To Flee Donald Trump’s America, You Will Need the Right Documents

The New York Daily News is a viciously left-wing newspaper that carries a special grudge against Donald Trump. It therefore offers its readers a complete guide to fleeing President Trump’s America.

So how does a Trump foe make the big move to more progressive pastures in 2016? And of all the Trump-free countries, which is best for a soon-to-be-expat?

The Daily News rates five top prospects for emigration, beginning with Singapore:

As a bonus, Singapore boasts the No. 1 most efficient health care system in the world, as rated by Bloomberg. The U.S. ranks at No. 44, and could dip even lower with Trump at the helm. The billionaire has long blasted Obamacare and scoffed at government-run health care — even though the system seems to be working out really well for Singapore.

That is, of course, the opposite of the truth, nothing unusual for the Daily News. Trump is an advocate of socialized medicine.

The Daily News caption: "Singapore would make a great getaway after Stupor Tuesday."

The Daily News caption: “Singapore would make a great getaway after Stupor Tuesday.”

But here’s the point: having recommended five countries to move to, the Daily News gets serious for a moment:

Unfortunately, you can’t just pick up everything you own and move across the globe. You’re going to need the right documents.

What?! You do? To move to countries other than the U.S.?

Work visas through a job are likely the most secure option but they’re difficult to obtain. The long process starts with applying for a job in your wannabe home. In most countries, the employers must rule out locals who may be better-suited for the job before extending an offer to foreigners.

Really? Gosh, maybe that’s a policy we should consider!

Most nations require a foreigner to work for several years before attempting to apply for permanent residency or citizenship. … If you want to go one step further and become a citizen of another nation, get ready for a long road. That requires a lengthy legal process that starts with a temporary visa that turns into permanent resident status.

The irony, evidently, is lost on the Daily News.