Down Memory Lane

Featured image This CBS News report from 1982 features a mini-rogues gallery: Dan Rather and Al Gore. It gives a crude account of the greenhouse effect, without mentioning that the greenhouse effect makes life on Earth possible. It is a relatively early version of the false predictions we have been seeing for close to 50 years now: 1982 CBS News report—featuring a 34 year old Al Gore—predicts the "widespread disruption of agriculture", »

Down With Coal?

Featured image The Biden Administration is determined to limit America’s production of fossil fuels, of which we have the largest supply in the world. This will transition us from a position of energy independence, and potentially energy dominance, into a position of subservience to the Chinese Communist Party, on which we will depend for the vast quantities of materials that are needed for wind turbines, solar panels and batteries–which we will not »

Move Over Dan Rather—There’s a Climate Crisis to Save!

Featured image It turns out that Dan Rather isn’t the only beneficiary of revisionist documentaries and feature films that pervert the truth. I somehow missed it, but two years ago a British drama attempted to reverse the narrative of the famous “climategate” scandal of 2009, when a trove of internal emails from the tight-knit circle of scientists clustered around East Anglia University in the UK revealed some serious weaknesses of the standard »

Will More CO2 Warm the Atmosphere?

Featured image There is no doubt about the fact that various gases have a “greenhouse” effect. They trap radiation leaving the Earth’s surface, thus warming the atmosphere. The chief greenhouse gas, by a wide margin, is water vapor. Carbon dioxide and methane are two more minor greenhouse gases. We owe these substances everything: without the greenhouse effect, there would be no life on Earth. The fact that some gases absorb radiation that »

The Climatistas Versus the Hamasniks

Featured image As I have been half-joking for months now, it must be discouraging for the climatistas to turn out to block a road, deface a museum, or commit some other nihilistic act, only to find the pro-Hamas protestors got up earlier and beat you to the bridge or the airport. That will teach the climatistas to sleep in! So the climatistas have had to step up their game, in today’s case, »

Hurricanes Down

Featured image Nowadays, all unfortunate weather events–and even, in some quarters, earthquakes!–are blamed on “climate change.” Reporters who probably don’t know better often recite as a fact that extreme weather events have been increasing as a result of global warming. But it isn’t true. Actually, if anything weather has been getting more benign. Take hurricanes. John Shewchuk undertakes to explain the long-term trend toward less hurricane activity. I am not sure whether »

A Human Right To Be Cool

Featured image The European Court of Human Rights has ruled that Switzerland is liable to its citizens for its alleged failure to do enough about “climate change”: A group of 2,000 Swiss women have won a climate change case against Switzerland at the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR), in a ruling hailed as “monumental” by experts. The court agreed with the KlimaSeniorinnen, or Senior Women for Climate Protection, that the Swiss »

The Best Climate Beatdown of the Year (So Far)

Featured image Watch the president of Guyana, which is developing a huge new oil field (which Venezuela is threatening to invade in order to seize), open up the biggest can of whoop-you-know-what on a smug, supercilious BBC “reporter” (about 2 delicious minutes long): There are few things I enjoy quite as much as watching indoctrinated Western virtue signallers get epically destroyed by people from developing countries who are willing to be honest. »

Sen. Kennedy for the Win (As Usual)

Featured image I came to the conclusion a while ago now that Louisiana Senator John Kennedy may be the greatest Senator since Daniel Webster in terms of oratory and general rhetorical skill. And if I have time I will try to put together a highlight reel of his ritual humiliations of liberal witnesses and nominees in Senate committee hearings. He shreds leftists for breakfast, with no rancor or snark, because he is »

Green Tyranny: Not Misguided, But Evil

Featured image This film, Climate The Movie, directed by Martin Durkin, features a number of the world’s leading experts on “climate change.” It does a good job of laying out some of the basic data that show the scientific falsity of global warming hysteria. If you have been following the issue, most of this material will not be new to you. But the film goes on from there to expose the evil »

John Kerry—GOP Double Agent?

Featured image I think it was Glenn Reynolds who posited that Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is actually a Karl Rove plant inside the Democratic Party, but it seems equally plausible that this is the case for John Kerry. He has always been so pompously preposterous that you can’t take him seriously. And now he says we might “feel better” about Russia and the Ukrainian situation if only Russia would get on board with cutting »

Climate Activists Are Evil

Featured image We are far beyond the point where climate activists could be regarded as misguided but well-meaning. They are evil, pure and simple. Here, climate activists vandalize the United States Constitution display at the National Archives, bleating stupid pronouncements about “rich white men.” You have to go to college to become that dumb: BREAKING: Climate activists just ruined the display of the Constitution in the Rotunda of the National Archives in »

A Bitterly Disappointing Verdict

Featured image Today the jury returned its verdict in the defamation trial of Michael Mann v. Rand Simberg and Mark Steyn. The verdict was disappointing to those of us who followed the case and thought that Michael Mann presented a pathetically inadequate case. The jury actually agreed: it found that the defendants had defamed Mann, but awarded only a token $1 in damages, since Mann had failed to prove any. But it »

The Jury Is Out

Featured image It often happens that jury trials start slowly, then finish with a rush. That happened in the case of Michael Mann v. Mark Steyn and Rand Simberg. Evidence wrapped up rather quickly, and today the lawyers delivered their closing arguments. I assume that jury deliberations will begin tomorrow, as the arguments concluded late in the afternoon. John Williams, an elderly lawyer who is Mann’s senior counsel, argued first. I didn’t »

Free Speech and Arson

Featured image Mark Steyn has been trying the defamation case that Michael Mann brought against him in the D.C. Superior Court for the last three weeks–literally trying it, since Mark is pro se. Yet somehow he found time not only for an update on the trial proceedings, but for commentary on my visit to Washington last week and the firebombing of my organization’s offices a few days earlier. He included in his »


Featured image I have been mostly AWOL the last few days, so I thought that I owe our readers an explanation. My wife and I have been in Washington, D.C. I have had a few meetings of various kinds, but mostly we are here to spend some time in the D.C. Superior Court, observing the trial of Michael Mann v. Mark Steyn and Rand Simberg, finally before a jury after 12 years »

The Daily Chart: How Warm Was It?

Featured image As you have no doubt heard, 2023 was the planet’s hottest year on record (a “record” that only goes back about 150 years, with more and more uncertainty and unreliability the farther back you go). Certain it is accurate to say last year was the hottest since we started measuring more precisely by satellites—starting 45 years ago. One of my gurus on this subject, Dr. Roy Spencer (who helped design »