The Disaster of Green Energy

Featured image I didn’t write anything yesterday because my day was taken up with two anti-Green Energy events here in Minnesota. The first was a lunch in Albert Lea, which anti-wind activists drove up to four hours to attend. The second was a cocktail hour program in a Minneapolis suburb attended by more than 250. The speakers were Isaac Orr of Center of the American Experiment and Robert Bryce, one of the »

Wind and Solar Energy Are Environmental Disasters

Featured image It is ironic that wind and solar energy are promoted as “green,” when in fact one of their worst qualities is the damage they do to the environment. Solar panels are manufactured in China using slave labor (Uighurs) and coal-fired power plants for electricity. The irony is heavy. And both wind and solar require vast quantities of minerals and hazardous substances. A fundamental problem with wind and solar is that »

California’s Nuke Follies

Featured image Of all of the endless follies of California these days—I know, it’s hard to enumerate all of them let alone put them in rank order—closing our last nuclear power plant at Diablo Canyon ranks perhaps at the top of the list. It provides more than 10 percent of California’s electricity, and can run 24/7, unlike wind and solar power. As one of the last nuclear power plants built and brought »

Magic Bus

Featured image Speaking of electric vehicles… Possibly the dumbest thing any country could do from an energy standpoint is to promote widespread use of electric vehicles, while simultaneously mandating reliance on wind and solar energy, which work less than half the time. Moreover, governments’ politically-motivated reliance on electric vehicles like buses has been a disaster. This is a typical “green” fiasco: More than two dozen electric Proterra buses first unveiled by the »

California Nightmare

Featured image It wasn’t easy to ruin California, but the Democrats have accomplished it. California’s descent is reflected in the most basic marker of third-world status: it can’t keep the lights on. My colleague Isaac Orr writes: The abject failure of Califonia’s energy policies is becoming more apparent every day. The Golden State has taken the lead in shutting down reliable coal, natural gas and nuclear power plants and jumping feet first »