At the NRI Ideas Summit

Senator Tom Cotton was interviewed by John O’Sullivan at the National Review Institute 2015 Ideas Summit this past Saturday morning. NR has posted the video here. I have embedded the video below.

“You seem to me to be the exact opposite of a professional politician,” O’Sullivan says by way of introduction. The interview opens with the question of Iran and the Cotton letter. To quote Bob Dylan, “the wheel’s still in spin.” At 6:30, O’Sullivan takes up the Corker bill. Unfortunately, a technical glitch in the recording results in the omission of Senator Cotton’s response, though his dissatisfaction with the limitations of the Corker bill is manifest in his comments at 15:00-16:00 and immediately following. O’Sullivan is a good interviewer and, as always, Senator Cotton warrants your attention.

NOTE: At one point O’Sullivan alludes to Senator Cotton’s interview with Walter Russell Mead. The interview took place this past March under the auspices of the Hudson Institute and is posted here.