Race and racial bias

What do blacks say about the police?

Featured image The Washington, D.C. area has a large number of black immigrants from Africa. My impression (and it’s only an impression) is that these immigrants make up a considerable percentage of people who care for the elderly in this area, and are well represented among local taxi drivers. I gather they are well represented in certain other job categories too, but it is in these capacities that I encounter them. Do »

The problems with implicit bias training

Featured image Last week, Scott reported that Dartmouth will impose mandatory “implicit bias” training on all students, faculty, and staff. Even Dartmouth’s board of trustees “has committed itself to participating in the training.” I don’t doubt that there is such a thing as implicit bias. The bias can be against Blacks, Whites, Latinos, Jews, etc. It can also be against America, although these days much of the anti-American bias on display is »

Orwellian Phrase of the Day

Featured image My nomination for the most Orwellian phrase of the moment is, “We need to have a conversation about X [race, class, gender, policing, inequality—fill in the blank].” What “we need a conversation” means in practice is, “You shut up and agree with the left.” It seems the (checks notes) Harvard Business Review agrees, in an article titled, “Academia Isn’t a Safe Haven for Conversations About Race and Racism.” The interesting »

Gaming Out the Left’s Race Strategy From Here

Featured image Before the George Floyd’s death a month ago perhaps the leading story in race relations was the growing momentum in California to roll back the voter-approved prohibition on racial preferences in public contracting and university admissions. The University of California has taken the first step with its decision to abolish the SAT and ACT tests for admission purposes (against the recommendation of the faculty, incidentally), with the substitute screens for admission »

Princeton Folds; Yale Next?

Featured image Yesterday while out on a walk I was inspired to post this Tweet: Well, today comes this announcement from the president of Princeton, which has decided to strip Woodrow Wilson’s name from everything: To the Princeton community: When I wrote to you on Monday morning, I noted that the Princeton University Board of Trustees was discussing how the University could oppose racism and would soon convene a special meeting on »

A word from Ken Masugi

Featured image In the adjacent post I prefaced the dedicatory speech by Frederick Douglass at the unveiling of the Freedmen’s Memorial with a quote from David Blight’s Pulitzer Prize-winning biography of Douglass. I was prompted to post Douglass’s speech by Professor Blight’s current Washington Post column that I passed over in silence in my post. Our friend Ken Masugi is not so inclined. He comments: “Unfortunately, Blight threw away his scholarship to »

Frederick Douglass speaks

Featured image David Blight opens his Pulitzer Prize-winning biography of Frederick Douglass with the unveiling of The Freedmen’s Memorial in Lincoln Park in Washington, D.C., on April 14, 1876. At the heart of Blight’s opening is his account and analysis of Douglass’s Oration in Memory of Abraham Lincoln at the unveiling. In the speech, Blight writes, Douglass “had named the pain and betrayal of ages. Now he entered the celebration….He recognized how »

Chronicles of the Crazy Time (10)

Featured image It’s barely noon here out here on the Left Coast, and already my Krazy Kup overfloweth. A (very) few highlights: • What is it with liberals and Hollywood types and blackface? Now the NBC hit “30 Rock” is memory-holing four episodes that featured white characters in blackface: Four episodes of 30 Rock, including two featuring Jane Krakowski’s Jenna character in blackface, are being removed from subscription streaming services Hulu and »

Chronicles of the Crazy Time (9)

Featured image The craziness of our moment shows no sign of abating. In fact it appears to be settling down for another long march/stomping of our institutions. Here are some to today’s crazy highlights: • Someone—perhaps not students since campus is closed—toppled the statue of George Washington at George Washington University. Meanwhile, down in Nashville, the prestigious Harpeth Hall prep school has announced that it will do away with its annual George »

Banality Brushback

Featured image As has been noted here already, there is a huge rush to issue conformist statements adhering the the party line about BLM, white supremacy, and the rest of the Woke Catechism. Nowhere more so than on college campuses. Peter Wood notes in his fine piece “The Mandatory Banality of College Presidents” that: The statements from the college presidents individually do not mean much, but taken as a whole, they testify to »

Chronicles of the Crazy Time (5)

Featured image Today’s liberal institutional meltdown is brought to you by the National Book Critics Circle (NBCC), the folks who bring us an annual slate of book awards that are not to be confused with the National Book Awards, but who cares since they all think alike. Anyway, it seems the president of the NBCC drafted up the now mandatory institutional statement affirming Black Lives Matter with the required white guilt codicil, »

More from Glenn Loury & John McWhorter on Our Current Moment

Featured image Glenn Loury of Brown University and John McWhorter of Columbia conduct weekly video chats on BloggingheadsTV on “The Glenn Show,” and I occasionally dip in for a while, though I seldom have a complete free hour to listen to the whole thing (though you can also download a podcast version of the show). Anyway, on Wednesday Loury and McWhorter laid down some serious smack on the dominant leftist narrative of »

Fake News and Fake Politics about Policing

Featured image If you made the same mistake I did and watched the evening network news tonight, you saw extended excerpts of the testimony to the House Judiciary Committee today from the brother of George Floyd. It was emotional, heartfelt, and powerful. What you didn’t see, or hear even a passing reference to, was the parallel testimony of Heather Mac Donald. I encourage you to read the whole thing at the link in »

Wailing Walz takes on MPD

Featured image Looking for yesterday’s Minnesota Health Department press briefing at 2:00 yesterday afternoon, I found instead Governor Walz and his crew announcing the filing of a state civil rights investigation of the Minneapolis Police Department (video below). I have posted the video below. Featured among the Walz crew yesterday was Lieutenant Governor Peggy Flanagan — the self-advertised “light-skinned Native woman” who specializes in racial emoting. By her own account, she “grapple[s] »

Policing and Media Double Standards (Updated)

Featured image It was nought but 72 hours ago that the biggest racial controversy of the moment was an unpleasant encounter between a dog walker and a bird watcher in Central Park in New York, which is not exactly the Edmund Pettus Bridge redux. It is quite clear that both of the Coopers in the story behaved badly, and it is delicious that the woman who defaulted to racial stereotyping turns out »

Which Is More Racist—Hiking or Jogging?

Featured image Last week we noted that hiking is now considered tainted by historical racism. Hiking. On mountain trails. Well move over you racist hikers. Make room for racist . . . (checks notes) joggers! Because jogging is racist, too. “Jogging Has Always Excluded Black People,” Natalia Mehlman Petrzela tells us in the New York Times: Running has been a pastime marketed primarily to white people ever since “the jogging craze” was born in »

The Unbearable Lightness of Being Liberal

Featured image So when I added this meme to the photo gallery this morning, I though it was purely a joke: But then not a few hours later CNN comes along with this: Well, okay, since it is CNN it still qualifies as a joke, but really, do they have to make it so easy for Trump to call them “fake news”? As usual, the Babylon Bee has the right summation of »