Power Line Show, Episode 53: When Harry Became Sally

The Power Line podcast returns to the airwaves today with some big news—we have a sponsor! Not just any sponsor, but the coolest sponsor ever: ManCrates (“Awesome gifts for men!”). Could there be a better-named sponsor for a site run by four dudes? (Though I hasten to add, it is the perfect site for all of our Ammo Grrrll readers, too. For the upcoming Valentine’s Day, for instance, you can order up some snack-phrodesiacs!) Tune in to this episode for full details, and how you can get a special Power Line discount.

Mancrates is also the perfect sponsor for our latest episode, which talks about what the media is calling our “transgender moment,” in which we’re not sure we can tell men from women any more, and sex is monitored by the Pronoun Police with more acronyms than a Federal agency with a random-letter generating machine. We may well have to revive the ancient Greek alphabet to cover all the possible combinations and permutations that have come into fashion. In any case, it doesn’t look like this “moment” will pass any time soon.

We take up this subject with the great Ryan Anderson, the William Simon Fellow at the Heritage Foundation, and author of a terrific new book from our friends at Encounter, When Harry Became Sally: Responding to Our Transgender Moment. The book starts shipping any day now, so get your order in early!

Ryan is one of the great happy warriors of our time. You want to know how brave he is? We actually recorded this show right smack in the middle of the U.C. Berkeley campus—in fact you can hear the Campanile, which is right outside my office, strike noon in the middle of our conversation. Somehow the P.C. vigilantes didn’t catch us.

As usual, you can listen to or download the show in our window here, or download it from our hosts at Ricochet. But as Ricochet likes to remind us, if you really want to help us build our audience, subscribe to Power Line in iTunes (and leave a 5-star review, please!). And be sure to check out ManCrates, but be sure to make any gift order through our special link, mancrates.com/powerline to be eligible for a discount.


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