Will the earth survive John Kerry?

Featured image Joe Biden has selected John Kerry — old foghorn himself — to be “climate czar”, as some accounts label the job, or “climate envoy”, as other accounts call it. I don’t think the climate will heed a czar. I’m not sure it will even accept an envoy. However, the actual job is perfect for Kerry at one level. As Kevin Williamson says, naming Kerry as the climate envoy is “a »

Today’s Biden Blunder

Featured image News item: Biden intends to name John Kerry to be his “climate czar.” News item: Oil and gas stocks soaring on Wall Street today. Coincidence? I think not! I can think of no greater condign punishment for the International Order of Climatistas than sending Mr. Flower-Power Zipper Pull to their annual gabfests. This is the man who puts the goober in “lugubrious.” I hope and expect that he will take »

Climate Virtue Signaling Falls Short

Featured image Last week we reported on a survey that found climatistas fly more often than other academics/scientists/activists, a result entirely unsurprising to our readership. Today Nature magazine gets around to reporting on the survey, passing along some additionally embarrassing facts that I missed the first time around. The Nature story reports that, yes, indeed climate scientists fly more than other experts, but “make greater effort to offset their emissions.” That sentence »

Loose Ends (116)

Featured image Whole lot of news items today worth brief notice. • The most unsurprising headline of the day, from the Times of London: Climate Experts Fly More Often Than Other Scientists Scientists who specialise in climate change fly more than other researchers, according to a study by Cardiff University that has prompted calls for them “to look in the mirror” before demanding that others cut emissions. . . The difference could »

Fire Fanaticism (2)

Featured image The western fires haven’t gone away yet, and likewise it is too much to hope that the climatistas would give up their narrative that climate change is the dominant factor in increasing fire area and intensity. Herewith a second helping of some facts and data to supplement our previous item on this topic. Start with NASA’S Earth Observatory, which presents data showing that on the global scale wildfires actually declined »

Fire Fanaticism

Featured image Churchill once defined a fanatic as “someone who can’t change his mind and won’t change the subject,” so it was entirely predictable that the climatistas would declare the massive wildfires raging in the west right now are proof that the climate change debate is over. Shut up, they explained. Governor Gruesome Newsom says so, so there! Also the Los Angeles Times today: The real reason for the large fires is the »

Checking in With the Latest Climate Change Estimates

Featured image The poor climate campaign has been having a hard time getting its usual media attention amidst the more immediate panic and media freakout over COVID-19 (which is why CNN enlisted Greta Thunberg for a panel on COVID-19), and the economic cost of the virus shutdown is not helping the greens as a demonstration project of what would occur with their preferred policies that would shrink the world economy in the »

Apocalypse never

Featured image Michael Shellenberger is author of the new book Apocalypse Never: Why Environmental Alarmism Hurts Us All. Quillette excerpted it in “Why I Believe Climate Change Is Not the End of the World.” Last month John Tierney reviewed the book for the Wall Street Journal in “False Gods for Lost Souls.” Tierney writes: [Shellenberger] chronicles environmental progress around the world and crisply debunks myth after gloomy myth. No, we are not »

Climate News Updates

Featured image Despite wanting to ignore the tedious and repetitive subject of climate change (the biggest loser from the COVID-19 crisis, by the way), now and then there is some actual news worthy of note. Here are two items of interest: • Several years back we reported on the preposterous energy claims of Stanford Prof. Mark Jacobson (most of whose Stanford colleagues think him a joke), who claims the U.S. can derive »

Only Six Months to Save the Planet!

Featured image The International Energy Agency says we have only six months left to save the world from global warming: [A]ccording to the head of the International Energy Agency (IEA), we only have six months left to prevent total climate change disaster. “This year is the last time we have, if we are not to see a carbon rebound,” IEA executive director Fatih Birol told the Guardian on Thursday in an article »

Is Antarctica Melting?

Featured image Um…no. But you could be forgiven if you’ve been following the news and have the impression that there will be beach cabanas in Antarctica any day now. For the record, the average annual temperature in the interior of the continent is -70 degrees Fahrenheit. You don’t need to worry about melting; not from ambient temperatures, anyway. This video by Tony Heller sets the record straight on the Left’s latest global »

Plausible Scenarios for Global Warming

Featured image Judith Curry constructs an interesting global warming analysis by beginning with today’s climate as a baseline, and assessing the next 30 years, from 2020 to 2050: In the midst of all the angst about 1.5oC or 2.0oC warming or more, as defined relative to some mythical time when climate was alleged to be ‘stable’ and (relatively) uninfluenced by humans, we lose sight of the fact that we have a better »

Global Warming In a Few Charts

Featured image Climate change hysteria has been dialed up to 11 over the last year or two. Greta Thunberg, the Swedish teenager who knows little or nothing about the subject, apparently will continue being nominated for a Nobel Prize until she wins one. But, hype aside, what is actually going on with the Earth’s climate? Anthony Watts offers seven charts that show the effects of the last decade of alleged global warming. »

Loose Ends (108)

Featured image While we await the vote count to come in from New Hampshire this evening (if it comes in—what are the odds of another vote count mystery?), a few items to keep you busy and out of trouble. • I’ve seen a report on Twitter this morning that Joe Biden has left New Hampshire for South Carolina, which means that he knows he is going to do so poorly that he »

Green Weenie of the Week: Climate Crime Wave?

Featured image I had very nearly retired Power Line’s coveted Green Weenie Award, as the always fierce competition was seemingly ended forever with the arrival of Greta Thunberg. How could anyone possibly compete with that spectacle? Well, there are a lot of greenies who step up every day and boast, “hold my green beer.” One worthy contender is the group of folks who thought solar photovoltaic roads were a good idea. You’d »

Climate Hysterics Wrong Again

Featured image One of the reasons why people don’t believe lavishly funded and media-hyped climate hysterics is that their predictions have consistently been wrong, over a period of decades. This example, via InstaPundit, dates to last June but is still timely. ZeroHedge reports: Glacier National Park Quietly Removes Its “Gone By 2020” Signs. Officials at Glacier National Park (GNP) have begun quietly removing and altering signs and government literature which told visitors »

The Cartoonish Climate Crusade

Featured image For several years now the climatistas have liked to point out that the Pentagon—the military industrial complex!—is down with climate alarmism, issuing a series of reports saying that climate change might be a serious security risk in the future. I always enjoy this celebration, because it is the first time I can remember that the left has embraced with complete credulity something coming out of the Pentagon, which they otherwise »