Speaking of the Iran deal (12) [updated with video]

Prime Minister Netanyahu spoke via live webcast this afternoon about our deal with Iran. I understand that the recorded video will be available later this afternoon. If it is embeddable I will post it here. Please check back later.

The webcast was sponsored by and addressed to supporters of the Jewish Federations of North America. Thousands tuned in. The show got on the road 30 minutes later than scheduled. I found the webcast glitchy. I listened in via cellphone whenever the webcast paused. I deleted the previous version of this post embedding the live webcast because it was so glitchy. My apologies for any inconvenience to readers.

Even though Netanyahu said nothing new in substance, I found the webcast worth waiting for. Netanyahu’s brief remarks responded forcefully to positions asserted by President Obama and administration officials since the final deal was announced. “Only yesterday we were told no deal is better than a bad deal,” Netanyahu said (roughly according to my memory). “Now we are told it’s this bad deal or war.” Netanyahu also made it clear, however, that this bad deal would be highly likely to lead to war.

While waiting for the video, you may want to check out Victor Davis Hanson’s outstanding column on the possibility of Israeli preemptive action. It is the perfect supplement to Netanyahu’s webcast.

UPDATE: The video is below.

Prime Minister Netanyahu’s office has posted the text of his remarks here. The New York Times reports on the webcast here, CNN here, the Jerusalem Post here, and Breitbart here.