The Super Bowl Ad You Didn’t See

I understand that Jeb Bush ran an ad on the Super Bowl yesterday. If so, I missed it, like much else. I was multitasking. I doubt that the ad will do much to salvage Jeb’s flailing campaign. But when you have lots of money and little popular support, I guess you have to do something. Why not the Super Bowl?

Michael Ramirez offers the Super Bowl ad you didn’t see: what comes from leading from behind. Click to enlarge:


An adage often repeated by Civil War officers was, you can’t lead from behind. That mentality probably seems silly to Barack Obama–after all, a great many of those officers died in battle. The Civil War is ancient history, and leading from behind is so much safer!

Of course, it isn’t actually leading, but that is secondary at best. As Marco Rubio keeps saying, Barack Obama isn’t weakening America by accident. Bringing America down is the whole point of his “fundamental transformation.” He thinks the United States is a fatally flawed country whose influence on the world is malign, and therefore, our weakness is a good thing. As President, he has been uniquely positioned to bring about weakness, retreat and humiliation. He has done an excellent job of executing his strategy and advancing his far-left agenda. As Marco Rubio, among others, keeps pointing out.