Energy Policy

California’s Nuke Follies

Featured image Of all of the endless follies of California these days—I know, it’s hard to enumerate all of them let alone put them in rank order—closing our last nuclear power plant at Diablo Canyon ranks perhaps at the top of the list. It provides more than 10 percent of California’s electricity, and can run 24/7, unlike wind and solar power. As one of the last nuclear power plants built and brought »

Magic Bus

Featured image Speaking of electric vehicles… Possibly the dumbest thing any country could do from an energy standpoint is to promote widespread use of electric vehicles, while simultaneously mandating reliance on wind and solar energy, which work less than half the time. Moreover, governments’ politically-motivated reliance on electric vehicles like buses has been a disaster. This is a typical “green” fiasco: More than two dozen electric Proterra buses first unveiled by the »

California Nightmare

Featured image It wasn’t easy to ruin California, but the Democrats have accomplished it. California’s descent is reflected in the most basic marker of third-world status: it can’t keep the lights on. My colleague Isaac Orr writes: The abject failure of Califonia’s energy policies is becoming more apparent every day. The Golden State has taken the lead in shutting down reliable coal, natural gas and nuclear power plants and jumping feet first »

More Evidence of the Uselessness of “Green” Energy

Featured image At, my colleague Isaac Orr deals a double-barreled blow to the fantasy of “green” energy. First, after all of the hype surrounding wind and solar energy, where did Americans actually get their energy in 2020? This chart tells the story: All “renewable” sources together account for only 12% of our energy consumption, but the details make the story even worse: It is very interesting to note that burning wood, »

Tweet War of the Week

Featured image No doubt you have seen the dramatic photos of the oil pipeline that ruptured in the Gulf of Mexico and caught fire, looking like something from an apocalyptic monster movie. In fact I’m still not convinced that we won’t see the Kraken or Godzilla emerge from the burning cauldron at some point. In any case, the pathetic climatistas and other leftist losers jumped all over this, screaming climate change! I guess »

The Fever Dreams of the Climatistas

Featured image Cast your mind back to around 1999 or so. I think it was that year that the Sierra Club declared “suburban sprawl” to be the single great environmental problem facing the United States. What? Not climate change?!?  I thought climate change was armageddon for the planet?!? Well, yes, environmentalists thought that too, but we’d just signed on to the Kyoto Protocol the year before, giving momentum to the entire United »

Time for Enviros to Take Their Lithium

Featured image Lithium has long been used as a treatment for bipolar mental illness, and perhaps there is a connection to the environmental mania for electric cars that depend on huge lithium-ion batteries. Further to John’s post yesterday about electric cars colliding with reality, I pass along this news item today: Batteries exploding in burning abandoned Illinois building CHICAGO (AP) — Lithium batteries exploded loudly overnight inside a burning former paper mill »

Electric Vehicles On Collision Course With Reality

Featured image Some people, not all of them liberals, think that electric vehicles are the wave of the future, part of an inevitable “green” revolution. But the facts suggest otherwise. My friend Robert Bryce testified before a House committee yesterday on the subject of electric vehicles. Robert is one of the country’s most knowledgeable experts on energy, and I encourage you to read his entire testimony. Here are some highlights as summarized »

Blackouts: The New Normal

Featured image The “green” energy boom has devastated America’s electric grid. Americans are used to having reliable electricity, but across the country dispatchable energy sources–coal, nuclear, in some cases natural gas–are being replaced with unreliable sources, i.e. wind and solar. The result is increasing fragility of the grid, which is being manifested in blackouts. First there were rolling blackouts in California. Then a polar vortex led to brownouts in Minnesota, with residents »

Electric Vehicles on Collision Course with Reality

Featured image California’s energy policies are a mess. Ostensibly committed to cutting CO2 emissions, the state shuttered its main nuclear power plant. California has invested massively in wind and solar energy, but since these technologies produce electricity only a minority of the time, California keeps the lights on by importing electricity from other states–electricity that was generated using the reliable sources that California ostensibly eschews. Then we have electric vehicles. Currently, fewer »

Energy Realities

Featured image Like Joe Biden, I didn’t pay attention to the G-7 meeting. (Heh.) Who needed to follow it when you knew that its chief product would be the brave declaration that we’ll all be “carbon-neutral” by 2050. The only thing missing was one of these clowns holding up the piece of paper saying, “I give you [climate] peace in our time.” Let’s check in on some actual energy news: • G7 Nations »

Everyone Hates Wind Turbines

Featured image Wind energy constitutes a farcical scheme that produces electricity in the least efficient way possible–well, to be fair, in many areas solar power is even worse–and impoverishes almost all of us while a tiny minority reap enormous profits. Wind energy is nevertheless beloved by politicians, because politicians prize industries that can’t survive without subsidies and mandates. Why? Because those industries kick back a portion of their profits to the politicians »

Thank You North Face! [Updated]

Featured image I recall reading the news item a while ago about sportswear company North Face refusing to sell custom merchandise to an oil company that wanted to buy jackets and such with their company logo. This didn’t sit well with my pal Chris Wright, founder and CEO of Liberty Oilfield Services, and he hit back with this terrific video out today, reminding us that no matter how far deep the oil »

Not Enough “Green” in Green Energy?

Featured image The business page of the Wall Street Journal yesterday reported one of those minor stories that you might blow past if you don’t stop and ask yourself about curious missing details. Here’s the lede (with the significant bits of half-news in my boldface): US Grid Seeks New Investors After EnCap Pulls Out A short-lived deal by EnCap Investments illustrates the challenges that private-equity firms investing in clean energy can face, »

The Green Fantasy Is a Nightmare

Featured image California is cruising toward a 100% “green” energy future, or so the state’s leaders tell us. But how, exactly, will that objective be brought about? In March of this year, the responsible state agencies issued a plan to achieve 100% carbon dioxide-free electricity by 2045. That is an achievable goal if you use nuclear power. Unfortunately, California is trying to do it with wind and solar. Francis Menton weighs California’s »

Should We Let China Control Our Energy Supply?

Featured image “Green” energy is a terrible idea for many reasons. One of the most fundamental is that it relies on low-intensity, intermittent energy sources like wind and solar, which in practical terms are vastly inferior to fossil fuels or nuclear power, and tries to make these unreliable sources work through the magical medium of batteries. Are there enough batteries in the world to fulfill the dreams of environmentalists? Of course not. »

The Geek in Pictures: Special Energy Fantasy League Edition

Featured image Here’s a great barroom game you can play (well okay, at a nerd bar anyway): what would a “Green Energy Fantasy League” draft look like? How high would the bids go to have Greta Thunberg and Al Gore on your fantasy team? Can Amory Lovins be the Tom Brady of energy hucksters, still able to throw long at his advanced age? With John Kerry in the draft, it would be »