Borderline personalities

The 1969 movie Z by Costa-Gavras depicts the assassination of a popular Greek politician at a campaign rally and the investigation that followed it. The investigating magistrate serially interrogates buffoonish military officers who describe the assassin jumping out of the crowd, “lithe and fierce, like a tiger.” The identical description provided by each of the officers is a key to the unravelling of the assassination conspiracy in which they were participants.

At the Free Beacon, David Rutz rounds up leading Democrats and collects their testimony on our southern border (video below). They assure us in unison: “The border is secure. It’s more secure than ever. It’s so, so secure.”

The border, of course, is not secure. Today’s reportage on the border crisis includes the Washington Post article “Obama aides were warned of brewing border crisis” and the Jack Kelly column “Why they kids are coming to the border,” neither of which offers any hint of border security.