Energy Policy

Britain Goes Into Shutdown Mode

Featured image The energy crisis in Great Britain, and across Europe, continues to deepen. The concept now in the news is “load shedding.” The Telegraph reports: [L]oad-shedding looks likely to become the buzzword of this winter amid warnings that blackouts of the developing world are making their way to Britain. As chaos in energy markets picks up pace and supplies falter, the UK faces a similar crisis of having to choose how »

Today’s Energy Tutorial

Featured image I’ve discovered a wonderful energy data tool,, that offers interactive real-time and historical maps of electricity production and consumption around the world (insofar as data exist, which it doesn’t for China and other key places). Check it out for yourself. I want to draw a contrast between “green energy” Germany and France as of this morning (though use the time-slide in the lower left hand corner of the site »

Europe’s Energy Disaster Worsens

Featured image This is from today’s Telegraph: In the end, it could be even worse than had been feared. Today saw the release of a new forecast for the energy price cap – and it does not make for comfortable reading. Experts predict that the figure will hit more than £4,200 in January [$5,082 for a single month]. In a new dire outlook for households, Cornwall Insight said bills are set to »

Energy Prices Set to Skyrocket

Featured image The Democrats’ Inflation Reduction Act $739 billion boondoggle will have nightmarish consequences for years to come, assuming it is actually implemented. Half of the bill’s total spending, $369 billion, is devoted to energy and climate. This spending, largely devoted to subsidizing wind and solar energy, is intended to hasten an alleged transition from fossil fuels to “green” energy sources. In fact, no such transition is taking place. The gap between »

In Re: The Climate Bill (Part 1)

Featured image I’ll have a lot more to say about the so-called “Inflation Reduction Act” in due course after I finish unpacking and catching up with five weeks of snail-mail and other things in the pile, but as an opening generalization it should be said that by passing massive subsidies for wind and solar power, the U.S. has decided to emulate Germany’s energiewende (“energy revolution”) policy that it adopted 20 years ago. »

“Green” Is Unsustainable

Featured image The administration’s “green” energy proposals, like those that have been adopted in Europe, are leading this country toward an economic, social and strategic disaster. It is hard to think of any set of policies, adopted by any government at any moment in history, that rival our “green” mania for sheer destructiveness. Although, that said, Sri Lanka’s brief commitment to “sustainability” comes to mind. Speaking of sustainability, this piece by Stuart »

Guest Post: Ken Green on the ICE That Just Won’t Melt

Featured image Ken Green returns with his patented snark on electric vehicle hype versus the evil gasoline cars most of us drive: For as long as I’ve been following EHS (Environment, Health, and Safety—the ESG of the last generation) and transportation policy (and that’s a long time, since my first days as a doctoral student/EHS policy analyst at Huge Aircrash Company in the early 1990s), there has been one kind of ICE »

More Evidence of the Pointlessness of Wind and Solar

Featured image This essay by David Stevenson of the Caesar Rodney Institute Center for Energy & Environment appeared in May, but I just ran across it today. It analyzes data from the PJM electrical grid, America’s largest, between 2019 and 2021. This comparison of actual regional grid carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions between 2019 and 2021 shows increased use of wind and solar did not reduce emissions. Wind and solar electric generation are »

When Reality Bites

Featured image I suggest these two news stories are related: Global 2021 coal-fired electricity generation surges to record high LONDON, July 21 (Reuters) – Global coal-fired electricity generators are producing more power than ever before in response to booming electricity demand and the surging price of gas. The world’s coal-fired generators produced a record 10,244 terawatt-hours (TWh) in 2021 surpassing the previous record of 10,098 TWh set in 2018 (“Statistical review of »

Americans Want Oil

Featured image The Biden administration tells us that we are in the midst of a rapid transition from fossil fuels to wind and solar energy, and Pete Buttigieg says he can’t understand why so many Americans haven’t gotten on the bandwagon. This author reminds us of what the Biden administration seems to have forgotten, but many Americans understand: [W]ithout fossil fuel, nothing separates us from the pre-modern era. For 99% of the »

Guest Post: Welcome to Soviet America

Featured image Comrade “Molotov,” whose cocktail game is actually quite weak, returns with his usual slanders to deliver an important history lesson that bears on our summer of possibly widespread electricity shortages and soaring utility rates. When it comes to energy, not only has our ruling class learned nothing from the example of Soviet planning, but their lies to us begin with lies to themselves: Vyacheslav Mikhailovich Molotov, Order of Lenin, reporting »

Breaking Free From China?

Featured image We have been writing for a long time about the fact that transitioning from fossil fuels to wind and solar energy is catastrophically bad policy, not only because those forms of energy are intermittent and therefore inadequate, but also because China dominates the market for wind turbines and solar panels. Going “green” means turning over our economy–our lives–to the Chinese Communist Party. This issue has been a dark secret if »

What Did Socialists Use For Lighting Before Candles?

Featured image How bad is the coming energy shortage in Germany? Deutsche Bank is counting on people to substitute wood burning in their homes for fossil fuels: The German energy crisis has reached the point where Deutsche Bank starts to 'model' (let's call it that) the potential for **gas-to-wood** substitution for heating German households this winter | #NothingToSeeHere #ONGT #GasCrisis — Javier Blas (@JavierBlas) July 13, 2022 Courtesy of Stephen Green, »

Fact-checking: The final frontier

Featured image Last week the Washington Free Beacon’s Collin Anderson reported the sale of a million barrels of oil from our strategic petroleum reserve to Unipec, the trading arm of the China Petrochemical Corporation. Anderson’s story ran under the headline “Biden Sold a Million Barrels From US Strategic Petroleum Reserve to China-Owned Gas Giant,” where it caught the attention of Senator Grassley. Pres Biden reportedly sold oil fr American reserves to China's »

Guest Post: EVs Are Not the Future

Featured image Today’s guest appearance features Kenneth P. Green, my former colleague and frequent writing partner back in our days at AEI over a decade ago. In the intervening years Ken has worked at the Fraser Institute in Canada, and has just lately completed a dazzling manuscript on the problems with all of the models (COVID, climate, you name it) beloved of our policymakers. Podcast listeners may remember him from our episode »

Hauteur with a twist of deceit

Featured image Miranda Devine paused to take in the wisdom of Biden’s National Economic Council Director Brian Deese in her New York Post column this past Sunday: If you had the unpleasant experience this July Fourth weekend of paying close to $5 for a gallon of gas, you can always comfort yourself with the idea that your pain is for a good cause: the “liberal world order.” So said Brian Deese, White »

Green Dreams Dashed

Featured image This essay by a disillusioned environmentalist is one of the best, and most honest, pieces I have seen in a long time. It can’t have been easy to write: “I wasted 20 years of my life chasing utopian energy.” Here are some highlights, but please do read it all: [B]y 2008, I started to see cracks in my beliefs. The Obama administration had earmarked billions of dollars in federal funding »