Nitwit Climatista of the Week

Featured image You may have heard brief mention of a massacre in a Catholic Church a few days ago in Nigeria that killed more than 50 people at latest count. It’s the latest terror attack in Nigeria that appears to have been committed by adherents of that well-known “religion of peace.” The president of Ireland, Michael Higgins, issued a statement deploring the massacre, which he attributed to . . . climate change. »

The madness of slow Joe: Sun king edition

Featured image The mad scientists whom Gulliver discovered in Laputa had an interesting project. They sought to extract sunlight from cucumbers. The mad scientists have nothing on slow Joe, the president of the United States. We are in the middle of a historic rise in the price of gasoline. Prices are rising so fast that, if you didn’t fill up your car yesterday, you’ll be paying more for the privilege today. And »

Climate Risk and Wall Street Meet Cancel Culture

Featured image As we know, the climatistas have enjoyed great success in getting Wall Street (and big business generally) to drink the climate Kool Aid, and to declare climate to be an investment risk that must be quantified somehow. Stuart Kirk, head of “responsible investing” for HSBC, gave a presentation at a Financial Times “Live Moral Money Summit Europe” a few days ago in which he shredded the climatista claim about financial »

Weakening of Warming, or Cooling Trend?

Featured image At Watts Up With That, Fritz Vahrenholt comments on recent temperature and CO2 data: [A] weakening of the warming trend of the last 40 years is apparent. The temperature curve of the satellite-based measurements of the University of Alabama UAH has been oscillating between -0.2 and 0.4 degrees for 20 years and seems to have remained stable since 2015, as shown in the next graph in the enlargement. (Source: woodfortrees). »

The Newest Climate Criminals: Oncologists?

Featured image We may have reached peak climatista absurdity with this article in the Journal of Clinical Oncology: Prescriptions for Mitigating Climate Change–Related Externalities in Cancer Care: A Surgeon’s Perspective Abstract In April 2021, President Biden pledged to drastically reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions by 50% relative to 2005 levels by 2030. This ambitious agenda will inevitably require significant changes across the breadth of the United States economy, including the health care »

Climatistas’ Bank Heist Defeated

Featured image From Climatewire (a subscription service, so no link) today: Climate-concerned investors were drubbed yesterday in their first bid to push Wall Street banks to end financial support for new fossil fuel development. . . Activist shareholder groups filed climate resolutions this year at six of the largest U.S. investment banks. The resolutions call on the firms to back their long-term climate commitments with policies that would ensure they do not »

Where Has All the Arctic Ice Gone?

Featured image American kids are taught in elementary school that Arctic sea ice is melting at an alarming rate and soon will be gone. And it is all our fault, as humans have magically assumed control over the Earth’s ever-changing climate. In fact, the Earth’s climate has always fluctuated rather widely, and we have been living in a relatively cool era by modern, post-Ice Age standards. Global temperatures in recent millennia have »

A case of the Romps

Featured image Berkeley’s David Romps is a professor in the Department of Earth and Planetary Science (“Join us! Become a leading expert on climate change”) and faculty scientist at the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory. I found his performance in response to Steven Koonin’s presentation the state of climate science sponsored by Berkeley’s Nuclear Engineering Department this past Friday to be revealing in its own way. I thought Romps ought to have a »

Koonin suffers Romps

Featured image Several readers kindly directed me to the YouTube video of Professor Steven Koonin’s presentation on the state of climate science sponsored by Berkeley’s Nuclear Engineering Department this past Friday. The video is posted here. The event featuring Koonin’s presentation paired Professor Koonin with Berkeley’s own Professor David Romps. The Nuclear Engineering Department promoted the event and profiled the participants here. Steve Hayward called attention to the event here. The event »

Deep secrets of climate change

Featured image Triggered by Steve Hayward’s fantastic CRB review “Who broke climate science?,” I went looking for a video of Steven Koonin’s presentation on climate science at Berkeley this past Friday. I had no luck finding a video of the Koonin presentation, but I didn’t come away empty-handed. With a little help from my algorithms I found Richard Lindzen’s quick take on “climate change” in the edited 2010 Boston Globe video below. »

Last-Minute Announcement: Steve Koonin at 3 pm Today

Featured image A couple days ago we posted in “Picks” my review (“Who Broke Climate Science“) of Steven Koonin’s terrific recent book Unsettled: What Climate Science Tells Us, What It Doesn’t, and Why It Matters, now out from behind the paywall at the Claremont Review of Books. I have neglected to pass along that Dr. Koonin is speaking today at the Nuclear Physics Lab at UC Berkeley at 3 pm Pacific. It is »

Sea Ice Story Breaking Up?

Featured image If you read into the guts of the periodic voluminous IPCC reports on climate change (and who can actually do this, since they always run several thousand pages), you pick up here and there subtle signs of the scientific community slowly dialing back the catastrophic climate scenarios. The most recent UN report, for example, lowers the probability of the already remote extreme scenario of future emissions (the RCP8.5 forecast, for »

Global Warming, Quantified

Featured image The Left uses global warming hysteria as a pretext to bring about its desired “fundamental transformation” of Western society. Usually lost in the blizzard of dire predictions is hard data about how much the Earth has actually warmed, whether due to CO2 or not. In this regard, the only data that are global, reliable and transparent are the tropospheric satellite measurements that are maintained by the University of Alabama Huntsville. »

Climatistas Officially Declare Themselves Brain Dead

Featured image You know how the left likes to go on and on about how Republicans are “anti-science”? Well sit back and take in this story, which reveals this claim to be another example of leftist projection. Way back in 1993, David Brower, the late “arch-druid” (John McPhee’s phrase) of environmentalism, placed this full page ad in the New York Times: What you can’t read in the small print is that this »

The Climatistas Are Lying Again

Featured image The only thing that could have made President Biden’s State of the Union speech worse is if he had droned on and on about climate change. In fact, as Ben Zycher notes, Biden barely mentioned the subject: the word “climate” was only mentioned twice. True, his two mentions were absurd, such as this one: Second — cut energy costs for families an average of $500 a year by combatting climate »

A Return to Energy Realism?

Featured image It is increasingly obvious to everyone who isn’t an idiot (which excludes John Kerry, most of the Biden Administration, and climatistas everywhere) that our anti-fossil fuel holy war has been foolish in the extreme, and weakened the West’s geopolitical strength as well as our economic vitality. Slowly you can hear the gears grinding toward some changes. Start with France declaring two weeks ago that it will build 14 new nuclear »

We are not a serious country (4)

Featured image Almost-president and former Obama administration Secretary of State John Kerry remains in the employ of the United States as a special envoy of the Biden administration. How special can you get? MEMRI tweeted out the video below in which Kerry applies his perspective to Russia’s rape of Ukraine earlier this week. The New York Post devotes an editorial to Kerry’s deep thoughts and Daniel Turner piles on here. They administer »