Obstruction of Justice

The Democrats are accusing President Trump of obstruction of justice–absurdly, in my opinion, although Paul and I have disagreed on this somewhat. But I am quite certain that James Comey will agree with me. When he finally testifies under oath–perhaps a year or more from now–he will say that he did not understand Trump’s “hope” that Comey might “see his way clear” to leaving Mike Flynn alone as an attempt to interfere in his Russia investigation.

Why am I confident of this? Because if Comey thought Trump was trying to interfere in his investigation, he had a duty to report it, and he didn’t. After Comey testifies, the current frenzy will more or less fizzle out. Unfortunately, that is far off in the future.

Meanwhile, Michael Ramirez contrasts the current hysteria with some real obstruction of justice. Click to enlarge: