The Week in Pictures: Peak Trump Edition?

This will have either been been the week when Donald Trump hit the wall and started a descent from the heights of populist madness—or it will have been the week when he survived the onslaught of the scattered fragments of the GOP non-establishment (because there isn’t one) and coasted to the nomination, in which case we’ll have lots of Trump items for months and/or years to come. But one thing we can say for sure: Chris Christie’s political career is finished.

Trimp Hulk


Super Yugeday Great Wall of Trump

Christie Dog Fat Christie Trumpentum

Trump Christie Gang

Trump Klink

Wormer on Trump

#Free Christie

007 Trump

Trump Big Government

Great Britain Trump Cannon Trump Light Bulb

Crony Trump

Trump Bill

Trump's foreign policy is already working!

Trump’s foreign policy is already working!


Trump Rubio Insults Rubio Sources

Burning Bush

Hillary FBI

Black Votes Matter

Bernie Hillary Difference

Greece Again

Bernie Burglar

Free Sanders Chicken

DiCaprio Yacht Leo Climate 1 Hollywood Science Leo 1 Leo 2 Oscars

77 percent

Scalia Dam

It's a Trump Darth Trump Kerry Trek


And finally . . . yeah, I know, there’s no gun in the pic, but this is the PROSPECTIVE NEXT FIRST LADY OF THE UNITED STATES, so she won’t need any guns, because she’ll have the Secret Service:

Mrs Trump


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