Dartmouth undone

It turns out that rendering “they” a singular pronoun is not Dartmouth President Phil Hanlon’s greatest outrage against common sense in favor of the contortions of political correctness. It’s not even his greatest recent outrage.

That distinction must go to Hanlon’s toleration of the rampage by BlackLivesMatter thugs through Dartmouth’s Baker Library as students studied for exams. At Dartblog Joe Asch reports: “No charges for BLM confirmed (again).”

It is a small college. And yet, to adapt Daniel Webster’s words, there are those who are embarrassed by it.

In his famous peroration in the Dartmouth College case, Webster observed: “This, Sir, is my case! It is the case not merely of that humble institution, it is the case of every college in our Land!” We’re not quite there yet, but we’re getting closer every day, unfortunately.