Sandy’s crying game explained

Featured image I wrote about the theatrical tears of Sandy Cortez last week in “Don’t cry for me…” Sandy shed tears when she changed her “No” vote to “Present” on the funding for replenishment of Israel’s Iron Dome defensive system. She subsequently issued a statement that proclaimed and explained her meltdown: Yes, I wept. I wept at the complete lack of care for the human beings that are impacted by these decisions, »

Civil War on the Left (78): Iron Dome Edition

Featured image A few days ago “progressive” Democrats the House succeeded in getting the  Appropriations Committee to strip out $1 billion in U.S. funding for Israel’s “Iron Dome” missile defense program, which relies on a lot of U.S.-made technology such that the Iron Dome appropriation is something of an export subsidy, from the continuing resolution to keep the feddie guvmint operating through the end of the year. This did not set well »

The Squad Screws Israel

Featured image The House of Representatives is taking up a continuing resolution to fund the government and increase the federal debt limit pending new permanent spending bills. Far-left Democrats led by Ilhan Omar’s Squad took advantage of the opportunity to deny Israel funding for the Iron Dome program that protects Israeli civilians against terrorist attacks. Per Politico: NEWS: House Democrats are removing the Iron Dome provision from the CR amid pushback from »

Joe Biden’s kind of rabbis

Featured image Fresh off of falsely claiming to have visited the Tree of Life synagogue where a white supremacist gunman massacred Jews, Joe Biden invited seven rabbis to a conference to celebrate Rosh Hashanah. As Daniel Greenfield reports, Biden’s selections, taken as a whole, do not look like the American Jewry, to paraphrase that leftist cliche. Instead, they look like Joe Biden’s leftist political allies. Greenfield writes: Reconstructionists, a secular leftist denomination »

Did Joe Biden nod off while Israel’s prime minister was talking to him?

Featured image A brief video clip (about 22 seconds) of Joe Biden’s joint appearance with Israel’s prime minister is circulating on the internet. It appears to show Biden dozing while Prime Minister Bennett is speaking to him. At the beginning of the clip Bennett is looking directly at Biden. After about eight seconds, he turns away from Biden. Perhaps Bennett thought that Biden had nodded off, so there was no point in »

Ben & Jerry’s: The inside scoop

Featured image Andrew Stiles is not only the Washington Free Beacon’s brilliant humorist, he also has the “scoop” on the latest from the Ben & Jerry’s crew. Stiles serves up the story in “EXCLUSIVE: Ben & Jerry’s Targets Anti-Semite Demographic With Audacious New Ice Cream Flavors.” Subhead: “Left-wing dessert has slaughtered millions through its contributions to the global obesity epidemic.” He reports: The company, which is at least partially responsible for the »

Israel’s ruling coalition splits at first time of asking

Featured image The coalition government that rules Israel is an absurdity. Cobbled together for the sole purpose of ousting Benjamin Netanyahu, it’s led by Naftali Bennett, a hard line anti-Arab, but includes members of an Islamist party. That’s not the only absurdity, but it’s absurd enough. The first real test of the coalition’s adhesion occurred yesterday. At issue was a law that, as I understand it, prevents Arab-Israeli citizens from conferring their »

Israeli Arabs assert their Palestinian identity. . .and join Israel’s government

Featured image When I visited Israel for the first time in 1982, I was told that relations between Jews and Israeli Arab were fairly good. In Haifa, where my father-in-law lived, relations were said to be exemplary. After spending time in Haifa and the surrounding region, it seemed to me that this was true. With the two intifadas, relations deteriorated. By the time my father-in-law died (2003), they weren’t all that good »

Mossad against Iran

Featured image Having just stepped down as head of the Mossad last week, Yossi Cohen sat for an Israeli television interview regarding the agency’s mind-boggling operations against the Islamic Republic of Iran over the past several years. The Times of Israel has posted the story “In stunning, revelatory interview, ex-Mossad chief warns Iran, defends Netanyahu.” I recommend the whole thing to the attention of Power Line readers. That is one impressive intelligence »

The AP wants evidence

Featured image When I wrote yesterday about the meeting of Israel’s US/UN ambassador with AP executives on the destruction of the high-rise Gaza building with tenants including both the AP and Hamas, I had not found the statement AP spokesman Lauren Easton issued following the meeting. Here it is: The Associated Press appreciates the opportunity to meet with Ambassador Erdan to discuss the attack on the building housing our Gaza bureau and »

About the AP’s (former) Gaza office

Featured image I wrote a lot last month about the protestations of the Associated Press when the IDF destroyed the high-rise Gaza office building in which it was holed up with fellow tenants including Hamas. The first post among several was “The AP goes Sgt. Schultz.” AP executives demanded information supporting the IDF’s targeted destruction of the building. Yesterday the IDF issued this announcement: During Operation “Guardians of the Walls” the IDF »

For the children, Times style (2)

Featured image Last week I noted Robert Satloff’s analysis of the May 26 New York Times page-one feature on the Gaza war — “They were only children” As Satloff explained, the Times spread displayed thumbnail photos of “69 youths under 18 years old – 67 Palestinians and two Israelis, one Arab and one Jewish – killed in the 11 days of conflict between Israel and Gaza-based Palestinian terrorist groups Hamas and Palestinian »

It can’t happen here, fortunately

Featured image David Ignatius of the Washington Post thinks the U.S. “could take a lesson from what’s happening in Israel” — namely the formation of a coalition government comprised of leaders holding opposite views on key issues. My view is that if there’s a lesson here, it’s not the one Ignatius draws. The Israeli coalition government has aptly been described as “a car with four different wheels, and every wheel is going »

For the children, Times style

Featured image I’m guessing most Power Line readers missed the May 26 New York Times page-one feature on the Gaza war — “They were only children.” As Robert Satloff writes, the Times spread displayed thumbnail photos of “69 youths under 18 years old – 67 Palestinians and two Israelis, one Arab and one Jewish – killed in the 11 days of conflict between Israel and Gaza-based Palestinian terrorist groups Hamas and Palestinian »

Gazans survey damage, but will they reflect on it?

Featured image On Saturday, the Washington Post chose as its lead story a piece about Gazans surveying the damage caused by Israel’s response to rocket attacks by Hamas. Those rocket attacks were mentioned only in passing. The Post’s headline story wasn’t exactly news. Everyone knows that Gaza was damaged by Israeli strikes. The story’s only purpose was to garner sympathy for Gazans. Indeed, the story was so slanted that it could almost »

Elizabeth Warren gets the Middle East backwards

Featured image Yesterday, Elizabeth Warren tweeted: This ceasefire is good news, but it won’t bring back the hundreds of innocent civilians killed or prevent future violence. The Biden administration must press for a just, lasting two-state agreement, and that starts with taking all appropriate steps to end the occupation. Warren has it backwards. It was Israel’s decision to stop occupying Gaza that led to the deaths of “innocent civilians” there. If Israel »

Biden’s tunnel to Iran

Featured image The Times of Israel reports that “Hamas claims victory as Palestinians celebrate after first night of calm,” and maybe they have a point. Before we take up the point, consider the problem that Israel faced in the hostilities just terminated, however tentatively. The New York Post’s Yaron Steinbuch draws attention to the Israeli military video showing the scope of its airstrikes against Hamas tunnels. Steinbuch links to the video to »