The Harmonic Convergence of Al Gore and Al Sharpton?

I’m afraid we may have to retire Power Line’s coveted Green Weenie Award. Because after this one, it is unlikely that anyone else could ever measure up. Unless we’re being punked by The Nation, but . . . yeah, if The Nation actually had a sense of satire or real humor, it would indeed be the very first time.

What do the events of Ferguson, Missouri, have to do with climate change? For perfervid paranoid peamind of a Leftist, the answer is everything. That seems to be Naomi Klein’s latest argument. A few weeks ago, the author of This Changes Everything said capitalism was the root cause of global warming (because atmospheric physics is too hard to explain, or something), but scratch that. Now the cause of global warming is . . . racism.  No, really:

What does #BlackLivesMatter, and the unshakable moral principle that it represents, have to do with climate change? Everything. . . The reality of an economic order built on white supremacy is the whispered subtext of our entire response to the climate crisis, and it badly needs to be dragged into the light. . . Thinly veiled notions of racial superiority have informed every aspect of the non-response to climate change so far. Racism is what has made it possible to systematically look away from the climate threat for more than two decades. . . If we refuse to speak frankly about the intersection of race and climate change, we can be sure that racism will continue to inform how the governments of industrialized countries respond to this existential crisis.

Just one more thing to add to the list of things to chat about in the “Conversation” about race we’re always supposed to be having.  I can see it now: Al Gore and Al Sharpton, together at last, to lead the “conversation.” Call their campaign “Al-Squared.” Al to the Power of 2!  Al2?