Losing the plot on free expression

Shouting down a speaker is un-American. Kneeling during the playing of the National Anthem is anti-American. Giving the presidential motorcade the finger is as American as apple pie.

Yet, students who shout down speakers on college campuses typically receive no (or no meaningful) disciplinary action. Meanwhile, a woman who, while riding her bike, flipped off President Trump’s motorcade lost her job as a result.

Petula Dvorak of the Washington Post has the details on the firing of bird-flipper Juli Briskman. Dvorak seems like a hard leftist even by the Post’s standards, but I think she’s right about this matter.

America seems to be losing the plot when it comes to free expression. Given the central nature of that freedom, this is no small matter.

However, on the plus side as I see it, the kneeling footballers have not been disciplined or required to stand.


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