Free Speech

Islands of Repression

Featured image I am not sure who said it first, but it’s true: America’s colleges and universities are islands of repression in a sea of freedom. The invaluable FIRE–Foundation for Individual Rights in Education–has ranked 55 “top colleges” with respect to tolerance for freedom of speech. A summary of FIRE’s findings is here. The rankings seem to be pretty rigorous, based on input from 20,000 students, with five elements considered: This overall »

YouTube Can’t Handle the Truth

Featured image I wrote here and here about the program that Heather Mac Donald did for Center of the American Experiment a week ago today, and our battle with YouTube to keep the video of her presentation alive. If you haven’t seen the video of her speech, you should. She definitively rebuts the Black Lives Matter narrative of “systemic racism” in policing. You can watch the event here. If you follow that »

Cotton introduces Campus Free Speech Act, McConnell signs on

Featured image Our friend Sen. Tom Cotton has introduced the Campus Free Speech Restoration Act (CAFSRA). It provides that colleges and universities that promulgate restrictive speech codes, so-called free-speech zones, and other unconstitutional speech policies will lose their eligibility to receive federal student loans and grants through the Higher Education Act. Private universities will also lose eligibility unless they both fully disclose their policies on free expression and accept contractual responsibility for »

YouTube Throws In the Towel

Featured image I related here the fact that YouTube deleted the livestream of our program today with Heather Mac Donald, in which she demolished the anti-police myths propagated by the Marxist Black Lives Matter and other leftist elements. It was too much for YouTube to take, apparently. I appealed YouTube’s deletion of the video, and it didn’t take long for cooler heads to prevail. A little while ago, we got this email »

We’re In Good Company

Featured image I wrote earlier about YouTube’s latest act of censorship: they have deleted our video of Heather Mac Donald demonstrating that there is no epidemic of police racism directed at black men. Heather’s conclusion is an indisputable fact, but it undermines a key narrative that the Democrats are counting on in November, so YouTube doesn’t want the word to get out. Social media companies censor all the time. The striking thing »

The Truth About Policing and Race Is Too Hot for YouTube

Featured image Earlier today, Center of the American Experiment hosted a live-streamed presentation by Heather Mac Donald titled “The Truth About Crime, Race and Policing.” Heather’s talk, which lasted for around 40 minutes, was fact-filled. It delivered a knockout punch to the Black Lives Matter “systemic police racism” narrative, which can’t stand up to empirical analysis. Thousands of people watched the livestream on an event page, on YouTube and on Facebook. We »

They come for John Kass

Featured image Last week I missed the excellent John Kass’s Chicago Tribune column on “The Soros-funded prosecutors.” The column was published in the Tribune on July 22 under the headline “Something grows in the big cities run by Democrats: An overwhelming sense of lawlessness.” (The link goes to the column at Jewish World Review, which posted it on July 23.) The column opens: President Donald Trump is sending federal law enforcement into »

Wall Street Journal editors resist the cancel culture

Featured image Hundreds of woke employees at the Wall Street Journal signed a letter to the paper’s publisher complaining about the Journal’s op-ed page. The employees protested what they claim is the spread of “misinformation” in the Journal’s opinion section. One of the complaints focused on the publication of a column by Heather Mac Donald. The letter noted that “employees of color publicly spoke out about the pain [Mac Donald’s] Opinion piece »

Shocking Leftist Violence in Denver

Featured image Yesterday a group of Coloradans sponsored the Sixth Annual Law Enforcement Appreciation Day in Denver: I doubt that the first five were controversial, but this year the forces of Marxist anarchy–that is, anarchy followed by socialism–showed up in force. Antifa Brownshirts charged the stage, assaulted the patriots assembled there, and prevented the event from going forward. Shockingly, Denver’s Chief of Police made common cause with the criminals. America is in »

Book Banning Is Back

Featured image Every year, American libraries feature displays of “banned books” to promote freedom of speech and of the press. Of course, the books they display aren’t banned; hence their ability to display them. The books are titles like Ulysses, Catcher in the Rye, Lady Chatterly’s Lover, and so on. This reflects the fact that for close to a century, no books were actually banned in the United States. But book banning »

Professor Katz’s declaration

Featured image Do you recall the anti-George W. Bush petition that generated scads of mock signatories such as Hugh G. Reckshun? James Taranto delighted in chronicling the signatures daily in his online Best of the Web column for the Wall Street Journal. More recently, The Open Letter from Yale Law Students, Alumni, and Educators Regarding Brett Kavanaugh attracted one such signatory: “Charles U Farley, YLS ‘04.” Now, Charles Glasser observed, that’s a »

Marquette Weasels

Featured image For background on this post, read this one about Samantha Pfefferle, an incoming freshman at Marquette who made a pro-Trump TikTok video that caused her to be reviled and threatened by other Marquette students. Marquette administrators then called her to talk about her political views and, she told the College Fix, suggested that her admission as a freshman was not yet final and was “currently being decided by the administration.” »

What to do about DeSean Jackson? Nothing.

Featured image As I discussed here, the NBA will allow its players to replace the names on the back of their jerseys with political messages. I guess it’s a good thing DeSean Jackson plays in the NFL, rather than the NBA. Recently, this luminary issued an anti-Semitic statement on Instagram, based on a Hitler quote (apparently fake). Jackson soon issued a less than fully satisfactory apology. However, as Ed Morrissey points out, »

How Far Gone Is Big Business? Part I

Featured image This is a tough one for Marxists to understand, but the political reality has been apparent for quite a while: small business remains generally conservative, but big business is mostly on the Left. How can that be? The answer is partly economic. Conservatism favors open competition and innovation. Big business is, for the most part, on the other side of those concepts. The easiest path for the largest companies is »

Conservatives turn to bias-free alternative to Twitter [With Comment by John]

Featured image Given the anti-Trump and anti-conservative bias of Twitter, it seemed likely that an alternative platform would come to the fore. Now, it looks like one has. According to this report by CNBC (which can’t be happy about it), a social medium platform called Parler is suddenly making huge strides. After a Wall Street Journal story reported that Team Trump is looking for alternatives to Twitter and Facebook, and mentioned Parler »

You Must Comply!

Featured image The Left now tells us that silence = violence. Obviously a false statement, but what else is new? Liberals are trying to bully the rest of us into agreeing with their false narrative that white police departments are persecuting innocent blacks. Anyone familiar with the data–starting with the fact that urban police departments are anything but white–knows this is nonsense. But most people don’t know much about statistics, and anyway, »

A cold civil war or a hot one?

Featured image In recent years, the term “cold civil war” has gained currency as an updated way of describing what used to be called “the culture wars.” I’ve never embraced the view that we’re in a cold civil war, but I’m not sure we aren’t. However, when I see that most Democrats favor defunding the police, and when I see the “cancel culture’s” growing success in censoring conservative voices, I begin to »